Nov 30, 2012

Fourth Quarter Calendar 2012 -- BTA

Another Success from BTA Feeding!
Another Success from BTA Feeding!

Brighter Tomorrow for Africa Progress Report

September – December 2012

The Mallory Jansen Memorial Schools in Upper Banta, Sierra Leone have been blessed with many gifts. Among these things is the provision of food at school for our students with the help of Brighter Tomorrow for Africa (BTA). This gift helps the school going children stay healthy and be ready to learn. We fervently believe that empowering these children and providing them with a quality education will bring development to a nation.

 Our Mallory Jansen Memorial Schools re-opened on 10th September 2012 for another academic year. Teachers are influential in the lives of children. Teaching is a calling and in that calling each teacher has a mission to fulfil, a responsibility to the children being served and a daily accounting to the Lord. This academic year we have begun implementing our new International Standard Operating Procedures and we trust that these will improve the learning opportunities we are able to give these children. We have had our presidential elections in Sierra Leone this past November but unlike many schools in the country we have been able to provide classes throughout the term. 

The feeding program supported by BTA is a key component of our education program which helps us to holistically develop our care of these children and the support we offer their families. The parents, guardians and elders of this community are always grateful for the wonderful help that our feeding their children each day represents. From September until the present date the money being sent to us by BTA has been used alongside gifts of vegetable oil and bulgur wheat from the World Food Program (WFP) to provide nutritious meals for our children in Ngolala. The impact and success of the BTA program relies on ensuring that the food gets to the intended beneficiaries, the children. The food can then improve the growth and health of these children as well as encourage improved attendance and better learning in school.

 Both the Government of Sierra Leone and UNICEF have been encouraging focus on the education of girls and the food provided by BTA also has an impact in that respect. The school food helps ensure that our girls are not only keen to come to school but when there they are active and happy to fully participate in the school’s programs.

 We wish to thank God for BTA and pray His blessing upon the organisation for their contribution to the success of our children in Ngolala.

A Child’s Story – Foday C.

 Foday was born in May 2002. He is in Class 5 in Mallory Jansen Primary School, Ngolala. Foday’s parents hail from Lungi in Karfubullum Chiefdom in Pork Loko Distrcit.

 Foday has been attending our primary school for one year. The BTA meals he gets in school encourage him and help him stay alert throughout the school day. This is a huge help to his mother who is taking care of him. Foday says that the food helps him learn better.

Foday is a Christian and says that he would like to be a missionary when he leaves school.

 A Child’s Story – Sarah J.

 Sarah was born in this chiefdom 13 years ago. She attends Mallory Jansen Memorial Primary School in Ngolala where she is in Class Six. This year Sarah will sit her National Primary School Examination and if she passes she will progress to Junior Secondary School.

 Sarah believes that she is working hard and she is very active at school. Sarah is very thankful for the provision of nourishing food in our school with the help of BTA. She says that because of BTA she is not worried about her parent’s being able to provide lunch for her. She knows that there is food every day in school.

 Sarah comes to school regularly and is known for encouraging her girl friends to keep coming to school too.

Aug 27, 2012

Your help continues to help kids in Sierra Leone


The Education Department of COTN is very proud of the blessings of God and the supporters of funds for brighter tomorrow for Africa in the feeding program of our school at Banta mokelleh Chiefdom.

The current enrollment of the school is seven hundred and forty four pupils all benefiting from the B.T.A. These children who have been malnourished from their homes (villages) are now very active in school, this shows that there are enough meals for them and can improve on their learning to concentrate well in class hence they don’t go with hunger to their villages anymore. With this, the B.T.A continues to play a meaningful role in the development of Education in COTN-SL schools despite the problems created by the ten year- war. The children and the Education Department is yearning for such opportunities to increase in the way of funding to enable the feeding capacity increase as the children in this part of the country have long been deprived of Educational facilities.

As God fearing children in their Holistic values, they are always praying and grateful for whatever help they can get to sustain their livelihood.  Our prayers and goal is that the children you are supporting in feeding them daily at school will grow up to bring transformation in their nations. This is showing in their studies and the progress they are making in school. This year many children have a scoring grade of 50% to enable them to proceed to another stream/class. It is expected that some students are awaiting the N.P.S.E, B.E.C.E and the WASSCE which will soon be published by the West African Examination Council.

The enormous privilege they have to attend one of the best schools in this part of the country is making them very proud of their donors. They all expressed immense gratitude as these are reflecting on how far they have already made it in their past examinations in July 2012.  90 to 95% of the school population has gained promotion to a new class. This success is encouraging community parents to send more of their children to school as they have been long deprived of formal education in upper Banta chiefdom. The excitement and tension is increasing everyday to send their wards.

The chiefdom has been one of the most improvised and backward region with 49 villages densely populated with five (5) sections. The expectation now is would there be a continuation of B.T.A come September when school re-opened. Day and night they are praying for help and God’s blessing to provide for the givers.


Yusif Kargbo is from a place called ‘Tombo’ around the peninsula of Freetown. The name of his father is Mr. Brima Kargbo and Mother Mariatu Kargbo; he has two sisters and a brother. His father died of (Malaria) in the year 2000, so he was left with his Mother, brother and sisters.   The time he lost his dad, he found school boring because his mother can’t care for all of their needs at the same time, especially for their school fees, school bags, school books, and school shoes and the basic necessities of life.

Fortunately for Yusif in the year 2002, he was chanced to come and joined the C.O.T.N family, with the blessings of God. He was five (5) years old when he entered the COTN home. When he came to the home, he was really surprise to find himself in another town far from his family.Yusif at first could not  speak English, but now through the help of God and COTN, he can now speak better English and also he is happy.

He said he can sleep on a nice bed now, go to a good school which is our school here, the Mallory Jansen Memorial School, with school bag on, proper shoes, school books and also nice school uniform and three square meals a day. He also likes the house he is living in (good and structured house) he is now proud of knowing Jesus as his personal savior, learning the word of God everyday and also plays the drum at church. He is one of our most promising students in school. He just sat to his BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination) and will be receiving his result to go to the next grade which is the 10th grade in October. Now Yusif can boast of someone who cares for him, and also especially he says, his sponsors who make him smile and know that there is someone who loves him.

Yusif is now proud of becoming a professional soccer player he says, because he likes playing soccer.  Last of all Yusif is now thankful to God and COTN for having him join the COTN family with lots of privileges.  Praise and thanks be to God for the life of Yusif.  Story by: Emmanuel John Alpha.

May 21, 2012

Feeding Continues in Sierra Leone from a BTA!

Child’s Story

Report May 2012

Regina Samukah

Regina Samukah is eight years old and in Nursery 3 at
Mallory Jansen Primary School Mokpangumba. Regina’s story is a sad one. Her
mother was sick during pregnancy. When he mother gave birth to Regina, she
became seriously sick which resulted in her mental disturbance.

Regina did not enjoy her childhood with her biological
mother. Another mother took care of her for two years until her mother
recovered from her sickness. The grandmother of Regina thought it fit that
Regina attend school in their village since there was a COTN school there.
There was little for them to eat at home. Regina was poorly malnourished at the
time they took her to school.

With the school feeding program of BTA, Regina always gets
her one meal in school during lunch. She started looking healthier because of
the nourishing food she gets from school. She comes to school every day and is
very conscious to learn and will attend church service every Sunday with her
friends. Her teacher Mr. Joseph Foday, says Regina is a promising girl if her
parents continue to encourage her.

The other sad part of Regina’s life is that her father who
was a fisherman died last year because of a severe cold that attacked him.
Regina’s mother used to visit the school where Regina attends. She is very
appreciative that her daughter is doing well in health and also improving in
her learning. She thanks God for the blessing that God is providing for her
daughter in their village.

Augustine Musa

Augustine Musa is a nine year old boy who is in class two in
Mokpangumba COTN school. He lives in a village three miles off from Ngolala. He
is one of the first members of the COTN Mokpangumba school. When Augustine was
born, his father died in their village. Life for his mother was hard as now she
could not take care of her boy.

Augustine suffered from malnutrition for three months. He
was taken to Mattru Jong hospital for treatment where they stayed for some
time. When they were discharged from the hospital, his mother brought him back
to the village. In that village, there was the COTN school so his mother
enrolled him in school.

Though Augustine was not too healthy, he was willing to go
to school. In that school there was the BTA food program. Augustine was very
happy among his friends in school because he will join them to eat the good
nourishing food that is provided by the school feeding program. Today,
Augustine is regular in school and always attends church services in the COTN
church. He has grown physically and mentally. He is a promising child in this
village. This shows that the feeding program helping children to learn and has
saved them from sickness and malnutrition. Augustine is always thankful to God.

Jenneh Bangura

Little Jenneh Bangura is seven years of age. She is in
Nursery 3 in the Mokpangumba COTN school. As with many children all over the
world, Jenneh lost her biological father last year. Jenneh’s mother is a widow
and has little to provide her children with.

Jenneh got seriously sick during her childhood and they
admitted her to a mission hospital for one month. She was malnourished when
they returned home. One day her mother decided to take her to school as she saw
the other children attending school. It was difficult for Jenneh to adjust to
school and she would always cry when her mother left.

Among other things, the provision of BTA in the Mokpangumba
school has helped Jenneh to enjoy school and she no longer cries. She always
comes to school with her plate and spoon ready. She gets her BTA meal and feels
very good. She is not regular in school and growing well. She can recite memory
verses, rhymes, numbers, and the alphabet. This shows that Jenneh is learning
and is receiving a quality education. She is also spiritually growing and
attends church every Sunday.

According to her mother, she says she is very excited
because her daughter is doing well in her physical growth. She is thankful to
God and the teachers for helping Jenneh.

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