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Aug 28, 2017

Life saved in a remote area

Nanda an 18 year old women from Khatyang village of Mugu was pregnant. Her expected date of delivery was 7th September 2017. It was the first time she was pregnant but her pregnancy was risky because of her short height. Her height was less done 4 feet because of which the pregnancy was risky. But she was quite happy with her approaching delivery. She had attended the ANC visit and everything was normal. On 2nd July, she visited the public health centre complaining of vomiting and diarrhea. She also informed the health staff that the mobility of the fetus had stopped. The PHASE health staff reviewed her ANC card and checked for Fetal Heart sound (FHS). She informed the staff that 3 days ago she had slipped and had fallen on her front part of the body. After the fall, the movement of the fetus was fast but with the passage of time movement was limited. From the next day she started vomiting and also had bout of diarrhea hence she decided to visit the health centre. The doctor assessed her condition and had her X-ray to know about the fetus. The X-ray did not show and hence it was confirmed that she had suffered intrauterine death. She was grief stricken.

Nanda and her family members were properly and thoroughly counseled after which she regained her composure. She was referred to district hospital for removal of fetus. But it was rainy season and Mugu district doesnot have transportation facilities. Moreover Chimadungri health centre where Nanda visited is 2 days walk from the Gamgadhi the district headquarters. Hence the doctor decided to carry out the delivery of dead fetus in the health centre. After some efforts the health staff were able to normally deliver 250 gram dead male fetus. She was given medication and now she has full recovered. Although the fetus died because of the fall but health staff were able to save life of Nanda.

Aug 17, 2017

Heartfelt Thanks

PHASE nurse Nisha died in a helicopter crash while accompanying a sick new mother, who was being airlifted to Kathmandu for treatment with her 5 day old baby. In her memory PHASE Nepal set up a scholarship memorial fund which would enable underprivileged children from Nisha's home town or from her working area in Gorkha to complete their education. PHASE Nepal had hoped to raise US$25,000/- .All the staff of PHASE Nepal contributed salary of one day to the memorial fund which amounted to USD 2,600. US$ 675 was raised through Global giving and GBP 1,752/- was raised in the UK. Unfortunately the amount collected was not sufficient for the interest to raise enough money for an ongoing scholarship fund. Therefore the Board of PHASE Nepal decided to share the funds between the families of Nisha and of Preeti, the young mother who also died in the crash. The total raised fund amounted to approximately.. USD 5,870. The PHASE board, along with the parents of Nisha and husband of Preeti decided to give Nrs 500,000/- to Nisha's family for the education of her brother and Nrs 87,772/- to Preeti's husband for the education of his son. This meeting was held on 3rd July, 2017.

Attached is the thank you letter given by Dil Bahadur, husband of Preeti on receiving the fund. The following is the translation into English:

“Although fate has taken away all my joy, for all your support, I would like to tell you from my heart:

My Heartfelt Thank you!

As the sun sets, my son says ‘Mother did not come’, as he searches in every direction, his eyes fill with tears and he starts crying-  I am also unable to control my tears, there is nothing I can do nowadays than cry with him. My son doesn’t know that on the 8th August last year, his mother died when the Fishtail helicopter she was being airlifted in crashed in Vedini forest in Nuwakot district. My son lost his mother forever and I lost my life’s companion.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the organisation PHASE Nepal and the whole PHAE family for their generous financial support to help me educate my son. – Dil Bahadur ” 

Jul 24, 2017

Jasmaya rejoices construction of drinking water scheme


Jasmaya, a 50 year old woman, resident of Wamrang tole I ward-8 of Baramche VDC is blind. Being blind life was not easy for her and after the earthquake there were more miseries. Firstly she had to live in temporary shelter to which she was not accustomed to. Secondly it had become difficult for her to do her daily chores. There are 20 HHs in Wamrang tole with a population of 105. Most of the households in the tole belong to indigenous Tamang community.

After the earthquake PHASE Nepal constructed a Drinking Water supply scheme in the village. It benefitted all the villagers but Jasmaya was the happiest of all. Her happiness knew no bounds after the construction of the drinking water system. The reasons for her happiness were the drinking water was near her how which enables her to fetch water whenever she needs it. Her physical strain alongwith the fear of getting hurt to fetch water from far off distance has vanished into thin air. She is very particular regarding hygiene and cleanliness and with the availability she can maintain her hygiene and cleanliness habit. Most important of all was the fact that the community people realized that even differently able people are capable of contributing in community development work in a major way.  The most important lesson that we learn while constructing the drinking water project was the fact that people who are differently able can also contribute equally in the development works says Secretary of the drinking water User's committee Mr. Pemba Lama. Jasmaya is a glaring example of it.  He further added that the total cost of the drinking water scheme was Rs 418,000/- of which 10% of the cost that stands at Rs 42,000/- was contributed by community people in kind. It has helped in creating a sense of ownership among the community people

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