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Aug 13, 2018

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Parents Meeting at School
Parents Meeting at School

Dear Donors,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch.

It’s been long time to update you the Para Teacher in Government schools for children’s education by Gram Vikas Trust (GVT). GVT will share with you all about few success story of children and teachers (Para teachers and Government teachers) of the children’s learning level, best practices by Para teachers for best teaching learning experiences.

“Don’t decrease the goal, increase the effort. Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you.”

- Tom Coleman.

Para Teachers have become a back bone for government primary schools, through their support the government teachers could able to make the government project successful in few schools. Few days back government of Gujarat has introduce a new program called Mission Vidhya, in which government has aimed that all the children in school will able to learn according to their age, all the children from class 5 to 8, have able to improve their skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. Now it is a big burden on the government teachers, as many of the children were not coming to school, and so that they were very poor in reading and writing. Parents also do not give proper attention to their children and because of that children have not proper exposure towards education.

Para Teacher and Government teachers have decided to list out such children’s parents and arranged a meeting with them, with the help of village panchayat, School Management Committee (SMC). In two schools the meeting was successful, also parents have agreed to support the children and school staff to improve their children’s learning level, in one school panchayat, SMC were not supported but the parents support was good, and the school staff able to work with such children.

63 children were identified whose learning level was very poor, but at the span of 15 days the 31 children could able to start reading, writing and few skills in arithmetic. School teachers were little worried that the government program Mission Vidhya will not work, but with the support of Parents, SMC, Panchayat and Para Teacher the mission has reached on the right track.

Truly, the local Para Teacher have built a bridge between government school and community, GVT has motivated Para Teachers, government teachers to continue such best practices, and to involve local bodies in such program for sustainability of the project.

Discussion for best teaching learning experiances
Discussion for best teaching learning experiances
Reaching the unreached...
Reaching the unreached...
Jul 30, 2018


Dear donors,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch (GVT)

Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will follow behind you!

- Walt Whitman

In this report, GVT will introduce three students who have applied for their higher education from university, without a penny in their hand. All the three students are friends from their childhood. All of them are from poor background. The family is poor, but also very much against for the girl child higher education. Among these three friends two of them are girls Rukaiya and Munira (Name Changed) and Sameer (Name Changed). Rukaiya’s financial condition is very poor, her father is working as daily wages laborer in the field, and same as her friend Munira is also poor. Her mother and father work in one of the field of the village. Sameer’s financial condition is good but his father is not willing to study further as now Sameer has to run their fruits cart in the nearby city.

After completing their 12th, their parents have not permitted them for higher studies, and they have joined in their routine lives. But still they have the spirit of studying further was there, but they were not able to share with their parents. They have decided to get admission in, but they do not have a single rupee to pay at the college.

During this period, they met one of the beneficiaries, and he shared about GVT that they help, poor children for their higher studies. On the same day Sameer come to GVT office and shared their stories with our officer. Rukaiya, Munira and Sameer, get help form GVT and have taken admission for their studies. Our officer went to meet to their parents, and shared their wishes for higher studies, somehow they have got convinced. Rukaiya and Munira are not allowed for extra classes or for tuitions, to stay longer time in the college. Which they have happily agreed for higher studies. But they have allowed for their education.

The stories of poor family, sometime it does not mark any impact on our feelings, but what they feel is a matter to think. Still there are many Munira, many Rukaiya, and many Sameer, who might shout for our help, or might not. But let us try to hear their shout and convert them in a beautiful song.

Jul 3, 2018

Making a difference...

Dear Donors,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust!

Gram Vikas Trust (GVT), working in rural areas of Bharuch district of Gujarat state. Bharuch is one of the district of Gujarat state where education rate it little poor. In Bharuch, most of the population is tribal, but at the same time, there are other different challenges are there in providing the good education to the communities. GVT tries to bridge the gap of the society by providing different help to the rural poor communities, especially in Jhagadia, Vagra, Jambusar and Amod block of Bharuch district. Different material help, like school materials, bicycles to the girls, engagement with the communities to for their support and awareness towards education by different activities in community.

“Giving is not just about making a donations, it is about making a difference.”

- Kathy Calvin

It has make some remarkable changes in communities, which is helping the students to be in school. GVT has seen that the children who are not going to school because of having less school materials are now happily going to school, the school teachers are also appreciating the efforts has the children who have continuously not going to school from last few years are benefited from extra class, from the community to improve their learning level, community people are sitting at one table to discuss about the education challenges of their villages and so on.

At GVT office, it has discussed many time that material help will not allow the community people to think, they will be reliable on GVT or some other organization and will not work to change their future, but at the same time it is also important to make them think differently. Which has help in making the change in their mindset. The journey is quite difficult to explain, but the fruits are really sweet.

Help GVT in different ways to help the community, and the children to learn, think and enjoy the life.

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