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Earth Trust works to give tools to tribals and villagers to farm their land in a sustainable way, to develop responsibility for Primary Health solutions with traditional answers and to give rural children inspiration, skills & passion for revitalising their communities & land. Email:
Jan 23, 2014

Primary Health Care Training in DODDANY VILLAGE

Health Training in Progress - 1
Health Training in Progress - 1

Earth Trust Provides Primary Health Care Training in Rural villages in Nilgiris

Earth Trust provides and supports a process whereby people learn to improve their personal habits and attitudes and to work responsibly for the improvement of health conditions in the family, community and nation. Every member of the health team shares responsibility in providing health education.

It aims to help people make use of their own efforts and education in improving their conditions of living, lodging, good nutrition and prevention of diseases.

It is a means of improving the health of the people by employing various methods of scientific procedures to show the most healthful ways of living.

Earth Trust teaches a 12-module programme for rural village women.  The following Modules are taught to the group of village women:

MODULE 1:   Introduction to Earth Trust & Village documentation

MODULE 2:  Skeleto-muscular System Anatomy, Physiology, Foetal process. Problems; Relaxation; Herbal plants; Basic care; massage

MODULE 3:  Nervous System Anatomy, Physiology, foetal process; breathing; basic cranio-sacral work; herbs for health; babies; adults; seniors.  Preparation of infused oils.

MODULE 4:  Heart & Circulatory System Anatomy, Physiology, foetal process; Meridians & Acupressure; herbs for health; babies; adults; seniors. Breathing

MODULE 5:  Respiratory System Anatomy, Physiology, foetal process; Herbs for health; babies; adults; seniors. Home remedies; Breathing.

MODULE 6:  Digestive System and Waterborne disease. Local issues; Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene, stress, home remedies; herbs for health

MODULE 7:  Liver & Pancreatic System: Anatomy, Physiology, Herbs for health; Diabetes & Jaundice Prevention & management; managing stress

MODULE 8:  Reproductive System: Anatomy, Physiology, Development; Herbs for health; Adolescence; Conception & childbirth; hormonal changes etc. Hygiene; home remedies;

MODULE 9:  Nutrition: Foods and illnesses; Herbs for health; Hygiene; home remedies; Food preparation.

MODULE 10:  Urinary System & kidneys: Anatomy, Physiology, Stress & meridians; Herbs for health; Pregnancy; incontinence; hygiene.

MODULE 11:  Skin and Immune System: Anatomy, Physiology, foetal process & linkages; Herbs for health; massage; dealing with skin conditions.

MODULE 12:  Herbal gardens and herbal preparations

MODULE 13, 14, 15- more programmes related to community and personal herbal kitchen gardens for health & Herbal Medicine preparations.  Exposure & training visit to Earth Trust gardens.


Herb Medicine preparation – Teas, Legium, Chooranum, Oils and Syrups

          a) Documentation of indigenous herbs & uses

          b) Extending knowledge about indigenous plants

          c) Preparing Medicine on available plants

          c) Preparing Medicines for Primary Health Care conditions

  • After completing this programme the village women are aware of Hygiene, nutrition & above said information.
  • They are happy to set up a Kitchen Herbal Garden for their own nutrition & primary health care. Now the women have set up their kitchen herbal garden.
  • The women are preparing their own Nutrition flour.


Success Stories of Previous village Kattery

Case no. 1

Name                     : Mrs. C

Age                       : 36 Years

Village                    : Kattery Village


Mrs. C was suffering from Skin problem (itching in her whole body) for the past 2 years. Every morning when she woke up she had an itching sensation in her whole body continuously for half an hour. This made her very upset and kept her house-bound. She did not step out of the house at all.

After attended the training she came to know about Rue hot infused oil. She applied this oil, from the first week itself she felt better.  She applied this oil continuously for 3 months; she found the itching of her skin reduced dramatically.   Now she is happy and uses the rue oil whenever needed.

Her Child M (13 years old girl) is affected by cold & cough for past 3 to 4 years.  After attended the training she came to know about Adathoda cough syrup which she gave her continuously for 15 days, and found that it is getting better. She used it for a month and the cough & cold is almost cured. Now Monisha is happy to play outside, which was earlier taboo for her because of her cold. And she suggests the treatment for other children also.

C’s sister Ms. K has many pimples on her face. C suggested to her to apply Calendula hot infused oil. In the beginning it was a slow response but after regular application the pimples slowly reduced.


Case no. 2

Name                    : Mrs. B

Age                       :  33 Years

Village                   : Kattery Village

Mrs. B  suffered from piles for the past 14 years.  Her doctor suggested surgery but she decided to bear the pain and postponed the operation.  She attended our PHCT programme, and learned about Thiribala chooranum (Siddha Supplements) which is used to cure piles problem.

Initially she took the supplement from ET and later on prepared her own Ashta chooranum, and used regularly for a period of 3 months. Now her pain is greatly reduced and the piles problem is almost cured. 

Health Training in Progress - 2
Health Training in Progress - 2


Oct 18, 2013


A Tailoring & Knitting Class
A Tailoring & Knitting Class



Earth Trust ( has as its vision, Creating Viability and Well-Being in Rural Communities.

Our Mission is To Revitalize The Nilgiris By Giving Tools To Create Vibrant And Abundant Communities.

In keeping with our mission, our programs are tailored to support holistic empowering of the Nilgiris communities, targeted particularly at empowering the women. We aim to support an ongoing self-sustainability and well-being for the communities.

To this end, to date, The Earth Trust has conducted, completed, and has ongoing programs in twenty villages in the Nilgiris.

We give here an example of Kattery Village.

Approximate population:  2000

No of Houses: 400

Primary Health Care Center: Yes

Income:  From Tea Estates, Agriculture

School:  Kattery Village Primary School


The following programs were set up at Kattery:


Conducted over a period of 90 days

Number of participants:  15 women

The women learnt knitting, embroidery, crochet, stitching, dress making.

Through this program, the women learnt basic skills to keep their families warm, the children clothed appropriately for school and for day-to-day living. In addition, it also gave them the skills and opportunity to start small tailoring units of their own, if they so desired.

The women of Kattery Village are a very vibrant group. After completion of the Income Generation Program, they opted to enrol themselves in The Health Program conducted by The Earth Trust.


The Health Program was conducted at Kattery from March 2013 through August 2013.

 Number of participants: 11 women.

The Health Program is aimed at imparting basic knowledge of the human body along with its various systems, empowering the women with knowledge to be able to handle simple ailments prevalent in villages. At the end of each system they are given traditional herbal plants which are known cures for the treatment of everyday problems pertaining to that particular system.

These plants are grown in a community garden, which by the end of the Health Program gives the community a start-up herbal garden.

The women of Kattery were also taught reflexology, massage, Reiki, preparation of homemade remedies for internal and external use, as well as preparation of some basic Siddha supplements.

At the end of the Health Program, Earth Trust’s farming personnel conducted a one-day seminar on the setting up of organic herbal as well as kitchen gardens, imparting knowledge so that each family could be self sufficient in growing their own basic vegetables and herbs for medicinal use.

From the knowledge and empowerment the women of Kattery received, they have formed a group, rented a room, and have started their own Income Generation Program. They are open to taking in commercial stitching, knitting orders etc. They are also preparing, marketing, and selling traditional snacks, in their small way working towards self sustainability for themselves, their families and their community.

The Earth Trust acknowledges them and feels proud to be associated with the Kattery village women.

Health Awareness Class
Health Awareness Class
Preparing Supplements
Preparing Supplements
A New Business Start
A New Business Start
Gathering Herbs
Gathering Herbs
Jul 9, 2013

A 3-Day Nature Camp At The Geddai Forest

Eco-club Group Members
Eco-club Group Members

In the south of Nilgiris there is a great gorge and down it 43 tight hairpin bends wind their way. From the warm road bee eaters wing up and away. Somewhere towards the bottom is a wild farm where rat snakes seem to fly out & down the slope when you pass… a king cobra stays there and when the mating season of the bears comes round, fights between the males sound like crashing metal. The sun comes up from under your feet and deer of all kinds pass through. Below the wooded slopes is the small hamlet of Geddai housing the people working at the hydro dam that is linked in with a network of dams across the hills in a massive engineering feat.

15 senior eco club students from 13 villages were scooped up and brought to a camp site right next to the river at the bottom. There they met Ganesh and Daya from FAWES organization in Chennai, an experienced and highly professional couple who aim to keep people in touch with the wilderness and build character & self reliance with the children. 1000 ft. above the village, supporters of the eco clubs- Phil and Eunice- arrived to cheer them on. The three Earth Trust eco club trainers helped organize the programe and the Forest Department came to ensure that the small herd of elephants wandering near-by were not a problem. It was a memorable time for everyone and a follow up training for the ET team is being planned.

The Benefits Of Nature Camp Includes: 

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved social skills
  • The development of language and communication skills
  • Improved physical & motor skills
  • Improved motivation, focus and concentration
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the environment.

Nature Camp Activities

 A). Rock Climbing

  • Rock climbing’s special combination of mental and physical challenges makes it a unique experience. 
  • The intrinsic rewards that come from combining concentration, agility, balance, strength and judgment are unequalled in any other sport.
  • Fitness Excise & Trekking in the forest. Learning about the shola forest, grass lands & etiquette in the forest area.
  • Climbing camps take place outdoors and cover basic technical skills of rock climbing and the fundamentals of climbing movement. 
  • Rock climbing camps are thoughtfully designed to encourage self-discovery, responsibility, fitness and fun. 

B). Experiential Learning Programme In Nature Camp

  • The objective of the Experiential Learning program is supporting participants to know nature and the learning is built on Fun and Adventure, designed with children as focus where participants learn by doing rather than just listening or watching. It fosters a valuable learning process which is effective through life.
  • Activity done outdoors in a safe environment provides mental and physical stimulation to challenge mindsets, to overcome fears, break mental barriers and are designed to involve the learner in personal thought, decision making and develop hands-on learning and steering towards self-discovery.
  • The purpose of this camp is to give students an adventurous, safe and informative experience to the great outdoors, appreciate the beauty and bio-diversity of nature and help them connect to it.
  • To support them be sensitive to the natural environment around them, teaching responsible outdoor behaviour and ethics, environmental concerns and promoting "Leave No Trace" concepts. 
  • The program promotes team spirit, leadership qualities and self confidence; helps improve attitude, life-balance and emotional well-being; helps appreciate differences and individual value, develops Compassion and helps create a bond of friendship and trust; endeavours to bring about a dramatic improvement in the manner in which they face any situation in life and come out winners.

Venue                              : Manjoor, Geddai Forest Area

Participants                    : 15 Senior Ecoclub students

ET Members                   : Ms. Vanya Orr (PD), C. Sivakumar (PC), M. Sivakumar, Suresh    Kumar & Ramesh Kumar (Eco-club Team)

Special Visitors              : Mr. Phil crook & Ms. Eunice.

Resource Persons          : Mr. Ganeshan & Daya from FAWES, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

List of Eco-club students

Nagaraj  Doddabetta School

Ramesh Adasolai School

Subash Kilkowahatty School

Kumar Kilkowahatty School

Jevanantham Kollimalai School

Haridass Bandisolai School

Sanjeev Attadi School

Pradeep Gurnsey School

Anand Sogathorai School

10 Santhosh Thambatty School

11 Danush Thenalai School

12 Surya narayanan Kilkundha School

13 Nagaraj Araihatty School

14 Kevenraj Thenalai School

15 Sivaraj Glenmorgan School

Learning Programme
Learning Programme
Rock climbing
Rock climbing
Students in a Shola Forest
Students in a Shola Forest


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