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People First aims to work closely with oppressed and disadvantaged communities and vulnerable individuals in breaking the centuries - old cycle of ignorance and oppression by providing opportunities for education. The trust believes the best way to achieve long - term positive social change is through education and we work in the areas of greatest need where no other education is available to the poor and oppressed. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied due to poverty family circumstances or oppression. The Trust aims to work with the most marginalized me...
Feb 9, 2016

We never turn any child away from our doors

blankets for the children
blankets for the children

Hi Everyone,

This is Riya director of Rescue Junction wishing you all a wonderful year in 2016.

Busy as always here at the junction, here are just a few examples, (we have changed the names)

Sanju (11) was in the care of her brother as her parents work in Mumbai as domestic labour but her brother abused her and she ran away. Luckily she called ChildLine, (toll free 1098) and our staff were able to meet here and bring her to the safety of Rescue Junction. Her case is ongoing and we are working with the police as part of our ongoing investigation.

Monu (10) was found as part of our anti child begging campaign and he was found begging .He was found to have to have desperately poor parents who were permanently drink and incapable of offering any care for him and he has been removed from their care by the police and placed formally with us. At the moment we are in touch with his maternal grandmother who seems willing and able to care for him, and he will go to school also. We are working on this.

Finally there is Pirya , who was rescued from a  local brothel in one of joint raids with the police , traumatised and in need of medical care she is slowly recovering as our counsellors are working with her . In a meeting with the magistrate’s association they expressed concern that not enough was being done to arrest the owners of brothels that use underage girls and undertook to give the maximum sentences to those involved.

Pirya is 12 years of age.

We never turn any child away from our doors.

 I would like to thank you for all your donations and wonder if you know of anybody that might consider giving a monthly donation (recurring donation) as these are so helpful to us, and  a big thank you to those already making such a donation. Mind you every donaton helps !

The donations you give are not for extra things we need every cent towards helping us raise the money we need to help keep the doors open to children in need of help, may I express my heartfelt appreciation to you all,



Feb 9, 2016

just a body full of holes and the shame of others

Children's christmas party at the centre

Hi Everyone!

This is Riya, director of Rescue Junction here in Bihar India.

Last report contained a harrowing account of a girl rescued from a brothel as part of Operation Innocence, this time for this report I thought I would ask two of the girls to tell us of their experiences in their own words and give permission for us to use their words in this report, which they have willingly given, (of course we have changed the names)

Anjali (age 14)

‘I was in a hell which you cannot imagine I was asked, forced to do the most disgusting things crying in our deepest distress attracted a beating. I can only talk about it now because I have come to realise after a lot of help from the staff here at the centre that none of this was my fault, it is the shame of others – not me. I am learning craft training but also school and English, the staff here are working with my family to provide a good and loving home for me, thank you so much for your help.

Kushi ( age 15)

I cannot agree more with Anjali . It is the recognising that you are a worthwhile person who other people have taken advantage of most terribly that is the first step in regaining your self-worth. I thought I was of no value and I had no respect for myself, I was just a body full of holes used for penetration by men. It took six months of talking to the people here for me to start to become happy again. I know that I can stay here with education as long as I need the support and I will never be abandoned again.

Thank you all.

Whilst these girls have been terribly abused, it is the realisation by them that most people are decent, that what happened to them was abhorrent and WAS NOT THEIR FAULT. When they come to realise that there is a future, a good future to be had, the long road to recovery has truly begun.

We are working with the police and law enforcement agencies ,the judges and magistrates to stamp out child prostitution in our area, there have been several arrests and increased sentences for those found guity and a new awareness in the general community.

Help us continue our work.     

Thank you all for your support.


 PS  In hindi -  Kushi means "happy"







Jan 12, 2016

New sewing machine, new hope!

New Machine, New Hope
New Machine, New Hope

Hello Everyone,

I am Naresh Sir, and I am the Director of the sewing centre programme under our overall adult and child education programmes. You have heard directly in previous reports from beneficiaries of the programme who have explained what it means to them but I thought I would put the programme a little bit in context regarding the situation in Bihar.

According to the 2011 census Bihar is the only remain Indian state in the 2011 census where less than 65% of the population are literate. It is also only one of two states where less than 75% of the male population are literate and only one of two states where less than 55% of the female population was literate.

Of crimes recorded in Bihar against women, the maximum numbers were recorded under Section 366 of the IPC, related to kidnapping of women to compel them for marriage. As many as 4,641 cases were recorded under this head in the state in 2014.

We welcome the progress made in the state both in law and order and an increase in literacy rates, but Bihar has miles and miles to go before it can even be considered as a developed state.

In contrast to the impressive data on Bihar’s improved finances, the poverty is more damning. Since 2010, the state government cited its own surveys to report that below poverty line (BPL) families were nearly 70% of the population.

The per capita income of Bihar in 2012-13 was Rs 30,930, the survey presented by the Minister in-charge Vijay Chaudhary said. The ratio of Bihar's per capita income to All India has increased to 41.18 per cent in 2012-13 over 37.18 per cent in 2011-12, it said. Feb 14, 2014. This is just $460.00 USD per year, or $39 a week. In Qatar the corresponding figure is $105,000.

In the USA it is over $53,000 (2013)

Sometimes it is difficult to believe any progress can be achieved, it is well known at government level development aid funds are often misused and wasted on a massive scale, and despite millions of dollars spent poverty persists.

But this project ,as many projects  on Global Giving do, offers a chance to help individuals and their families directly, it may not change the world but it will mean the world to a family desperately trying to improve their lives through earning, and independent income for a woman in the villages of Bihar is a life changing thing.

As one of the women told me recently, “a simple sewing machine and some thread has meant I no longer have to worry about my children’s clothing and with the income I earn, putting food on the table is no longer the concern it once was, thank you so much for your help”.

The price of a new machine is $150

Yes, thank you indeed for your kindness.

And have a great New Year,





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