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Feb 20, 2018

Para Teacher Needed

A Para Teacher appointed by Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) says that, “being a Para Teacher, has changed my personality. I was searching for job of a teacher in private school, but the schools are too far from my village and the salary will not be enough to run my family. But I had never thought of working as a Para Teacher in my village only. The community people now greets me with respect in my own village, such experience I had never feel before becoming a Para Teacher.”

The changes can be seen in the school and in the children also. Changes not only in teaching-learning environment, but GVT tries to give a broader picture to the Para Teachers to improve other areas of school not only teaching and learning. A safe and children friendly environment, develop extra reading materials, regular attendance of children in school, organize different activities, sports, games, cultural celebrations, improve school and community relation, and many more things GVT tries to emphasis by Para Teacher in school and in community.

GVT firstly thought to give one or two Para Teacher where needed, so that children do not miss learning in school. But later many challenges have seen, and therefore it is decided not to only focus on teaching but also there are other aspects where GVT can work to improve children’s overall learning and development. During the school time the Para Teachers use different teaching methods, so that children feel joyful environment.

Para Teachers are just a small help to the schools where there is lack of teachers, but overall they are playing a major role in children and school’s overall development. Till date there are many schools where there is lack of teachers and that is why children are not learning, and more Para Teachers are needed.

Jan 30, 2018

Support still required

Discussion on importance of education with women
Discussion on importance of education with women

Hello all,

Greetings from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch (GVT)!

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you!”

- BB King

As you are aware about the different motivational and material support are given by Gram Vikas Trust, with your support to the needy and bright students for their higher studies. Most of the students are identified by the support of government teachers and over field officer so that we also can reach to the unreached. Till date there are many children who are supported from GVT and many of them have completed their studies.

Though we are able to reach to the needy one, but still there are many more children who still left their studies because of their economic condition, the moral support are not given by their parents, the educational environment is not provided by the society and it will be many more.

GVT has identified that the parents are not that much poor, but they do not think about the future and spend the money for enjoyment or other things which spend for their comfortable livelihood. If they start saving the money thinking about the future they can get few support for their children’s education.

Keeping in mind all the things, we have continue the material support as the mindset of the parents will take more time to change, and the children will remain in same condition as their parents have spend their whole life. We are not only providing material help but we also try to change the mindset of the parents.

Let us help in this noble work, as there are many challenges for the students in their educational life but we do not talk them, let us understand the children and make their life bright one.

Night sitting with Parents and Youth
Night sitting with Parents and Youth
Jan 10, 2018

Different Ways for Motivation

Dear all,

Greetings for the New Year!

At Gram Vikas Trust, (GVT) we had celebrated the New Year with the community where we are working. The celebration mode was little different. The celebration was made to aware community towards education, to empower the community for regular attendance in school. Not to send the children to field or other work especially the girl children.

”I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

- Thomas Edison

Working with the community since 15 years GVT has seen the less awareness towards education, the parents does not take the education as much seriously, they are not aware or less interested in sending the children school regularly, also the poor condition is the major reason, as the parents earn approximately Rs.200 per day and the other family expanses of the family is more than Rs.200. So the parents also does not see the education at their first priority.

Looking all these challenges of education GVT has done different activities to motivate the parents, different material help to support the parents to help in their educational expanses so that the parents do not stop their children’s education.

The material help is needed but also making them aware about education, the importance of regular attendance, especially for the girls is the major priority for GVT. We have engaged people by making them aware about education by different mode, home visit of parents, street meeting, and engaging parents in educational activities. We had celebrate the New Year by organizing different street meetings in some of the communities.

GVT believes that engaging parents and making them aware about the education and regular attendance in school with some material help will support them in understand the importance of education and especially the girls’ education. We hope to make some changes in breaking the mindset of the parents towards education with your support.

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