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Sep 18, 2020

Education has not stopped

Dear well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust.

In this report GVT wants to share the update of our warriors of education, who have helped the students in continuation for their learning in this critical time. This warriors have not stopped in getting education of the children of their villages. These are our Para Teachers, who have worked hard in this pandemic situation, and supported the school and children in learning.

The Government of Gujarat is everyday broadcasting the TV transmission program for class 1 to 12 on daily basis, also the government teachers are supporting with Text books, and other materials to engage children in learning. The program by Government is well planned and enhancing the learning at home. But at some point of time it is difficult for the children who are most vulnerable, and do not have access to TV or mobile, some interior faliya/street where no mobile network are usually available and other socio-economic factors.

Being such critical situation our Para Teachers, are engaging children on daily basis, through different ways and mediums. In initial time the Para Teachers was supporting the school teachers in visiting the home of interior streets for the awareness of Home Learning program by government. Later they have started to call each students and ask about the lessons they have learned today, and support them in difficulty in understanding, in some of the interior faliyas the Para Teachers were sitting with few children’s and help them in learning. Whatsapp group call is also one of the tools where some awareness talks by our Para Teachers are being delivered. Discussion with children and students on regular basis, have helped in creating a healthy environment of learning in the villages.

The efforts from government teachers and Para Teachers were really helpful in this critical time. GVT is working closely with the Para Teachers and also train them wherever required, both Para Teachers and government teachers are working hand in hand for the continuous learning of the children, and trying to reach till the last child of the village. At GVT, we are learning while we are doing, your valuable thoughts or ideas which can help us in reaching out to the children effectively are welcome.

Sep 8, 2020

Story of Prakash

Dear Well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust!

We at Gram Vikas Trust, hope for the best health of yours while reading this. The global Pandemic has almost changed many lives in the world. As you definitely aware with the situation that many people has left their jobs and facing other socio-economic crisis. In this report GVT wants to share about our students, as the colleges and schools are not functioning and all our students are at their home only. Some of the students have forced to work in the field or at small scale companies to support in family’s income.

We at GVT, are continuously in touch with our students as the situation may force the students to quit their studies. The reasons may be different from one students to another, such as lack of income due to Covid-19, peer pressure, lack of resources for online studies and so on. But if they left their studies in between, they might not able to grab the chance to change their future.

Prakash (name changed) is continuing his last year in, who was having a featured phone till last month, he was not able to afford smart phone. While discussing with him, we came to know that he was not able to watch the lessons shared by his college on regular basis due to featured phone. He some time borrow his friends phone to watch the lessons, but he was not able to use it on regular basis. To solve this issue, one of our stakeholder from the same village, donated one smart phone to Prakash, and the stakeholder took the responsibility to recharge for internet so that he can watch his classes online. Prakash is good at studies, but the financial condition might have pushed him back and may force him to quit his studies if he may not supported on time.

Like Prakash, there are other students also who may not be able to study due to lack of resources and poor financial condition of the family, which may force them to drop out from their studies. You can support such students by some amount of money. Which will definitely going to help the student in need, to save his future.

Aug 12, 2020

Food grains for Life

Dear well-wishers,

Regards from Gram Vikas Trust, Bharuch.

The world has started again, from many months all of us were stuck into our homes, but once again all of us getting back to the work or some of us are still working from home due to the pandemic. The middle class and upper class of the society have somehow managed in this crisis situation due to lack of job, or may be a little or no increment. Many financial crisis we might have faced and still facing.

But the poor or lower class of the society has not much highlighted during this crisis situation, who are the most affected people of our society. The laborers, daily wage earners, hawkers and other small skilled laborers have stopped earning from months, and due to this they do not able to cook a single day meal in their houses.

In Bharuch city only, many slums areas are there and they have been supported with some of the food materials with the help of some generous people around us. In lockdown also our warriors have not stopped by providing support to the needy one. Many migrants were stuck, they did not find any ways to go back to their natives and all the money have been finished in other expenses. So the need is now for the food, which they heavily needed as they were also not able to understand the situation which has arisen.

Migrant laborers, daily wages earners and many more are still getting support from Gram Vikas Trust, from April-20 onwards. Till date thousands of the families have received the food packets which can help the family to cook for almost a month. We have reached to the villages also, with the support from our local volunteers and supported the families who really need this.

The new normal has started but still many slums and village people are still jobless, they do not able to survive. Let us come together and help them out by our simple gesture of donating some amount of money, which can someone life.

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