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Jul 10, 2020

July News

I send you a heart-felt greeting on behalf of us at LISI. Today, we would like to thank you for your love
for education, especially in these times where the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many tough tests
for our institute. This letter will highlight our achievements and challenges of these recent weeks.

Our 669 students, who are part of our educational community, have completed the school year. The
challenge for our institute was to continue educating the young people who don’t have internet access
in their homes. The pandemic brought additional difficulties to the lives of our students, namely parents
becoming unemployment, minimal space and privacy in their homes to work, scarcity of resources, and
isolation. In one way or another, these factors hindered the performances of many of our students.

Despite our recent trials, we gladly share the following achievements:
1. 183 students graduated from our three middle schools
2. 70 students graduated from our high school
3. We continued offering personalized online tutoring during the times of the pandemic

This year of challenges doubles as a period of blessings as well. We have completed our admission
process for the next school year which will begin in August. We have 715 students enrolled. It is an
honor for us to be able to positively impact our communities by helping to reduce the rate of school
drop outs.

Nevertheless, our financial standing is still badly damaged. Last month, our teachers and administrators
continued to work at only 75% of their salary. That involved a great sacrifice on their part. In addition,
our source of income decreased to nearly 50% of its capacity because many of our benefactors and
strategic allies were unable to continue to help.

Our challenge for the new school year is to further diversify our sources of income, especially monthly

Thank you very much for your love for our institute and for being our ally in our campaign for education.

Carlos Macias

Jun 11, 2020

June News

Dear friends,

I begin with a genuine greeting that finds both you and your family well. Once more, on behalf of the Community of Líderes del Siglo AC (Friends of LISI, Inc), I offer you our sincerest gratitude for all that you’ve done for our community of education.

We continued serving our communities through education during this time of pandemic. We converted our in-person classes to online classes to ensure that our students were studying each day and meeting their academic objectives. Students who do not have internet accessibility in their homes were allowed under strict federal guidelines to attend online classes on the computers at the Institute.

This time of pandemic has proven to be very complicated for many students who resumed living at home. Many of their parents were laid off, creating the common observation of physical and emotional fatigue. For this reason, we are continuing with our tutoring and counseling services for the students to assist them in facing the challenges which the pandemic has brought upon us all. 

            Additionally, we want to inform you of our recent advances:

  1. Two young women from our Las Liebres Middle School participated in the first National Competition for Young Guitar Players.
  2. This month, the following students are graduating:
    1. 55 students from Cerro del 4 High School
    2. 46 students from Las Liebres Middle School
    3. 78 students from Tlajomulco Middle School
    4. 58 students from Ahualulco Middle School

On the other hand, we have launched an extraordinary campaign to raise funds to support our Institute. Our finances were clearly damaged in a very critical way from the paralyzed economy. The LISI Institute depends heavily on benefactors who have helped us to pay rent and attend to other needs. Many of our benefactors were negatively affected during the recent times and have not been able to continue with their financial support.

The situation has forced all the administrators, teachers, and employees of the Institute to work for half of what they normally earn.

The goal of our extraordinary campaign is to raise $50,000 in two months so we can recover ourselves from this time of contingency and allow us to begin the coming school year in August as normally as possible. We are very thankful for your help, and if you know anyone who would be interested in helping our cause, know that they are always welcome.

            Carlos Macias

Jun 1, 2020

COVID19 has put at risk the education of 669 youth

El COVID19 ha puesto en riegos la educación de 669 jóvenes de escasos recursos.


ACCIÓN URGENTE. La situación actual con el COVID19 ha puesto en riesgo la operación de nuestro instituto dedicado a educar a jóvenes líderes en zonas vulnerables en México. Gran parte de nuestro bienhechores se encuentran con problemas económicos y necesitamos alcanzar la suma de 100,000 dls para poder soportar el ajuste económico de los meses de contingencia.


Hoy más que nunca, queremos agradecer el esfuerzo tan especial que está haciendo por nuestro amado Instituto. 


Gran parte de nuestros donativos provienen de personas que han puesto el producto de sus usufructos como donativos para el LISI. Por desgracia, estos meses han parado el flujo de dinero proveniente de rentas y en verdad nos encontramos en riesgo de seguir operando  por primera vez en nuestra historia de más de 15 años.  Agradecemos mucho su esfuerzo especial y si usted conoce alguien que podría interesarse en nuestra causa, le agradecemos mucho que nos recomiende.


Cuente con nuestras oraciones. Sabemos que para usted este tiempo no es nada fácil y todos los días pedimos, la comunidad LISI, pide por usted y por su familia.



COVID19 has put the education of 669 low-income youth at risk.


URGENT ACTION. The current situation with COVID19 has put the operation of our institute dedicated to educating young leaders in vulnerable areas in Mexico at risk. Many of our benefactors are in financial trouble and we are in a vulnerable economic state. We are relying on your help to be able to bear the economic adjustment of the contingency months.


Today more than ever, we want to thank you for the special effort you are making for our beloved Institute.


Much of our donations come from people who have put the proceeds of their usufructs as donations to LISI. Unfortunately, these months have stopped the flow of income money and we are truly at risk of continuing to operate for the first time in our history of more than 15 years. We greatly appreciate your special effort and if you know someone who might be interested in our cause, we greatly appreciate your recommending us.


Count on our prayers. We know that this time is not easy for you and every day we ask, the LISI community, ask for you and your family.

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