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Mar 10, 2020

Disability is not inability

Sports Development Aid is still in the process of finding funders for its inclusive Education and Sports Centre where people of all abilities can enjoy sports and various education courses. While we look for the funds, we started to collect more information about the state of Health Education and Sports in schools for students with disabilities, thus, we went to the field and visited schools conducting inclusive education in Mtwara region.

We started our research by visiting officials and we met the Education Officer of special needs education, Mr. Tufanye. “This special group needs extra care because they are forgotten in society. For example, there are only a few teachers who are specialized to teach this group of people in our schools. Lack of teachers makes students with special needs not to participate in sports and leads to a lack of adequate health education for them. The government does its best, but other stakeholders have to help this group too.”

From the officials, we continued to meet teachers and students in Mustapha Sabodo secondary school, a special school for inclusive education in Mtwara. There are several students with different impairments such as: albinism, hearing impairment, vision impairment and various physical impairments. “The school needs more specialized teachers. Due to a small number of special teachers, many of the students with disabilities fail in school, consequently, staying only at home and causing a burden for their families. We think that SDA’s Education Centre is highly needed because it can educate and create more jobs for this special group.” – Second master Sabodo secondary school.

People’s with disabilities rights to education and civic participation is drastically undermined. Lack of qualified teachers in schools prevent students with special needs to succeed in their studies and are left behind. Without education they can’t obtain employment and become financially independent, thus, they stay dependent on their parents and relatives and the stigma of children with disabilities being a burden for the family remains.

The following quotation of a girl student with a hearing impairment in Sabodo illustrates well the fact that people with disabilities are very forgotten and vulnerable group of people in Tanzania. “We are so happy to see you today, we appreciate your visit. This shows how much you care about us. There are so many people with disabilities who are not lucky to be in school like us. We are very sure that even some of us will come to your center. This inspires us a lot to see that some people do care about our future.”

Help us to help them.

Mar 6, 2020

Girls improving their academic performance

Jaida and her new Health Education book
Jaida and her new Health Education book

On behalf of the girls in the project Action Clubs, Sports Development Aid would like to thank all the donors for supporting the girls in their education in 2019.

Girls Action Club members performed better in their national examinations compared to other girls who are not members of Girls Action Clubs. For example, in Mikindani secondary school Saida and Jaida were the leading students in their class by getting the highest score in their national examinations.

“I am very proud of myself to get division 1.10 in our form two national examinations last year, even though my goal was to get division one with a single digit. The educational competition between Girls Action Club members pushed me to study harder, so I did better. I want to thank Girls Action Club teachers and members who motivated me to study harder and achieve my goals.” - Jaida.

In the year 2019, 47 % of girls passed their final examination in the 9 project schools – compared to 2015, when only 9 % graduated.

“Girls Action Club really helps our students, especially girls to perform better in their studies and in life in general. Teenage pregnancies and school dropouts are reducing while girls’ performance is increasing day by day.” – a teacher.

In January 2020, the Action Club members in all nine project schools received Health Education, Life Skills and Sports books made by Sports Development Aid. Now, more than 400 girls in schools will have more and better material to learn essential health and life skills.

The International Women’s Day on 8th of March is approaching, so we would like you to take action and support us again to continue empowering girls in Southern Tanzania!

Health, Life Skills and Sports book by SDA
Health, Life Skills and Sports book by SDA
Dec 10, 2019

Empowering girls through entrepreneurship skills

Entrepreneurship Seminar
Entrepreneurship Seminar

“Girls Action Club is one of the best things happened in our school. I am so grateful for Sports Development Aid for introducing this club for our school.” said a girl from Sino Secondary school during an entrepreneurship seminar organised by Sports Development Aid in collaboration with The Open University of Tanzania, held on 31st October and 01st November 2019. 63 Girls Action Club peer leaders and 9 physical education teachers from the 9 project schools learned entrepreneurship skills, focusing on the following sub topics: setting personal goals, how to change challenges into a business, budgeting and how to get a capital for new business. “I am so happy to be here today to gain more knowledge and skills in my life. What we have been taught today can be valuable for our life in 3 years to come. After finishing school we are going to use these skills to start businesses and if possible to create jobs for ourselves and others. Thanks to all the donors who made this seminar possible.” a girl from Sino Secondary School.

Not only the girls, but also the Unyago - girls’ initiation ritual leaders “Kungwis” gained useful new entrepreneurship and business skills in the same seminar. Since the Kungwis work with girls in their communities, SDA thought it would be important if the Kungwis would get the same skills so they could teach girls and promote entrepreneurship within the Unyago rites.

On 30th of November 2019, Sports Development Aid organized “Mtwara Marathon” where 15 students from one of the project schools, Mikindani Secondary School, participated in 5 km fun run. The students were happy to be part of the event and they were motivated to start training by themselves for next year so that they will be fit and have a chance to win the race.

Girls Action Clubs have been on break due to final examinations in the schools and now the schools are closing for Christmas Holidays. All in all, the project has been successful this year. The girls have learned important health and life skills in the Clubs, for instance, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Family Planning and Sports and Games and teachers in the project schools have reported that the girls have clearly gained self-confidence and improved their school performance and behavior. The school personnel, girls, Kungwis and Sports Development Aid want to send you warm thank you, and wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year. We wish you continue remembering us next year and we want to encourage you to become a monthly donor, enabling stability for the project.

Entrepreneurship Seminar
Entrepreneurship Seminar
Students in Mtwara Marathon
Students in Mtwara Marathon
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