Feb 22, 2021

Kinjal is in School

Dear well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch.

While thinking to update the report of “Give a girl a bicycle - help her to go school”, a girl Kinjal (name changed) came in to mind. But the thoughts were quite confusing, what to write about her as she was not able to learn in this pandemic through online classes. It is success for us that we could able to re-enroll her in the school after school reopened in Gujarat, but also unhappy moment for us that we could not identify her during pandemic. Which could have helped her in her schooling.

Kinjal, daughter of a farmer in the rural belt of Jhagadia block of Bharuch district. While schools were closed she could not attend the online classes’ runs by government as they do not have smart phone or TV at their home. Also Kinjal’s family lives in their farm so there are no nearby neighbors who can help her to watch the online classes. She is in 11th standard, and good at studies but the long break in education makes her quite uncomfortable to get back to school.

As GVT is working with this village, our field staff come to know about Kinjal, and started exploring about her and her family. It took almost a week to convince Kinjal and her parents. There were some financial difficulties, managing household and other work which was quite difficult for the family to manage. But at the end GVT could able to make the parents aware about her future without education.

Kinjal is in school now, with her bicycle. She attends school regularly with her friends. But GVT believes that still there are many girls who do not able to study further because of some minor reasons, parents are also not able to think about their daughters’ future and just make their lives worst by not giving them education.

Little help, by giving school materials, bicycles or may be tuition fees will make some girl’s future bright. Let us help them to educate, let us make their future bright.

Feb 22, 2021

Story of Anjana

Dear Well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch.

“Success is not in what you have, but who you are.”

- Bo Bennett

Anjana (Name changed) a girl from one of the project village, she used to studying in class 12 this year. Her family’s economic condition is not much good, her father is working as wage laborer in agriculture, and her mother is a housewife but sometime used to go for cattle grazing to earn some money. Three daughters and one younger son in the family. All the children are studying. Anjana is the eldest among the siblings, and she has also different household responsibilities shared by her parents. She stopped studying in the pandemic and joined the household work. While visiting her Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) has come to know such answers from her family.

Anjana’s father, “what will she do after completing her schooling (12th class), she will get married in the coming years, which is not going to help her anyways and this year (in pandemic) she has not went to school so what she will remember.” Her mother shared that she alone is not able to work all day long, and the younger children are also not taken care by her so Anjana can remain home and support her in the household work.

It is also noticed that Anjana has not able to learn many things as she has not has not attended the online classes and now afraid to visit the school. GVT’s community worker has tried to solve her problem by visiting her school and share the situation to the principal and class teachers, also tried to help her in buying some school related materials.

Now she has become regular in school, but it could be very difficult for Anjana’s future if the community worker of GVT might not reach to her. Anjana is one of the example of the real community life, the parents are not take care of their children’s education.

You can save such lives by your suggestions and feedback and a penny from your side can help them to reach to the school with smiley faces.

Feb 4, 2021

Kinjal- Back to the school

Dear Well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch.

The government has reopened the secondary and higher secondary schools for children almost after a year. Due to pandemic the education has stopped for the year partially for rural India, as it was online and the rural India is not that much equipped with the smart devices or not that much strong network, or electricity on daily basis. Though the government has worked for its best reach for online education, but where the poor Indian are facing financial crisis, education is not on their priorities. The elder students were started supporting the family by earning in the agriculture or nearby companies. As there is no other way for them as they felt it is a long vacation.

Kinjal (Name Changed), a girl from a small village in the Jhagadia block of Bharuch district, has stopped learning from months as she were facing difficulty in regular TV programs, due to lack of electricity. Earlier she was watching regular TV program but the electricity cut off is every now and then in her village so she stopped watching it, and started going to field with her mother to support her family.

While interacting with her and her family members, we come to know about this situation, that she used to watch the TV transmission on regular basis and after watching daily lessons she used to sit for the homework, and revision. But the electricity were not regular and day by day she lost her interest in studies. Now whole day sitting at home and doing only some household work, her parents insists her to do some earning for the family, and she started working.

While school reopens, she did not wish to visit the school, as she shared that she forgets many lessons, and feels shy to come back. Our field team supported her and her family members and encourage her to come to schools regularly. Though her father and mother are willing to make her study they also motivate her to rejoin school.

Like Kinjal, there are many other girls who needs support, as the situation has changed the mentality of the parents as well as students. The city and village are the different scenario and not the same strategy will help the students to call back in schools. GVT is there to support such girls to get them back into the schools, so that they can also have a bright future.

GVT is supporting such girls, let us come together and support maximum girls to continue their studies.

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