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May 16, 2016

Magnifying The Power of Help

Children Learning Together
Children Learning Together

Dear friends and partners,

There is an old quote by John Bunyan that says that you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. Our heartfelt gratitude for changing lives through your giving.

In the past three months have seen lots of changes at the school. The Project Leadership are taking a more pronounced role in delivering education to the children by becoming more involved in teacher coaching and training. In this way education outcomes for at risk children who need the most help will improve consistently over time. This is because quality will be ensured through weekly monitoring.

Our targets for the next three months are as follows:--

a. Improve writing so children can write legibly.

b. Teach students at least 200 key sight words

c. Teach students 300 word meanings through vocabulary instruction

The improvements above will be measured by looking at their relative improvements in the End of term standardised test scores. We are looking at 20% improvement in each student's current scores.

Our challenge remains how to raise sufficient support. For us to succeed we will need to increase $75 given to this work over the past three months to $600 in the next three months to enable us do the following:-

1. $ 105 for Handwriting Tracing Packs for 50 students

2. $ 130 for Vocabulary & Word Centres for a Word rich class environment ( 110 students)

3. $ 300 for Key Reader Text Books for 110 students

4. $ 65 for measuring and tracking progress

Let's make a difference together. Increase your impact.

Give now by directly going to our project page on

May 15, 2016

On your mark, Get set- Engage!

Teacher Playing with Children
Teacher Playing with Children

Dear Friends and Partners,

Thank you for making first term at Msingi Bora Learning Centre, Acres of Mercy a  success.

We are off to an engaging start to the second term beginning May.

Already we have had our first teacher training and planning session on student engagement.

Our Listen Learn and Act process showed that teachers were concerned about the levels oof discipline. Our Learning led us to students disengaged with their learning and teachers having a key role to play in their students engagement.

Our first training was n how do we keep students engaged and how do we manage our classrooms.

We are now monitoring and tracking results.

Over the past months we have been able to have better motivated teachers since a large portion f arrears have been  cleared. We are in the process of recruiting 3 new teachers as well to help us give the best quaiity to the students.

Teachers are being coached on a weekly basis to ensure they deliver on quality teaching for all students.

Student Engagement Training
Student Engagement Training
Students in Classs
Students in Classs
Feb 10, 2016

Winning Big: Learning from Leicester City F.C.

Reading Girl
Reading Girl

Dear friends and partners,

No...we are not talking soccer(football)....We are talking learning and how to get teachers performing at their very best. Forgive me for using Leicester City FC (Foxes) as a case study, but who would not be interested in this team that have challenged the top flight in England?

Nicknamed Foxes, this team has shown the resourcefulness, adaptabillity, and flexibility that characterises the animal they are named after. They have shown unmatched work rate, and have adjusted their play to charge for top honours.

In 2016 Teacher coaching, training and motivationt will be key to enabling children at Acres of Mercy improve comprehension levels and make marked progress across all English taught subjects. Using resources from the International Literacy Association, In-house trainings, competitive compensation and implementing Teaching /Learning Best Practice would turn the tide in our interventions to improve comprehension. 

For us to effectivelt work on improving comprehension that has lasting impact we must work together to support teachers who are key in delivering the results. We currently have a challenge expecting miracles from unmotivated, untrained and under-resourced staff.Teachers get average monthly pay of $ 87 per teacher. We are currently in arrears of upto $ 182 per teacher. Fee collections have gone down due to increased economic pressure faced by guardians, Ideas and strategies are invited to help us move out of this cyclical problem. 

With the best training, coaching and mentorship we cannot hope to give students the best if their teachers are unsettled because they cannot pay their bills nor travel to arrive in school on time. To build the foundation of education and appreciate the staff's role in sharing their knowledge, expertise, time and effort ACres of Mercy needs a consistent flow of financing in form of recurring giving, or novel plans that would support this aspect of educatio financing.

"Jimmy, we have to pay landlord will lock me out." says one teacher. This is the current reality. There is progress being made with the effort we are all putting in. The question is how do we double or even triple the impact we are having?

Ranieri has his team of performance analysts, assitant coaches, technology and Thai billions at Leicester. The children at Acres of Mercy have their teachers, no technology, not enough books, not enough teacher support and loads of good will. 

We can change this- be like foxes, resourceful, share our story, share your story, share ideas, share in your giving; And win big...

Join in. Call other to join...and change lives together.

Teacher in action
Teacher in action
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