Sep 26, 2020


Our spinning top and yo-yo.
Our spinning top and yo-yo.

We are very happy to be able to finally share with you that our new website is on the LIVE! (yay!). On our new website you will find more details about our history, mission, values, work, and impact. There it is also possible to discover all the ways to get involved with our project, buy our products, and promote artisanal, transparent and, cruelty-free production.

For example, who doesn't love a spinning top and an yo-yo? Starting today, we started selling our wooden toy kits. They are durable toys, produced by hand in Brazil, elaborated based on our pedagogy, and are used in the games the play with our kids on Hai Center in Kenya. And every sale has a direct impact on the families we work with.

Also, we are now partner with the Eu Reciclo campaing, what means that we are able to offset 100% of the packaging we use to send products from our store and, through post-consumer reverse logistics, we support recycling cooperatives and we use only packaging made from 100% biodegradable paper.

Another new partnership that we are proud to share is with Ambiafro, a project that aims at environmental education based on black experience. This is a very important affiliation, because as we share the same ideals and motivation, we will exchange experiences seeking democratic access to information. Ambiafro will producing content for our social networks and expand discussions highly needed for our society.

Together we are One!
As always, Asante Sana!

Jun 3, 2020


Distruibuicao de cesta basica para as familias.
Distruibuicao de cesta basica para as familias.

Following the Government´s determinations in response to the first cases of COVID in Kenya, we closed our Hai Centre in Kabiria and the Mamas company on March 16th. As many of our babies depend on Hai for their daily meals and we have been forbidden to continue offering any kind of food in our space, we started distributing meal kits to our students' families. With this emergency action we aim to protect our families from hunger, since many are unable to carry out their economic activities. In addition, we also want to prevent exposure to the virus by ensuring that they do not have to leave their homes to buy supplies.

To help with this emergency food distribution, our volunteers sold 5 Reais raffles. This action is extremely important to organize ourselves in the midst of unpredictable situations like this and to continue to support our community. And more will we needed, as the local government still haven't signed into any opening dates for the schools in the region.

To date, 86 families have benefited from our action, with 80 food baskets being distributed and 12 Mamas receiving an amount of USD 25 dollars as an exchange of the work they do with us in the making of our bracelets, even while they are not working at the moment. We were also able to avoid the eviction of 3 Mamas, whose rent is currently being paid by Hai.

Due to the results of a survey administered by the Ministry of Health in Kenya, which warned of the level of misinformation about COVID-19 in poor communities, we also decided to organize a report with clarifications about symptoms and the virus contagion. With the help of our teachers, we have developed a brochure in Swahili that will be sent to families by SMS. Our concern at the moment is the low immunity of the inhabitants of Kabiria and the lack of basic sanitation structure in the community, which facilitates the spread of diseases.

With great sadness we also had to cancel our Hai Experience trip that would take place in June and was already fully booked. In Brazil, we canceled our monthly bazaar, which normally finances more than 40% of our organization. We had to postpone our dinner commemorating Hai's 5th anniversary too, which still has no new date scheduled.

Our fundraising was very affected, exactly at a time when we have the high dollar exchange rate. Thus, donations are now very important to us, especially to cover the costs of our emergency action. So, more than ever, Asante Sana.

Distribuicao de cesta basica para as familias.
Distribuicao de cesta basica para as familias.
Uma das imagens informativas criadas sobre COVID19
Uma das imagens informativas criadas sobre COVID19


Feb 3, 2020


I write this open letter with an open and grateful heart fulfilled with an energy that, no doubts, will be hard to put into words. In 2020, Hai Africa will celebrate it's 5th anniversary. Five years ago I found myself in a low income community in Kenya, absorbed by the locals e wish the desire of, somehow, to change the reality of the people around be. As in giving back from the privileged life I found myself having.

I was so wrong. What happen, honestly, was a personal transformation as I lived surrounded by the different and by the people that taught me what true love means.

2019 was a hard year for us, but it was full of learning e strengthening. We spend three months in the field, living in our favorite community and had a health and dental care project with our partners of Por1Sorriso. Those were powerful days with a lot of challenges, as the material and machines necessary for the appointments were held by the airport customs.

With 300 people waiting to receive care and after three days of deliberation, our local volunteers step up -- once again -- and we purchased new machinery in Kenya. Machinery that will now be ready to be used every time we have our dental and health care actions.

We also had changes in our staff. It was a painful, expensive, and complex process. We had to let go two people that worked with us through many years. But it was a necessary measure in the light of our growth and so that we could hold our ethical and values standards. It took an Herculean force to go through all of this with your head held high, but we trusted at the reasons we carry out our project.

During this time I, Mariana, was blessed by the energy and strength of the people that are part of our team, personal friends, my sister (that was present with be in Kenya and it was my foundation), and the volunteers that signed up for specific events throughout the year. I'm, now, thankful for it all and know that what we went through made us stronger. It was necessary obstacles for our growth and for me to remember that Hai Africa is not my. It never were and will never be. But Hai Africa belongs to all of us! You are part of this in so many shapes and forms!

We have so many dreams to conquer and, together, we can go further!

So today I'm here to thank all that were part of this, that got involved with out project, that allowed yourself to learn and that taught and guided us. I would like to thank especially our sponsors, our volunteers, the buyers of our thrift store, our partners, and our friends!

2020 is here and we count with you! It's gonna be a beautiful year and we are ready for it!
As we say in Kenya: ASANTE SANA!


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