May 3, 2021

Labours of Partnership

Construction to Add More Space
Construction to Add More Space

Dear friends and partners,

It was in November 2020 that we last had a report to share. A lot has happened at the school, as we work on completing building physical structures and a learning environment that will help learners learn in an ever changing environment. With COVID-19 forcing us to begin finding new ways of working and living, it has taken us time to adjust to some of the necessary changes that we had to make.

The school reopened on January 4th for 2nd term and 3rd term respectively. For the first time in Kenya, our school calendar saw us having two years in one. This was confusing for teachers, management, children and every stakeholder had to be constantly reminded on the differences.

The school’s improvement goals remained as had been previously reported in the November 2020 report, namely; -

  1. Pursue student mentorship to motivate students and support them during their time at school
  2. Improve the level of Parental Involvement in their children’s learning
  3. Improving students’ fluency in reading and comprehension
  4. Improve teacher capacity to improve curriculum delivery and raise achievement of students and close achievement gaps for students not meeting expectations.

 Though interactions had been minimized in the school system as we followed COVID-19 management we still managed to still prepare students for their final examinations.

 We were also able to complete $4129 of buildings and sanitation, which also helped to expand the class capacity of class 8 students. The amount represents 40% of all spending in quarter three.

 Our library that supports literacy was also made more accessible, close to 2000 titles/ books were read by students, from the borrowed books records while 40 had been borrowed by staff members.

 The school was able to hold one parent’s meeting where 63% of parents participated. This is great progress from the 47% figure of previous attendance for the same period when we started implementing the school improvement plan. As at 25th February 2021, parent to children ratio averaged 1:2.

 In March, Class 8 completed their National Examinations, with 21 students, 12 girls and 9 boys transitioning from Primary level to secondary level. The rest of May will see them being selected to either join secondary education or tertiary training schools.   

 Grade 4 also completed their school year and will be starting Grade 5 in July 2021. The school is in the process of acquiring resources for the new year and needs about $500 for textbooks for this cause as it’s a pioneer class in the new CBC (Competency Based Curriculum) system.

 A new term begins on Monday, 10th May 2021. We look forward to partnering together as we try to achieve the goals aforementioned

Part of the Almost Complete New Space-December 202
Part of the Almost Complete New Space-December 202
The Completed New Space- March 2021
The Completed New Space- March 2021
Transitioning Class 8- Post Final Exam- March 2021
Transitioning Class 8- Post Final Exam- March 2021
Nov 6, 2020

Children's Safety First

Reopening of Hope
Reopening of Hope

Dear friend/partner,

When the government announced an impending return to school, we set to prepare our learning environment to comply with the basic health protocols given by the Ministry of Health.

We have ensured we have the following: -

  1. Handheld infrared thermometers to screen students. We purchased one
  2. Sufficient sanitation, hand washing points and water storage tanks
  3. Sanitizers and soap
  4. Spacing within classrooms and staffrooms
  5. Nutrition and food safety
  6. Manning the point of entry/ recording health data for screened individuals
  7. Complete building of library and makerspace

The measures have been sufficient, allowing us to reopen school for 26 students, and 10 staff as we prepare for the rest who are expected to rejoin school in January 2021.

I take this opportunity to thank you our partners for enabling us meet the above-mentioned protocols thus ensuring our children are safe and protected, both within the school and outside of the school.

I look forward to our continued partnership to do more in terms of innovative interventions for to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 within schools, school systems and the home.

We celebrate you! 

Nov 5, 2020

Living Through Lockdown

Thank you for standing by us during the lockdown
Thank you for standing by us during the lockdown

Dear friend and partner,

It’s almost eight months after the first lockdown was put in place in Kenya and schools in Kenya have been reopened for the last four weeks only. Teacher’s had been pandemic weary with many longing for a return to normal. However, its been a gradual shift to what is now the “new normal”. Of donning masks on the way to school, within school; of maintaining social distance, of sanitizing and over sanitizing.

These and many more new health and safety protocols have accompanied a new term and teachers have had to learn how to cope with a nebulous situation whilst ensuring their own safety and their students’ safety while at the same time using available spaces to make learning happen. It’s been a period with no small adjustments to make especially with regard to the negative impact COVID-19 has had on economies, both at macro and at individual level.

Our teachers have been resilient in the face of all these challenges, continuing to plan for lessons, offering psychosocial support to one another and supporting the organization to get alternative streams of revenue from making and selling of liquid soap and detergents.

The selling of soap has enabled teachers to reach out to some students directly through outreaches, helping us meet some critical goals we set as a team, namely, parental involvement and teacher-student engagement.

We want to thank you for making it happen

As we get into our fifth week after Grade 4 and Class 8 returned to school, we look forward to the following: -

  1. Teachers being trained on how to use Microsoft Teams to reach out to students who are still locked out of school
  2. Begin purchasing laptops to aid teachers prepare online lessons (currently we need 10 laptops and a PC Desktop, and reliable fast internet connection, a total cost of $3000)
  3. Training on accelerated learning strategies to be implemented with current school going classes and upcoming online classes for students who will report to school in January 2021.
  4. Engage parents on how they can access online learning for their children through the locally available options i.e. through partnerships with local cyber cafes, and telcos.

I appeal for much help as we need this now to enable us go through the pandemic with resilience, while staying safe. We also want to ensure that our children are cared for, protected and are continually being nurtured for a solid society tomorrow.

Thank you once again friends for staying by us during these difficult moments and we have hope that laughter will soon return to communal learning.

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