Jan 24, 2012

January 2012 Report-Sierra Leone Feeding Program





Submitted by COTN and Sarah Armstrong,
Director, BTA


All praise and Glory be unto our God Almighty for bringing us safely to the end of
first term. We pray that he will see us through this New Year. Last year a
Brighter Tomorrow for Africa successfully and fully supported our school
feeding which is still blessing the lives of our school going children in all
aspects of their learning. It was evident that the social, mental, physical and
spiritual growth was in them in their effort to acquire quality education. The
present total number of beneficiaries in the school feeding program is now 973
covering three surrounding villages namely; Ngolala, Mokpanguba and Mosenensie
in the Banta- Mokelleh Chiefdom.

As we went through last year, reports  and
child’s stories were sent to you with joy and to thank you for the wonderful
help given in providing daily nourishing meals for our school children in this
part of Sierra Leone, Banta – Mokelleh chiefdom in Moyamba District.

As mentioned in other reports, the BTA feeding program serves as the greatest
motivation to get our children to school in this literacy backward and
poverty-stricken community. So far the BTA school feeding program, in
collaboration with COTN’s educational activities, has helped reduce the
illiteracy rate in Banta –Mokelleh by 12%. In April this year COTN will send 30
senior high school students to the external examinations for University
admission. The grade 9 students made a 100% passes in their external
examinations for admission to senior school. The 6th grade students
also did well in their external exams for admission to the junior high school.
We are happy to report that in all these BTA played a significant role to bring
COTN schools to this level of achievement.

School reopened on the 4th January for the commencement of the 2nd
term. The kids were so excited to return from school after a short Christmas
break. Preparation of BTA meals for the various schools resumed immediately on
the 4th January. The school kids enrolled at the village partnership
project were also excited to resume school knowing that their daily meal at
school is sure.

The regional office of the World Food Program (WFP) in Moyamba donated 20 bags of
bulgur and five cartoons of vegetable oil towards the feeding program. They
informed COTN that such supply will not be regular since our project proposal
for constant food supply is under due consideration by WFP. We have saved these
donated food items for some cloudy days ahead. An effort to indentify
prospective school feeding organizations within and without Sierra Leone is in
dire progress.

COTN is extremely thankful to BTA, its donors and more to the Armstrong family in
the U.S for their constant donation and support to keep the Banta school
feeding program alive and active. Thank you Sarah, thank you BTA, thank you the


– is a ten year old Girl attending COTN school in Ngolala. She is in class
three. She stays at Senehun village about seven kilometers away from the
school’s location in Ngolala. She walks with friends daily to school. She has a
poor vision and uses glasses provided by COTN which makes it difficult for her
to walk seven kilometers daily to school. She has two younger brothers who are
not attending school but staying with their Uncle in the village.

According to Tity, she does not bring any lunch to school and so finds it difficult to do well in her school work. She expresses her extreme happiness in school now that she is assured of her daily meal from
BTA. Her teacher confirmed her academic progress in school.

Tity is also a beneficiary in COTN’s “Challenged Kids Project” in Ngolala.  

a ten year old boy attending COTN School in Ngolala. He walks from Mokpanguba
where he lives about five kilometers away. He is in class 4A.

According to Titus, his biological parents have long
been separated. The Mother is now married to another man who now becomes Titus’
step father. The Step Father had always stopped Titus from going to school
because he wanted him to help with the farm work (Garri production). This
became a big problem for Titus since he is desirous to be educated. Titus will
hide himself and sneak to be in school without fees, books nor lunch. Titus
later confided in his teacher who encouraged him to be determined and studious
and got him enrolled in our “village partnership project” (VPP). His fees and
basic learning materials are all provided by the VPP .With the provision of BTA
food, Titus is fed everyday and is very happy to be in school. He is also
growing spiritually as he now attends church with other COTN children. He came
from a Muslim family background. He is thankful to God for helping him grow in
all his development.

Oct 12, 2011

Fall 2011 Update on Feeding Program

Please see full report in PDF attached.  Thank you

Jul 5, 2011

Summer Update for A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa

A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa Report  Global Giving June 2011

A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa (BTA) continues to support
the feeding program of Children of the Nations in Sierra Leone, West Africa
which centers on an area of this country with great needs, where the children
need to be encouraged. The involvement of BTA, and the nutritious meals which
they provide for so many of our school going children, positively impacts their
development in many ways.

Good food plays a great role in the physical health of a
child but is also crucial in their mental advancement. Not only does improved
nutrition allow for the healthy development of a child’s brain but the
incentive provided by the meals served daily at school encourages the children
and youth to come and come regularly. Since time spent at a Mallory Jansen
Memorial School also involves the development of social skills and spiritual understanding it
can be said that BTA assists Children of the Nations greatly in our vision of
caring for children holistically. With the support of BTA we can reach our
goals and bring more girls and boy in to school.

In the past, children were coming to school hungry and tired. Most parents in our community cannot
provide breakfast for their children. With the help of BTA we are able to
assist some children with milk in the morning hours and then later in the day
all of the students benefit from the main BTA meal. In the second term of this
academic year we were blessed by some additional assistance offered by World
Food Program. They have been able to give us some bulger wheat, vegetable oil
and salt. With the help of this supply we have been able to expand the BTA
feeding program. Now we are able to give all of our children both breakfast and
lunch at school. Breakfast is served from 7.30 am with the school day beginning
at 8 am. Lunch is then prepared by around 12 pm.

A Child’s Story –
Lombeh Sheriff

Lombeh Sheriff is 14 years old and she is in Prep 6. She lives at Senehun village which is
about 2 miles from the school she attends, Mallory Jansen Memorial Primary School, Ngolala .

Lombeh always walks to school through the stream that passes between Senehun and Ngolala. Her parents are
farmers. Lombeh often came to school late and hungry, already tired for her morning class. With the expansion of our feeding program this academic year, Lombeh’s punctuality at school has been very exciting to see. This will help in both Lombeh’s educational performance as well as her physical health.


A Child’s Story - Lahai


Lahai Yovenah is a 15 year old boy staying at Wubangay
village but during the week he transfers to a village called Monicawe about 1
mile from our school in Ngolala. Lahai is one of the children who has benefited
from BTA meals since they began being offered in our schools. Lahai is now in
Junior Secondary School 1, growing strong and furthering his education.


A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa is a real blessing for our
children in Banta Mokelleh. It brings us all great joy to be able to offer such
hope to these children.





Number of Children being served food daily – As of June 2011








Number of children




MJM Nursery, Ngolala







MJM Primary, Ngolala







MJM JSS, Ngolala







MJM SSS, Ngolala







MJM Skills Training,







MJM Nursery, Mokpangumba







MJM Primary, Mokpangumba







MJM Nursery, Mosenesi







MJM Primary, Mosenesi







MJM Nursery, Marjay Town







MJM Primary, Marjay Town














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