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May 2, 2019

The Change Agent

Dear well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust.

In this report, Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) wants to shares some of the best practices done by the Para Teachers in their respective schools with the help of Government Teachers. The Para Teachers have played very important role during the examination time. And could able to prepare all the children for examination and 100% attendance in school during examination.

In the recent years GVT has observed that some of the tribal families not give much priority to education and even examination time they do not motivate their children to attend the school. Many parents are not engaged with the school, and that is why they are not even aware about the examination schedule.

Last year, Gautam (name change) and Parveen (name change) have faced the same issue, they jointly discuss and decided to work on this issue from the beginning of the academic year to resolve the issue. They have tried different strategies for this, with the help of government teachers, local leaders of the village, PRI members and few parents strong engagement of parents with the school, using different teaching technics to engage children with the school, and they can able to connect more with the school.

Arifbhai, one of the principal of the school shared that, “I can able to see the changes made by our Para Teacher in very limited time, I am working in this school since 9 years, but this is the first time all the children have given the examination. I can see the learning level and confidence has increased. All the credits goes to Gautam.”

The aim of the Para Teacher is not only providing the teachers, but also to make changes in the school and community. Parents and some of the government teachers are not thanking about the future of the children without education and not putting their efforts in making them learn. But GVT tried to fill the gap of the society through little efforts.

The Para Teachers are real change agent of their respective schools, let us help the children through our little generosity for making their future brighter.

Apr 22, 2019

Be Strong!

Dear donors,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust!

In this report Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) wants to share an inspirational story of a young girl from a very small and interior village. Reshma (name changed) is the girl who are getting scholarships from GVT from past three years. Reshma is doing her Nursing from nearby city from her village. She is the only girl from her village who have come out for further studies. In her village boys also do not continue their studies after completing 8 class or maximum 12 class.

GVT has seen there is lack of awareness on importance of education in this village. There are not any single family who have tried to send their children for higher studies, or do not motivate the children for it. In the initial time it was tuff for Reshma for further studies, even while she was doing her higher secondary from the nearby village.

Reshma and her father have fought for education, even Reshma’s mother was not happy about Reshma’s further studies. It is not that they could not manage the fees but there is a culture of getting married in young age, and other social implications. But Reshma have created a best example in the village, and as a result there are many children have started going outside the village for higher studies.

There are four girls with whom our Social Mobilizer have interacted, they shared that Reshma has set an example and could able to aware some of the families in the village for our education, still there are many parents who are not ready for the higher education, but we believe that the change will happen which have started by Reshma.

“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.”

- Unknown.

It is rightly said, let us become the change like Reshma by doing little good thing for the society, to make it better through education.

Mar 22, 2019

Keep Going...

Dear well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch!

In this project update report, Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) wants to share a beautiful story of a girl. Who could able to work hard to build her future. She is one of the girls from her village, who has completed her graduation course, and now have applied for further studies. She is the only girl from her village who could able to complete her graduation course.

“Do not watch the clock, do what it does. Keep going.”

- Sam Levenson

Dhara (name changed) is a small village girl, her father Ratanbhai (name changed) is an agriculture labor and her mother is a house wife. Dhara is the eldest daughter among four siblings. The youngest son is studying in 8th standard from the village school, and other sisters have dropped out after completing their 8th standard.

Ratanbhai has tried hard, for Dhara not to study further after completing 8th standard from the village. But Dhara was good in studies and she could able to convince her father for further studies, outside of her village. Dhara shared that, ‘from 9th standard to my graduation studies it was very much difficult for me to continue the studies, as my mother and father were not supporting my higher education, they have been tried harder for my marriage, and few relatives were also tried to misguide my parents but I have not step back from my journey of education. Thanks to GVT for supporting me educational aid, as it could be very much difficult for me to study further if I could not receive the aid from GVT.’

Dhara has also tried for her sisters reenrollment in school and other girls from her village to study further but the community and culture of her village do not motivate the girls for study further. The community believes that the girls have to get married and they will not need education in managing household work, even the boys need not to study more as they also have to work in field/agriculture which also education is not required.

Though it seems development around the world, but the reality is far different. Still the tribal community do not understand the value of education. Education of girls is very less priority for them. GVT tries to support the girls like Dhara, who can become a role model for other girls.

Let us help Dhara and other girls like her, for making their future bright. Let us lighten the lamp of education by supporting such girls.

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