Mar 22, 2021

Final Project update

Smiles reflect a healthy life
Smiles reflect a healthy life

News brief for the current situation in Nepal     

The infection rate has fallen steadily, from an average of 3,000 daily cases in October to about 300 in January. Last week, Nepal recorded its first day since August without a Covid-related death.

Amid the pandemic, the ruling Communist party has been preoccupied with infighting. Despite a large majority, the prime minister, KP Sharma Oli, dissolved parliament in December and called for early elections in an apparent bid to renege on a power-sharing agreement with a rival – a move his opponents claim is unconstitutional.

But even as the health risks appear to recede, the economic fallout from the virus has been dire. Levels of unemployment and personal debt have soared, particularly for those working in tourism ‘and the informal sector.  [Guardian 11th February 2021]

IGWR-Nepal moving into a post-Covid position          

We are planning our 2021-22 budget without any provision for developing rural school infrastructure projects. This is a reflection of the reality both globally and in Nepal.

It is unlikely that we will be able to send teams to Nepal untill much later this year at the earliest. However, we continue to provide three homes for children/students and are supporting sixty kids in full-time education.

We will therefore make this the last project up date for this particular project and will continue to report via our other major project which in turn will be expanded to reflect our full activities:

During the pandemic we’ve all realised how dependant we are (globally) on each other; and we’ve also learnt to ‘work remotely’; so maybe as we break through the pandemic, we will actually be better equipped to make an even bigger difference; and when a new ‘normal’ emerges many more will want to reach out and help those less fortunate than we are.

What can you do to help?           

Raja and the team in Nepal have achieved so much, and have kept the children safe and home-schooled during the most challenging times of 2020. As we move beyond Covid into a new-normal we anticipate that even more will be achieved.

We’re planning new vocational training programs for children graduating from high school and once it is safe we will again look at supporting rural schools that require assistance.

GlobalGiving is an ideal platform for these new initaitives to emerge through new targetted projects, so please consider becoming a regualr (monthly) supporter as we make plans for the future of the sixtry children we’re currently looking after.

And, follow us via our web-site or scial media pages so that you can see the very real difference YOU are making in the lives of others.

post covid thoughts
post covid thoughts
back to school after lockdown
back to school after lockdown
make a difference
make a difference


Feb 17, 2021

School+Plus 2 program project update Feb2021

kids ready for back-to-school
kids ready for back-to-school

The Children in Nepal are back at school, after a long nine month in lock-down at home.

Great news for the kids, but some added pressure for the team in Nepal as they still have high levels of Covid-19 infections.

 We’re so proud of the kids and the team in Nepal, in difficult circumstances they’ve stayed safe and the kids have received a full program of home schooling, so the are probably better placed than ever for their return to school.

We have maintained regular ZOOM meetings with Raja (our country director) and are now looking at what life will be like Post-Covid!

 The world will be different, we have learnt lessons from the whole pandemic experience and in Nepal there will be a long recovery time especially for all who are dependant on the tourism industry. The political situation in Nepal is in turmoil (again) with the dissolution of the House of Representatives and Raja and the team are seeking a way forward for the children we support that will give them some security in a volatile and precarious environment.

 Some immediate actions that we’re looking at to determine and deliver the security that we’ll need in the “New Normal’ are:

1. We will merge this project with our other GlobalGiving[GG] project so that we have one central focus for supporting the education of the children we look after.

2. We’re planning to establish a ‘Business Start-up Program’ for students that have graduated Year 12 and who will not go on to tertiary studies. These programs will be clearly defined, budgeted, and have measurable outcomes to determine viability and success. We will also look at creating further GG projects that will invite support for each of the start-up projects.

3. We’ve learnt the benefits of home-schooling and online learning and will give the children extra educational support to give them an edge in a country that has h poor record for educating children.

4. We’re seeking additional regular supporters to give IGWR greater financial security and will initiate a campaign to encourage more ‘monthly contributors’ in 2021.

So, overall, we’ve started 2021 with an optimistic outlook and a commitment to making a better future, and to go beyond the old normal as we tread a new journey in a new world.

Your contributions are what enable sus to stay inspired and to continue making a difference.

                                             The world is better today because of YOU.

And the wonder of children as they explore the world is so full of potential that together we become enablers of a new tomorrow.

The gift of sponsors, friends, GlobalGiving partners, regular contributors and volunteers is an amazing coming together of diverse individuals that collectively give the children in Nepal a chance for  a future.


We give them, or share with them, the opportunities we have; opportunities that without us, they wouldn’t have.

A small group that are contributing to a better future for all.

Please follow us now on our primary GlobalGiving project

And we’ll keep you up-to-date with our activities via this primary GG project; also stay in touch as we’ll be sharing new projects that you might also like to support as we move together into a post-Covid new normal.


Thank you again, for being part of a wonderful family that is supporting a number of wonderful families.

We are also sharing stories via our website and Facebook pages, and are happy to give supporters any further information on request.

We need your support now more than ever to get us through these difficult times, and some of our sponsors are also experiencing financial hardships. If you can share you story of giving with friends and encourage them to also be a part of this valuable community that would be awesome.

With Covid-19 restrictions we cannot hold fundraising events, but perhaps we are heading toward a more compassionate world; perhaps the era of “giving” is becoming infectious.

Peace & Love, Peter H

The youngest Kg child
The youngest Kg child
We think you are amazing
We think you are amazing
sharing New Year together
sharing New Year together

Jan 31, 2021

IGWR-Nepal project update January 2021

Kids go back to school
Kids go back to school

Our Kids are back in School.

After nearly a year away from classes our kids are happy to be back at school.

The Coronavirus situation in Nepal is still very unstable, but we’re taking every precaution to keep the kids safe as they return to classes.

In meeting the challenges of ‘lock-down’ our team in Nepal, supported by our older students have maintained a home-schooling schedule throughout the time the kids have been at home, and we feel they have had an amazing experience that has perhaps put them on the front foot as they return to the school routine.

And the support that we have received from sponsors, supporters, friends and those contributing via GlobalGiving has been amazing. We appreciate that many of our supporters are also facing difficult times, and yet the generosity continues to flow and give these kids a chance.

Over the last twelve months we have not been able to visit our team in Nepal, however, we’ve maintained regular ‘ZOOM Meetings” to ensure we have a clear picture of how things are progressing and the changing needs, and demands, that come with looking after some 60+ children.

The New Year was welcomed with a time of sharing and a meal on the roof of ‘IGWR House One’; and like the rest of the world, we too are hopeful that this new year will be one that opens up some refreshing post-Covid opportunities. We must however also be prepared to re-enter lock-down as Nepal is still recording cases in the thousands.

Maybe 2021 is a time for us all to more fully appreciate the gift of life, the fragility of life and the dependence we all have with each other.

When it is your turn and someone, a health worker, gives you a little jab so you have the protection you need...

Then think about giving a little to those who might receive life from you, a little vaccination to those who are suffering from the pandemic caused by greed.

If you visit our website, you will see we have plans to hold a fundraising event on March 13th; it is our 2020 event re-scheduled and hopefully this time we might just make it happen. Although as I write Western Australia has just started a five-day lock-down, so “the best laid plans” are open to change at anytime in the world of today.

"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind."

So much has already been achieved with your support and as we glimpse the light of vaccinations, so too we look ahead to bringing more life to those who continue to suffer the pandemic of poverty.


With your support we’ve given kids a chance

we’ve graduated doctors, nurses and physiotherapists,

we’ve put teachers in schools

and have graduated students in the fields of hospitality, business management and banking..

But we also have 60+ kids still in school and college

kids full of hope

full of wonder, potential and eager to learn

eager to become

and these kids give thanks that YOU care…..

For it is your generosity that makes the difference.


We are looking forward to more celebrations, and more milestones in 2021. And some of our kids will move from school to college, some will go home to their remote villages and some will start work.

In the midst of our everyday cares and worries we have managed to spare a little for others and that is life giving to all. May the year ahead also be a time for you to celebrate, a time for re-creation and so too a new beginning.

We all have so much to learn from the energy of Children, they have not yet been dampened down by the responsibilities of alduthood; However when we sit lightly with possessions, and stay open to the abundance around us, then we can playfully join in life-giving games again.

So perhaps as we move into a post-Covid possibility, we should all be more open to sharing of ourselves, like kids in the playground of life.

If you can share you story of giving with friends and encourage them to also be a part of this valuable community that would be awesome.

With Covid-19 restrictions we’re behind with fundraising events, but perhaps we are heading toward a more compassionate world; perhaps the era of “giving” is becoming infectious.

Peace & Love, Peter H

celebrating a New Year
celebrating a New Year
YOU are Amazing
YOU are Amazing


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