Jan 27, 2021

Hiy Hiy from kakichihiwewin!

One of the Legacy Care Kit mailing days!
One of the Legacy Care Kit mailing days!

Tan'si / Hello Friends!

S.A. here, kakichihiwewin project director, I want to start off by honouring and thanking every single person who donated over the last four and a half months to the kakichihiwewin project. With the support you have given, our community healing efforts have made some pretty lasting impressions on those who have been on the recieving end of your generosity. This is a 99% community funded efffort, none of this could have been done without your support! 

the kakichihiwewin project offers info sessions like "Storytelling" where we give space to those who are working towards generational healing. These stories are shared through our platform to inspire and push forward others to see that one person can make a difference in the legacy of healing assimilation efforts. We've had some really wonderful guests and look forward to hosting more in 2021.

We will also begin a panel info-series in February as a way to educate non-Natives as to the history of assimiliation efforts - and what they can do to support or act on in solidarity and kinship with Native peoples.

kakichihiwewin has sent and given out dozens of Legacy Care Kits as a way of culture sharing and gifting to remind community members that they are needed, seen, loved and above all else - valid. Each kit contains traditional medicines, teas, snacks that have all had personal meaning to me throughout my life - as well as a note handwritten by another community member - making each kit one of a kind.

The project is also working with Seeding Sovereignty's Communications Assistant, Kourtney Rakell (they / them) on creating a zine where information, stories and movements can be shared both digitally and through limited pressing. Sometimes tangible, visual things are the greatest catalyst for change.

In January kakichihiwewin launched "mamawapowuk" which means "gathering" in michif. This is a twelve week program where ten participants meet up through an online platform to create strong bonds and understand that they are not alone in their journey to healing. For ten out of the twelve weeks the group hears from a guest speaker who shares stories of culture and their experience in healing trauma and participats in an activity - ie: painting, beading, etc. This program will be offered three times a year!

kakichihiwewin is also presently working on creating once a month meet-up groups for people to have space together onilne while it is still unsafe to do so in person. We will be sending out care packages to participants and inviting guests help lead with dialogue and activities.

This project will always be about healing. Especially the wounds from battles we did not consent to - or had to fight for survival.

Everyone has a story, and the kakichihiwewin project will be there to help heal through words.

We may not be able to see healing, because it isn't linear - but we can feel it.

mamawapowuk participant packages!
mamawapowuk participant packages!
Assembling kits.
Assembling kits.
Dec 1, 2020

2020 Wrap Up

Our new logo
Our new logo

Gu'wa'tsii/hello relatives - 

We don't need to tell you that this year has been an incredibly wild ride. Some moments have felt entirely surreal and in our moments of clarity, we've been completely overwhelmed by the support that each of you have given us. What began for us at the beginning of the year as an attempt to fund 5 jobs for LGBTQIA+ youth interns expanded to an out-of-state move mid-pandemic to better serve the communities we serve that were being hardest hit by COVID-19. 

Kin, we are so sorry if you've lost anyone this year and we send smoke for their spirits and journeys back to the ancestors. We lost too many this year to intentional negligence and flagrant disregard for human life. No words will ever replace those we've lost or fill the hole in our hearts after losing them. 

To our healthcare professionals, care providers, first responders, educators, essential workers, parents, and providers of every kind: THANK YOU. We don't think you've heard it enough, and after being on the ground distributing supplies firsthand, we see you. 

Our crew has been steadily documenting this last year to continue storytelling through digital media and oral tradition, but our community needs have grown exponentially. As project leader, I've decided to fully shift our program to not only support community storytelling and LGBTQIA+ jobs, but to expand to further supporting our collective's ongoing commitment to mutual aid and longterm community care. 

We're preparing for 2021 and what we've seen as the greatest needs in our community are BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. Our people need homes. They need food. They need jobs and resources to succeed. What hurts the most is that throughout this entire pandemic, the people we've seen hurting the most have been the people of the global majority. Our Indigenous and Black kin, relatives of many diasporas, and those migrating and burgeoning beyond colonial borders. While we can't immediately provide every service or materialize housing in the way we'd like, we can start small. 

We've been consistently partnering with local organizations to provide community care kits throughout the summer, fall, and winter, and now we're looking to expand our ability to feed through kinship work with queer and Trans farmers. It's our fervent hope that restoring the land will help us not only better feed community through it, but allow us to build kinship ties that create networks of neighbors willing to help and uplift one another.

We specifically aim to amplify the work of our LGBTQIA+ relations to honor our original goals of this project, and continue learning through their leadership. Our program is ever-growing, multifaceted, and committed first and foremost to community care during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis. 

To everyone who's been with us for this journey and is still down to ride for Indigequeers, Trans kin, and gender gradiant/nonbinary and non-conforming kin: dawaa'ae/thank you from the bottom of my/our hearts. I regularly hear from kin we reach out to that they don't feel deserving of the support we aim to offer and y'all, I'm gonna kick scarcity mindset's butt in 2021 because there WILL be enough for us all. 

We love and appreciate you. Stay hydrated and keep leaning on your kin. We're gonna carry us through. 

Jul 21, 2020

An Update from Tiwa Territory

Indigenous-led Mutual Aid
Indigenous-led Mutual Aid

The pandemic is a faceless terror and our communities are caught in its web.

For the last four months we have been on the ground in so-called New Mexico providing critical aid to Indigenous nations (both rural and urban) to try and curb the continued rise of COVID-19 positive cases in our communities.

We’ve actively been supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) such as KN95, surgical, and handmade masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gloves, medical garments, intubation shields, ear savers, school supplies, Indigenous and Black-authored books, and financial support for food distribution efforts for rural and unsheltered relatives.

To date, we’ve supplied over 70,000 masks and over 10,000 articles of additional PPE to the Jicarilla Apache Nation, Navajo Nation, the 19 Pueblos of NM, undocumented and immigrant communities of the greater Albuquerque area, and community centers and mutual aid efforts through community building and partnership with incredible Indigenous-led organizations such as Pueblo Action Alliance, The Red Nation, and Tewa Women United.

What began as a dream to provide small funds to those most impacted by the pandemic has become our ongoing commitment to mutual aid and we are now in our second phase of this most recent initiative. We look forward to the time when we can come together with our patient interns and in the meantime, lift our hands to the young Indigequeers and allies showing up to support our work across so-called New Mexico.

Iheedn/dawa’eh for your continued belief in this work and investment in Indigenous-led initiatives.


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