Jan 27, 2020

we keep working to fight hate speech

Hello everyone, thanks to the work of our entire team and the help of each of the donors, we continue working to fight hate speech in Chile. We are making progress in generating new filters and being able to automate some processes in order to be more efficient in our work. We are working on planning our 2020 to be able to take new groups of volunteers who want to support our cause. In March we will have results to tell you about our first pilot.


On the other hand, we will generate new workshops for senior groups and youth groups that allow an important group of volunteers to denounce the expressions of hatred that are being generated.

Best regards

Nov 11, 2019

Reporte Yo migro

Desgraciadamente no hemos podido llegar a nuestra meta, por lo que no hemos podido generar nuevos contenidos, ni desarrollos para la app. Nos apena mucho esta situaciòn. Los fondos que hemos conseguido hasta el momento iran directamente a este proyecto. Pero con un bajo impacto. Estamos seguros que vamos a poder generar un gran impacto a nivel regional con este proyecto que busca ayudar a los migrantes venezolanos que se encuentran en una tan dificil momento. Los invitamos a que nos puedan apoyar enviando a sus familiares y amigos para que puedan ayudar compartiendo o donando directamente en nuestro proyecto. 


Unfortunately we have not reached our goal, so we have not generated new content, developments for the application. We are very sorry for this situation. The funds we have obtained so far will go directly to this project. But with a low impact. We are sure that we will be able to generate a great impact at the regional level with this project that seeks to help Venezuelan migrants who are in a difficult time. We invite you to help us by sending your family and friends so they can help by sharing or donating directly in our project.

Sep 9, 2019

We have started to hack hate speech in Chile

Hola a todos!! Primero que todo, les queremos agradecer por el aporte que han realizado a nuestro proyecto. Sin uds. No sería posible avanzar en poder combatir la incitación al odio en las redes sociales. Uds. son parte fundamental y esperamos seguir contando para fortalecer nuestro proyecto.


Les contamos que ya hemos comenzado a pilotear nuestro prototitpo para poder capacitar a voluntarios para que puedan combatir el hate speech en Chile. Nuestro equipo ha diseñado una serie de talleres que va a permitir que nuestros voluntarios puedan adquirir las competencias necesarias para que puedan combatir la incitación al odio. En estos meses hemos podido realizar 4 talleres que van desde:

  • Que son las redes sociales.
  • Como se usan las redes sociales.
  • Que es odio e incitación al odio.
  • Que dicen las redes sociales sobre la incitación al odio. Terminos de uso.

Les contamos que estamos preparando material asociado a para comenzar a lanzar en Octubre información que estamos levantando sobre incitación al odio en Chile

Les contamos que fuimos invitados a participar como panelistas en la "VII Conferencia Regional de Datos Abiertos de America Latina y el Caribe", en el panel "Las migraciones en las Americas" en donde exploramos el fenomeno de la migración desde el angulo de los datos abiertos sociales y de como estos aportan a la construcción de realidad y pueden ser utilizados para apoyar para la toma de desiciones, con especial foco en la migración venezolana en el cono sur.




Hello everyone!! First of all, we want to thank you for the contribution you have made to our project. Without you It would not be possible to make progress in combating hate speech in social networks. You are a fundamental part and we hope to continue counting to strengthen our project.


We tell you that we have already begun to pilot our prototype to be able to train volunteers so that they can fight hate speech in Chile. Our team has designed a series of workshops that will allow our volunteers to acquire the necessary skills so that they can fight hate speech. In these months we have been able to carry out 4 workshops ranging from:


  • What are social networks.
  • How social networks are used.
  • What is hate and incitement to hate.
  • What social networks say about hate speech. Terms of use.

We tell you that we are preparing material associated to start launching in October information that we are raising about hate speech in Chile

We tell you that we were invited to participate as panelists in the "VII Regional Open Data Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean", in the panel "Migrations in the Americas" where we explore the phenomenon of migration from the angle of data social openings and how they contribute to the construction of reality and can be used to support decision-making, with special focus on Venezuelan migration in the southern cone.

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