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Oct 18, 2011

Freedom for 65 enslaved children

Going Home
Going Home

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am sure you are aware our work can sometimes be difficult but we are both determined and dedicated in our task.

You remember the previous story of trafficked children being stopped at Gaya Junction?. Well based on information received a raid was conducted on the factory in Jaipur Rajasthan by the Labour Department and Police rescuing 65 children from Bihar who were enslaved there in terrible conditions. 31 were from Gaya District and were transferred to Rescue Junction for rehabiltation, new clothes, good food and to be reunited with thier families.

It is days like these that give us strength to carry on, with your support we can look forward to rescuing even more children in the future.

Please follow our work on our facebook page

You can see a photograph of some of the children on our website, under latest news and updates.

We have also been able to fit new personal lockers for the children due to a kind donation from California. Thank you!

At this time if Indian Festivals may I send you  our best compliments of the season!

Please I remind you October 19th is BONUS MATCHING DAY where any donation you make will have extra value!

Thanks so much!



Sep 24, 2011

Poverty comes cheap at 50 cents a day in India

Project Village
Project Village

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Bihar , India.

Firstly I want to thank you all for your kind support of the healthy meal programme on GlobalGiving in recent weeks.

Due to your kindness we have been able to offer a healthy meal of eggs, Dal and rice with healthy oil to desperately poor women and children. This has a very beneficial effect of child malnutruition.

We are really concerned abour food inflation as prices are rising beyond the reach of the very poor.

Look out for new pictures of the meal programme which will be posted on our website, on our facebook page, and in our next report; you can find the links below.

I include in this report an article from Business Insider published on September 21st,which is so staggering that it does not really require any further comment from me,

Despite Record Food Inflation, India Draws The Poverty Line At 50 Cents Per Day

India's Planning Commission, in charge of assessing the country's present economy and calculating for the future, has told the Supreme Court that 25 rupees a day -- roughly 50 cents -- is "adequate" for villagers to spend on food, education and health care, according to BBC News.

Even for city dwellers, who were allotted a few more rupees per day in the report (equaling 62 cents), this assessment falls well below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25/day.

The Supreme Court had asked for updated figures from the Commission in the face of inflation in India, which at a 13-month high of 9.78 percent.

A resonable estimate is  that on 50 cents a day, a family can spend 11 cents on cereals, 5 cents on milk, 4 cents on vegetables and 3 cents on oil. The rest must be distributed in shelter, medicine and if possible education.

If those numbers seem ridiculously low -- well, they are. Critics of the panel's report say that the Indian government is trying to lower the number of people under the poverty line, not by improving their lives but by changing the definition of "poverty."

There is no exact figure for the number of India's 1.2 billion people in poverty, but a 2005 World Bank Estimate put it at 41 percent.

Again with so much thanks to all of you for helping us feed these hungry children,



Sep 19, 2011

Trafficked Children Rescued


Greetings to all our friends and supporters,

I just wanted to keep you all up to date with all the news from Rescue Junction,

Seven children were found on Gaya Station who were being trafficked for work in a factory at Rajasthan.

After receiving extensive counseling, and securing follow up support from the local administration the children were all able to return to their village after being reunited with their families.

The reason this update has taken some time is that the Police having arrested the trafficker needed to organise a raid on the factory in Rajasthan.

I am pleased to inform you the raid has now taken place and many child labourers freed, some from Bihar but not from our area. They are all undergoing rehabilitation .

We now know that these children left their homes without any parental consent, having being lured away, and therefore the trafficker has now been charged with kidnapping and faces many years in Jail.

In addition, and this is rather a sad story, two young girls one only four months old were found abandoned on a local train and brought to Rescue Junction. The four month old girl is the youngest ever to be brought to the centre. Efforts are on, so far without success to locate the family

And to finish on an upbeat story, do you remember ASHA the little girl found abandoned on the station and after sometime was sent for adoption? We have news that a wealthy Indian family is going to adopt her and that she now has a wonderfull future ahead of her. Thanks as ever for your support.

Please follow us on Facebook and our Website by using the links.

Best Wishes

S Kumari

Baby Asha- a new life awaits
Baby Asha- a new life awaits



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