Oct 23, 2019


Every day children walk around in Antigua Guatemala close to the park, close to the churches or sometimes in front of the schools. They are selling candies,  the rest of the children who finish a day full of classes are anxious to get home take a shower, eat, rest and play videogames. Parents are thinking to take them to english, music, and sport classes. In the middle are worried to pay rent, food, security and all expenses in normail life. 

But, what happened with the children who were selling candies outside the school. Do they have dreams? Do they have something to achieve in life?  Do they love to sell candies to live?. The answer is hard to obtain because we are in our own problems to look around. Is very sad when this children grow up and become an horrible adult, they act with violence maybe for instinct.

We could change their life, we could change their future, but we didn't. Well, this is responsible of the parents, they had to provide all their needs and they didn't.  How about if their suffer the same case, so they unconscious start a new circle of problems. The chain of poverty will never be broken.

In Asociación Nuestros Ahijados de Guatemala and The GOD's CHILD Project is part of the mission to help this children in the streets and orphans to improve their conditions of life.  While they receive help and orientation to change their enviroment, we try to educate the rest of the family to support their own children in the future, so with right conditions they have all the chances to break the chain of poverty. 

In this times is not easy because the world has become an small space to live with a lot of problems around, is changing to fast and life looks to short. But, with small actions the life of people can be change it.

We believe, the children who has to chance to study and get a really good formation increase the opportunities to achieve their dreams and be a doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. 

And the best of all, they can help others.






Sep 27, 2019

November Rain

In a few months a cold season coming to Antigua Guatemala. Our Shelter provides a safe place for many people around Antigua. They work in the market carrying vegetables or selling small stuff. 

When day ends they have a warm place to sleep, to eat and rest. Maybe in many cases get home, eat and rest is a simple rutine every day. We contribute to reduce the number of people sleeping int the streets with the support of volunteers and companies but the resources are limited to do something more for them.

With the positive actitude the chambe comes. Some people have change their life with courage leave adictions. Drugs and Alcohol is a normal problem with them. In the past they received specific terapist for this problem but right now we dont count with this service.

Is incrideble how many consecuences are caused for adictions they have lost families, jobs and some cases they lost their live. We cant change the world or decide for them about what decisios are better, but we can improve the conditions of people giving a hand.

Every year the goverment in Guatemala announced the hard season for people on the streets with temperature until -15° grades celcius. In the past some people have died. We are worry about children under 5 years old without parents or older children who abandoned home for problems. 

The heart breaks when children are suffering. I mean is the same case with adults, but these kids many times did not have the chance to choose. This problem is ignored for people in the municipal market in Antigua Guatemala. All of them are focused on their own activities or rutine. Maybe some people want to help but they dont know how can do it. With the structure of our organization the chance can happens, adding volunteers with a BIG HEART they convert the country in a better place to live.

Thank you to participate in this beautiful program. Thank you to believe in this amazing cause.



Sep 10, 2019

Traveling for a new life

This kid lives in a community called San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango with his parents and two older sisters of 3 and 8 years old. His house is made of Adobe, cement floor and sheet metal roof. They have been living there for 9 years; they have access to electricity and clean water.

His mom is illiterate; she never had access to an education because since she was a little girl – 11 years old - she was forced to work as a maid for other people, to wash clothes and to take care of her other siblings.  His dad is a farmer and he work hard every day to have a daily income to support the family needs.

He has always been very sick with fevers and colds. He was submitted to the Hospital of Chimaltenango due to high fevers that where cause by an infection but they didn’t know what kind. They first thought that were caused by a hepatitis but later on they diagnosed an Intestinal Infection because he started to have diarrhea and vomiting symptoms. He was discharge from the Hospital after 6 days so he went home.

The mom says that he wasn’t getting better so she instead brought him to the National Hospital of Antigua where he was diagnosed with Severe Malnutrition and stomach infection; he referred him to our hospital and he came with us on August 7th, 2019.

Brayan has been recovering but he’s still not ready to go home.

He is starting to crawl since when he arrived, he had no strength in his legs. He likes to play and listen to music, sleep normally and eat quite well.

 He stills neither say no words nor walk but you can see the desire in his eyes to achieve it someday.

As this kid, we have many children annually who need nutritional support to recover and be one day their best version and we couldn’t make it possible without your help and support.

YOU are big part of this change!

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