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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Sep 18, 2015


Riya with other children at the centre
Riya with other children at the centre

Namaste to you all,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well

First may I introduce myself?  I am Riya the new Director of Rescue Junction here in Gaya. Many of you may know from the lovely farewell Sunita wrote in the last report on Rescue Junction on Global Giving that  Sunita left her post recently for personal reasons, and what a great Job she has done,  If you have not read her farewell it’s very moving and well worth reading.

You can find it here….

And so onto this report, concerning our special programme for girls here at Rescue Junction which includes all kinds of support and craft training for the girls that come through our doors at Rescue Junction.

When I went through my orientation and training before I took up my post I was shown some figures and I thought they might be interesting to share with you.

In 2015 so far a total of six raids with the police have taken place on local brothels and hotels with Rescue Junction staff rescuing 14 children (girls) the youngest of which was just 13 years of age. For obvious reasons I can’t divulge our future timetable, and plans for future raids but rest assured these people involved in this evil business can no longer rest easy. Over seven people have been arrested so far as a result of these raids and all are in Jail. It is regrettable that some of these persons are female.

But over 60 girls this year so far have come to Rescue Junction from all kinds of abusive situations.

Here is the story of one of them. (Not the real name)

Pritya has 2 brothers and all had gone to school. Her father was a mason. Four months ago she went to the fields near her home for call of nature .Two persons catch her by force, using perhaps chloroform and brought to the nearest railway station. After she recovered using threats of harm against her if she did not comply and brought her to Gaya railway station. Both person took her to the brothel and sold her The owner of brothel beat her. She were crying bitterly and when she said I want to go home go home then that woman beat..    A team from Rescue Junction raided the brothel, and rescued 9 minor girls.

Pritya needed a lot of counselling and the craft training helped of course. We have specially trained female counsellors who in my short period here I have seen how good they are. She has now gone home to her family but will come for counselling once a month for as long as she feels she needs the support.

She is 15 years of age.

She is back in school and getting back to a normal life, slowly healing as each day passes.

I thank you all, for your help as this, so important work needs help to continue. Through our careful records we have worked out it costs on average of $250 to rescue a girl and support her for up to a year.

So please help us rescue a girl child today, every single dollar helps,

Thank You,



Sep 14, 2015

What a wonderful thing hope is!

Me at School!
Me at School!

 Hi Everyone,

I am Naresh Sir in charge of the education programme here at People First

Welcome to report number thirty for this important project which directly supports students born into poverty improve their and their family’s lives immeasurably. I have decided that Ranjeet a sponsored student in Delhi would form the basis of this update. It is based on a series of interviews in Hindi with Ranjeet, but these are his words and we have not edited or embellished them. It is however a very personal account.

Obviously he has given his full permission, but according to Global Giving Guidelines regarding personally identifiable information we have changed his name.

“The photo above is me at school,  as a sponsored student from People First.

 The photo below is me now!, still a sponsored student at People First!

 What a journey it has been.

My goodness me by the grace of god and the kindness of others I believe I can build a much better future for myself my family and my own children to come. Like all journeys it wasn’t easy, no journey worth making rarely is, but I am now stepping with hope onto the road of a new life, due to the generosity of people like you.

If there was a word which summarises my experience so far it is hope. What a wonderful thing hope is when you haven’t experienced it in your early life  and when just to be able to get some food some vegetables even as a treat was as much as I could have hoped for.

How things have changed.

My story is simple, People First village school, then a sponsored residential place and full time education in a school of my choice and then a chance to study Spanish in Delhi. I don’t mind admitting I struggled so much when I came to Delhi, I was only fifteen or sixteen,( I still don’t really know my birthday, but my mother says it was  a clear winters night),  a bit lost, homesick, lonely a bit, but I knew I could never give up. I failed an exam, I went to my room and wept, I was quite sad and then something happened.

That night I prayed to God for strength and when I awoke I got a text message on my (very dumb) phone, from home. It was my mother just telling me how proud they were of me, the whole family and that I could have a wonderful future, it was in my hands.  

Do you know I want to tell you, I began to understand that day that to progress, to overcome difficulty , it is a kind of test. Nothing good comes without work and effort  and you have to work with all your heart and soul to make things  happen. It is the opportunity that meant I was so lucky but it was mine to take, and by God I was going to take it.

And as I studied hard, things got so much better I got new friends, I gained in confidence, and I now know who I am.

I am Ranjeet Kumar a boy from the poor end of the village who didn’t even have a pair of sandals until People First bought me some, who now realises he owes so much to others that it is my duty to help others as soon as I am in a position to do so,  and I can use my experiences to help others. My whole family will not go hungry ever again in the future. But also I realise that hard work can really change everything, and this you have to do yourself.

So thank you all those who are helping me achieve my dreams, I can never forget what people have done for me, and I never will.

Today the sun is shining!!

 Note from Naresh Sir…

After initially struggling Ranjeet improved with his studies so rapidly he ended up top of his class gaining an 83% mark in his final advanced diploma. He is presently studying Spanish and Portuguese up to degree level at JNU University in Delhi, one of the most prestigious public universities in the country.

If you are wondering what the cost is of supporting Ranjeet in his studies in Delhi, it is $50 a week. Every single dollar donated helps students like him.

It is only a lack of funding which prevents us from helping more students like Ranjeet, and we do as you know from previous reports have a very good record under this programme of helping Girl Students.

So thank you all for your support.

I wish you all well,



Me Today!
Me Today!


Sep 10, 2015

A Farewell message from Sunita

Sunita with children at Rescue Junction
Sunita with children at Rescue Junction

 Hi Everyone,

This is Sunita the project manager at Rescue Junction with another report. This sadly will be my last report as my husband has got a new job in Delhi and we are moving next month. I will miss the work here a lot, I will miss the brave children, often full of hope despite very difficult circumstances, I will miss working with the wonderful staff who work so hard, I will miss seeing the Joy on a mothers face when they are reunited with their child who they thought was lost forever in the maelstrom of India.

 I will miss the sound of the children playing and laughing. I will miss being part of a team and sharing the satisfaction when a wrong doer who would harm children is arrested and put in Jail.  I will miss all of this and much, much more.

I want to thank you all for all your wonderful support and I really hope you will continue to help and please spread the word. We are rescuing hundreds of children a year, providing 3,000 meals a month, and education, support and counselling, investigating and preventing child trafficking, raiding brothels with the police, we are home to any child who needs us for whatever reason 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Our centre costs $54,000 a year to provide all these services, to employ all the staff, to provide education care shelter and support. Every single dollar helps us reach that target.

The next report will be from the new director and I wish them all the best, I hope they will find the experience as wonderful as I did, despite all of the difficult challenges, and sometimes having to hear some painful and difficult stories from innocent children who have fallen into the evil hands of those who would do them harm.  What will remain with me for ever is the children’s courage and resilience, it is an inspiration for me, and it is something that I will never forget.

I remember once, a girl rescued from a brothel, she was just 14. She was crying silently (because they learn not to make a noise when they cry to avoid a beating). I was sitting next to her when she suddenly reached out to me and I hugged her, and she started to release her emotions crying loudly for a while and I offered her reassurance as best I could. After some time she looked up at me and said, “It’s all over isn’t it these things that happened to me it’s over”. I smiled at her and said, “The minute you walked through the door here you were safe, what happened to you was not your fault, you’re safe, free, and I promise you we will make sure you that this never happens to you again”. That girl went on to full time education, but not only that she became so confident, a couple of years later she joined our staff as a volunteer offering support particularly to girls.

This is the meaning of courage.

So please I ask all of you continue to stand by these children, they need your help so much,

With profound gratitude to you all,

Sunita ,










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