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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Sep 10, 2015

A Farewell message from Sunita

Sunita with children at Rescue Junction
Sunita with children at Rescue Junction

 Hi Everyone,

This is Sunita the project manager at Rescue Junction with another report. This sadly will be my last report as my husband has got a new job in Delhi and we are moving next month. I will miss the work here a lot, I will miss the brave children, often full of hope despite very difficult circumstances, I will miss working with the wonderful staff who work so hard, I will miss seeing the Joy on a mothers face when they are reunited with their child who they thought was lost forever in the maelstrom of India.

 I will miss the sound of the children playing and laughing. I will miss being part of a team and sharing the satisfaction when a wrong doer who would harm children is arrested and put in Jail.  I will miss all of this and much, much more.

I want to thank you all for all your wonderful support and I really hope you will continue to help and please spread the word. We are rescuing hundreds of children a year, providing 3,000 meals a month, and education, support and counselling, investigating and preventing child trafficking, raiding brothels with the police, we are home to any child who needs us for whatever reason 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Our centre costs $54,000 a year to provide all these services, to employ all the staff, to provide education care shelter and support. Every single dollar helps us reach that target.

The next report will be from the new director and I wish them all the best, I hope they will find the experience as wonderful as I did, despite all of the difficult challenges, and sometimes having to hear some painful and difficult stories from innocent children who have fallen into the evil hands of those who would do them harm.  What will remain with me for ever is the children’s courage and resilience, it is an inspiration for me, and it is something that I will never forget.

I remember once, a girl rescued from a brothel, she was just 14. She was crying silently (because they learn not to make a noise when they cry to avoid a beating). I was sitting next to her when she suddenly reached out to me and I hugged her, and she started to release her emotions crying loudly for a while and I offered her reassurance as best I could. After some time she looked up at me and said, “It’s all over isn’t it these things that happened to me it’s over”. I smiled at her and said, “The minute you walked through the door here you were safe, what happened to you was not your fault, you’re safe, free, and I promise you we will make sure you that this never happens to you again”. That girl went on to full time education, but not only that she became so confident, a couple of years later she joined our staff as a volunteer offering support particularly to girls.

This is the meaning of courage.

So please I ask all of you continue to stand by these children, they need your help so much,

With profound gratitude to you all,

Sunita ,









Sep 2, 2015

The Hungry Children of India

Village Girl
Village Girl

I am medical consultant for the Health Project and if you do not mind I would like to tell you about India’s hunger problem, and what a wonderful effect on one village this programme has, and what it means to the community.

NDIA has been growing steadily richer in recent years, but it still has more malnourished people, especially children, than any other country. A big, nationwide study from 2012 and 2013, the National Family Health Survey (NFHS), found that 42.5% of children under five years old were underweight. The region with the next highest proportion of underweight children is Africa, with an average of 21%. Another measure of malnutrition is stunting, when children are unusually short for their age. Again, India's problems were shown to be unusually bad.

The World Bank estimates that India is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from malnutrition. The prevalence of underweight children in India is among the highest in the world, and is nearly double that of Sub Saharan Africa with dire consequences for mobility, mortality, productivity and economic growth.

The 2011 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India 15th, amongst leading countries with hunger situation. It also places India amongst the three countries where the GHI between 1996 and 2011 went up from 22.9 to 23.7, while 78 out of the 81 developing countries studied, including Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria, Myanmar, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Malawi, succeeded in improving hunger condition. India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of population and economics, sitting at a population of 1.2 billion and growing at 1.5%–1.7% annually (from 2001–2007). India's Gross Domestic Product growth was 9.0% from 2007 to 2008; since Independence in 1947, its economic status has been classified as a low-income country with majority of the population at or below the poverty line.

One of the major causes for malnutrition in India is gender inequality. Due to the low social status of Indian women, their diet often lacks in both quality and quantity. Women who suffer malnutrition are less likely to have healthy babies. In India, mothers generally lack proper knowledge in feeding children. Consequently, new born infants are unable to get adequate amount of nutrition from their mothers. The Health Project works with local women and health volunteers to make this situation much better in the projet area   

Subodh Varma, writing in The Times of India, states that on the Global Hunger Index India is on place 67 among the 80 nations having the worst hunger situation which is worse than nations such as North Korea or Sudan. 25% of all hungry people worldwide live in India. Since 1990 there has been some improvements for children but the proportion of hungry in the population has increased.

Whilst this problem is overwhelming, for the children of Dadpur  at least it is amazing how the protein rich healthy food this programme provides makes such a difference. Malnutrition has been greatly reduced in the village and for those who need extra help the project is providing supplements to those children most in need, as medical consultant for the project I can confirm and tell you all just how much your support means for all of the children , young mothers and the elderly in this community .

Thank you for your Support,

Dr Verma MBBS


Aug 6, 2015

Doing what we can

Homes Lost
Homes Lost


My name is Deepak and I am the chairperson of People First. Unfortunately this appeal (which does not happen often on Global Giving)  it is fair to say this paticular appeal has not raised to date as much as we had hoped.  Notwithstanding the terrible events in Nepal and their obvious need for much assistance several dozen people died here in Bihar, families lost houses, income earners and livelihoods.  There has been some government assistance offered to those affected but this has been patchy and insufficient to cover the losses incurred by many families.   

However I want you to know we have done what we can.

Our staff gave some of their wages, and even our schoolchildren gave a few pennies each to help their fellow Bihari’s. We visited the area and were able to give some immediate assistance in the form of mosquito nets and medicines for children to help them recover from their injuries.  The situation has now moved from immediate relief to long term assistance, this includes replacing livestock and repairing broken homes.

Hopefully due to your help we will be able to offer further assistance and I thank you for your donations.

We have decided to keep the appeal open for another three months in the hope that we can raise more funds which will go in its entirety to those affected by this natural disaster.

With Warm Best Wishes.




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