Mar 14, 2016

Final Project report

James holding a poster to show his stance
James holding a poster to show his stance

We would like to sincerely thank you for your generous support to LGBT Voice Tanzania, through your support we were able to raise about $30,963 from March 2014 to February 2016.

Here is how the money raised was spent:

1. Organizational running expenses: 

a) We were able to pay office rent from 1st April 2014 to 30th December 2015 @ 600 x 21 months = $12,600

b) We were able to pay Water bills @ $25 x 21 monts = $525

c) We manged to pay Electricity bills @ $50 x 21 months = $1,050

d) We Telephone @ $ 100 21 months =$2,100

e) Broadband Internet @ $120 x 21 months = $2520

f) Stationary lumpsum @ $241

g) Also covered bank charges @ 19.23 x 21 months = $ 403.83

h) Purcharsed  1 office desk @ $400

2. Ensuring Equal Rights project: 

We designed and implement a project called Ensuring Equal Rights  activities

a) We conducted advocacy workshops and awareness seminars @ $8,695.17

3. Litigation 

LGBT Voice spent hire a lawyer @ $ 5,000 but only  $2450 was raised on this site and $2,450 was raise through our website

It is evident that your support helped LGBT voice become more visible and efficient serving more than 500 LGBT individuals, our project Ensuring Equal Rights was very successful.

Through this project we managed to produce a report that was submited to the Universal periodic Review and now we are engaged in the review process our staff member will be meeting and breifing  diplomats from Permanent Missions in Geneva about the human rights situation in Tanzania, and thus influence the content of our statements and recommendations made in the submission.

We are officially clossing this campaign this Month but you can still support our organization through other campaigns.

Thanks for all the support.

A comment from Baina a civil society leader in Tanzania

"I had an opportunity to meet LGBT people who are educated and learned from them during this training,  I was totally wrong about you guys and now understand that we are all equal regardless of our sex orientation, I promise to work hand in had with you and make sure there is no discriminative law that will suppress the rights of LGBT in this country, please print books and reports and I personally will distribute them to my network"

Feb 23, 2016

Quarterly Update

Sagina Mohamed- LGBT activist  for transgender
Sagina Mohamed- LGBT activist for transgender

We introduced the LGBTQ rights fund project to bring new resources and new opportunities to support local activists as a key to the expansion, rejuvenation and sustainability of LGBTQ's movements and organizations, both now and in the future. Because currently there are no resources to support local activism and speed the fight against homophobia and Transphobia that is increasing in our community; we do believe that obtaining resources will fill the gap and provide more access to fundamental human rights and equal access without discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation

There are many individual LGBTQ activists and groups representing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer people nationwide but the work on the ground is very difficult, because activists suffer police harassment and intimidations at the same time fearing going to jail but they can not afford to hire legal officer to handle their cases

 Most LGBTQ activists have not been trained on organizational, informational and personal security and they are not highly educated, they work on voluntary basis with the little knowledge they have. There is an urgent need for training LGBTQ activists and also facilitating them to have offices where they run their activities effectively

Our plan is to provide grants 8 groups in 8 districts of Tanzania main land so that they can be able to pay office rent and train their members on organizational, informational and personal security that will help build stronger activists before the end of 2016.

Let me take this opportunity to appeal to the general public for support, so that we can be able to build a strong LGBT movement in Tanzania.

 A comment from Sagina: “Imagine coming out as Gay and working as an activist in a country where homosexuality is criminalized with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, having no permanent home no office, no computer no phone. I’ve been working as an activist for the last three year but I find it difficult to do what I should because of limited resources. Thanks to LGBT Voice for creating this project, hopefully we will get resource to help us work effectively”.

Feb 23, 2016

Quarterly Update

Nathan Serenge - Dressmaking and Design
Nathan Serenge - Dressmaking and Design

For more than a year now, we have been working hard to end homelessness among the LGBT youth in Tanzania and also give the opportunity to build a better future. ; Thanks to our supporters and well-wishers for helping we realize this dream.

Through your support and the community grant this  year we are offering permanent shelter to five LGBT homeless youth, providing meals clothes and medical care and sponsoring  sponsor 8 LGBT youth to go different collages to obtain skills in the following courses:

1. Certificate in Front Office Operations (2 years course)

2. Certificate in Dressmaking and Design (2 years course)

3. Certificate in Hairdressing (9 months course)

The goal of this project is to continue widening the ability to support more LGBT youth on a sustained basis and reduce the number of LGBT youth who live on streets and the involvement in risk behaviors by building them to become good citizens and future leaders.

There is still a need for funding so that we can be able to sponsor 32 LGBT youth in 2016. Kindly continue supporting us.

A storry from Nathan:

“When I was a child my dream was to become a fashion designer but my dream died when I was kicked out of my family and relocated to Dar es Salaam, my life changed  because I had no home no relatives but only a few gay friends who could help me but they also had no money. Later I learned about LGBT Voice went to their office requested to volunteer, that is when things started changing, I’m now enrolled in collage and after 2 years,, my dream will come true.”






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