May 30, 2019

Educare Family Development

Bahini Educare Family

We started supporting this family from the 3rd of June, 2016 and it is our “Bahini Educare Family”. This family has been supported according to our selection criteria to support utterly poor single mothers/grandmothers with dependent children, who are at high risk of worst forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.

Beneficiaries :  Santu (Name Changed), 61 years old (Grand Mother)

                               Shristi (Name Changed), 10 years old (Grand daughter)

                               Smriti (Name Changed),   6 years old (Grand daughter)

Family Situation:  The children’s father was an alcoholic and he died due to kidney failure. Soon after his demise the mother too abandoned her children and left them with the old Grandmother. The old woman sells firewood and works as a daily laborer where ever she finds work to run the family.

Shristi, the older one cooks and takes care of the home, when the grandmother is working! Too much work for a young girl but without a single sign of pain or unhappiness she does it all!

They actually have no property and/or house of their own. They were provided with some community land and the villagers built them a home but it got burned down. One such generous villager allowed them to stay in his old deserted shabby place.

Conclusion: This case is serious and we decided to support them!


Recent Developments:

We are providing them each month with nutritious staple food like rice, lentils, sugar, oil and the like. Moreover we are providing everything that is needed for a proper hygiene. We admitted them to a nearby school, provided them with uniforms, shoes and stationary and now they are regularly attending school and the results are satisfactory.

Still accommodation was a big issue due to a lack of a bathroom and safety. It is for this reason that we organized a “fundraiser” and we were able to build a simple small house on land that was provided by the community.

An improved cooking-stove has been installed for smoke-free and economical cooking.

We provided the Grandmother with a mobile-phone and this in case of any emergency. Our nurse goes on regular visits and provides heath-checkups and counseling regarding hygiene and other health issues.

After one year the situation of the whole family has dramatically improved.

All are healthy and well nourished, they are living in a safe clean home and the children are happy and proud that they are able to attend school.

For this family the support by the Bahini-Educare-Foundation is making all the difference, from a life in utter poverty, misery and danger, to a life in safety and dignity.

This is yet another success-story by the Bahini Educare-Foundation!

For one Euro a day per beneficiary we are able to make all the difference!

With this amazing platform provided by Global Giving and the generosity from all our kind hearted donors, we are supporting 20 such Educare Families and would like to extend it to 25 by the end of the year.

Thank you very much, everyone!


TEAM Bahini Foundation.


Mar 15, 2019

Support to "Educare Families"

Education Supplies for the family
Education Supplies for the family

The EduCare Project is an innovative, unique, pragmatic and efficient new approach to support the helpless and the most vulnerable.

‘EduCare’ stands for Education, Healthcare, Food, Clothing, Hygiene, Counseling and Assistance & Protection whenever this is needed.

Poverty in Nepal:

According to statistics 75% of Nepal’s population, around 20 million people live in the villages. There are thousands of poverty –stricken villages with millions of people without any access to Hospitals, Schools and scarcity of drinking water. Many of these villages are only accessible by walking. Those children who are attending school often have to walk for two hours or more to reach the school, many of them barefoot.

Poor people have relatively simple needs, but those that we are targeting, destitute single mothers with dependent daughters, don’t even have the most basic requirements met.

It is exactly in this environment that “the traffickers and the organized flesh-trade” are most active and most successful.

According to surveys the number of girls and young women who are victims of trafficking has risen dramatically after the two devastating earthquakes that struck Nepal in 2015.

What We do

With this project we are targeting the “helpless”! Those who most need help are utterly poor, uneducated and rurally based. We are focusing on families that are headed by single Mother’s or Grandmother’s where the father died or left to never return. Some of these families are including boys ,in a family with three daughters and one son for example. In this case the exception is confirming the rule, since our declared objective is and will remain “the prevention of worst forms of abuse, discrimination and the trafficking of girls.

These families have a home to stay, however basic this might be, a rickety hut, a makeshift shanty, but their mothers are lacking the means to provide them with education, nutritious food, hygiene, healthcare and appropriate clothing.

The best of all aid to give is intellectual aid - Education!! A gift of knowledge is infinitely preferable to material things because material things can make them dependent, but the gift of knowledge will set them free, empower them!!! This is why education and vocational training in due time is our priority!

We are enrolling the beneficiaries in school; provide school-uniforms, shoes, books and stationary. According to the needs of each family we are providing staple food such as Rice, Pulses, Potatoes and oil. In the case of illness we are providing medical care, medicine and hospitalization if needed so.

Most of these families are dwelling in remote and difficult to access villages. Once a month we will visit these families and we deliver the monthly food, accompanied by our nurse who will provide a check-up for all family members. Moreover, she will counsel them on nutritious diet and proper hygiene. To this end we are providing soap, shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary-pads and underwear.

Clothes and warm blankets are provided according to the season and in the case of any emergency these families can contact us anytime and we will undertake what is necessary to assist them.

Furthermore and wherever possible we are building an “Improved-Cooking-Stove” to assure safe, economic and smoke free cooking.(read more under “improved cooking-stove”)

We are not providing any money/cash to these families and this in order to prevent abuse/misuse and total dependence. The mothers have to continue to work and help to provide for their daily needs.

Currently, March 2019, we are supporting a total of 100 beneficiaries (20 Educare Families) and we are seeing excellent results; all of them have enormously improved. We hope to increase this number to 25 families by the end of this year.


Despite progress over the last decade, girls and women remain the majority of Nepal’s unhealthy, unfed, uneducated, exploited, abused and stunted! We are determined and committed to change this sad and intolerable truth!


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