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Jun 25, 2018

Lets wake a few people up!!

One of our campaigns in Action
One of our campaigns in Action

Hello to everyone!!!

I am Riya with our latest update for you all.

In this report I want to talk about our work in the wider community. As regular supporters will know we have a high standard of care and protection at the Junction and a remarkable success rate in rehabilitating children back into their communities. 

Bur an important part of our work is to involve lots of other people and organisations in improving the whole environment for children and help make them safer. To this end we set a vigorous programme of visits to schools and colleges and many other organisations with a view to inform educate and motivate. We hold marches on the streets, we hold tractor tableaux, and have run several very successful campaigns. These have included against child marriage, against abuse of children, don’t give to child beggars and anti-child labour campaigns.

As one of our children said before going on a March, lets wake a few people up!

I am very pleased to announce that working with local schools and colleges, both private and state, we are ready to post a brand new project on Global Giving which subject to approval will be live within days, helping even more  vulnerable children back to school with the support and care they need.

Just a reminder that July 18th is Global Giving rewards day, please make a note of the day

Thank you as always for your fantastic support.

Have a great summer everybody!



Jun 12, 2018


Girls at Rescue Junction with visitor
Girls at Rescue Junction with visitor


Namaste !

This Riya, Rescue Project Director

Here is a update of  just two girls recently in Rescue Junction and an updated progress report

The names have been changed and full consent has been given from the girls who have indicated to us that they want thier stories to be told in order to help others...

Original Report Priyanka

My name is Priyanka .I am 16 years of age. 

I am educated to class 10.

In my village I would go the river for call of nature as we don't have toilets in this our village .

I was pounced on by a group of boys I recognised from a nearby village and I was raped. There were five of them.

They covered my mouth to stifle my screams .There was a lot of blood. I passed out.

 I remember after some time being carried to my house by my family

In the days that followed my father was shaking with anger. The boys that did this to me were from a high caste powerfull family. My father feared reprisals for all of us if he went to the Police. 

We are very poor and have no power.

Then in our local market one month later there was a stall from childline .I spoke to the woman there and she explained about the 1098 number free of cost to use for children in trouble.

I went home and some days later I called that number .They were very kind. 

After talking for some time I told them about the rape. 

They said someone will come to your house the very next day.

Two women came to see me with a woman police officer but not in uniform and they took all the details .

They told me don't worry we are here to help. 

Over the next few days they asked me if I would like to stay at Rescue Junction for a while and do a craft course and get support from other girls and staff. I was very happy to go and I feel safe here.

With their support I feel strong enough to bring criminal charges but actually the government child protection department  are bringing the charges with my consent and my support. The boys have been arrested. I understand now that I was not the only girl they attacked.

The family concerned have been warned not to take any actions against me or my family otherwise immediate imprisonment will follow.

The thing is without Rescue Junction I don't think there would have been any consequences for these boys.

I could never have done it alone 




Priyanka is now back with her own family after receiving craft training and special support in her first weeks at school where she will study up to Class 12. She is a very strong young woman and is now a volunteer at Rescue Junction sharing her experiences and helping to support other girls at the centre.

She gave evidence at the court hearing and all those involved recieved lengthy sentences but being a rich local family, the publicity was difficult for them and the parents are contrite and humble.

Priyanka wants to become a vet and our team are helping her with this..

From original report Maya

Here’s what Maya has to say,

'If all your life no one has ever listened to you, listened to your fears and worries, then Rescue Junction comes as a bit of a shock. Why should I believe that any adults care about me, especially ones I had never met before?

It takes time, and then you realise, my god, these people will stand by me, and in time help me build a new and better life, but first they will listen to me.

For the first time in my life my story is important to someone other than me.

I am no longer alone".  

Maya (name changed) is 15 years old and was rescued from sexual abuse at the hands of her father after neighbours reported hearing frequent screaming and finally called the police.

Thank you for your help, help us continue to help girls like Maya and Priyanka, we really do need and appreciate your support.

With thanks



Our counsellors have received special training as their work is sensitive skilled and solid.  

This was a case where family counselling played a big role which took place only after Maya with our support felt comfortable with it.

This take time.

Maya now lives with her brother’s family. Her father still sees her from jail and her case was one of the first in the district where video evidence was allowed (from Rescue Junction). Maya is visited regularly by support staff, and like the other children is free to come to Rescue Junction at any time for advice and support. She is continuing her education and is set on going to college.

Both these girls send they’re thanks to all of you who have supported this project as do I,

Take care,








Jun 8, 2018

Nothing short of a Miracle

My first School
My first School

Hi Everyone,


My name is Sanjay.

I am now 29 years of age.

I was one of the first students to go to university in Delhi on a People First Scholarship.

I studied French.

I am now going to get married by the end of the year to the love of my life.

I am now working for a major MNC in a southern city of India.

The opportunity of a full education from childhood, for me, was nothing short of a miracle. One minute I had received another beating from my uncle, and then someone came to my village school and asked me would I like to go to Bodhgaya to study. They also told me that I would not be returning to my Uncle ever again as they had found a safe place to stay. There was no point returning for any possessions because I had absolutely none, not even a pair of sandals on my feet.  

The scheme that you help support is a life changing one, so many poor students like me will never face poverty again through the educational opportunities afforded to them.

We also feel we should help others and all ex People First students on an entirely voluntary capacity donate up to 10% of our salaries back into the education of others who need their chance in life also.  

Thank you for your help, and I wish you well.



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