Mar 29, 2021

Warm Sleeping bags to 30 Families

Dear Friends and benefactors

Project: “One-Sleeping-Bag-for one Life” by the “Bahini-Educare-Foundation-Nepal

First and foremost we would like to express our and our beneficiary’s heartfelt gratitude for your support which is vital for our work. Without all of you, nothing could be done to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable beings in Nepal and prevent immeasurable suffering.

Our gratitude is including “GlobalGiving” and the people who work there. They are providing us this important platform and their valuable advice.

In the year 2020 Millions more fell into poverty because of the pandemic-induced economic recession. Poor people are living on 2$ or less daily and our target groups, day laborers who live from the hand to the mouth are without work and any income or any social-net at all.

With our project “1 Sleeping Bag – for – 1 Life” we are targeting the poorest: namely; widows/single women with dependent children. These families live in rickety huts or makeshift shanties’ in the villages or in the slums. Their habitats are very basic and they don’t provide any protection from the cold in the harsh winter. We are providing these families with food and warm sleeping bags. With a filled belly and a warm place to sleep the most painful sting that poverty can induce, hunger and cold, is removed and these helpless beings deprived of any other support will be encouraged to face the challenges in their daily battle for survival.

Over the years we were able to distribute over 1000 sleeping bags to the most needy and this action prevented much suffering and at times this was lifesaving for some of the weakest.

With our recent action and thanks to your donations we were able to provide 30 families with warm sleeping bags. Small children are enjoying to sharing one sleeping bag, here they can spoon and cuddle and they feel warm and protected.

The sleeping bags are manufactured in Nepal and they are of good quality. They are handmade and this by underprivileged women. In this way we enhance sustainability and thus this project is benefitting the larger community as well.

It is our aspiration to help these vulnerable beings and we are inspired day by day by their grateful, smiling faces.

We cannot buy the smile on a child’s face, but we can make it a gift!

Thank you for your support

TEAM Bahini Educare Foundation

Mar 22, 2021

Women Rights on Womens' Day

Dear Friends and benefactors,

Project: Widowhood in Nepal by the “Bahini-Educare-Foundation-Nepal”

At first we would like to express our gratitude for your generous donations for the support to the most underprivileged and discriminated in Nepal; namely the widows and the single mothers.

It is our main objective to support these target groups and currently we are caring for 25 families that are headed by widows’ respectively single mothers.

In Nepal millions more fell into poverty last year because of the pandemic-induced economic recession. Poor people are living on 2$ or less daily. Our target groups are day laborers and they live literally from the hand to the mouth. No work is synonymous to no food!

Widows and single mothers find themselves on the lowest rung of the social leader and this without any support or safety net.

Suicide is the most frequent cause of death among these women and this is a sad and shocking reality in today’s Nepal!

Since the year 2014, when the “Bahini-Educare-Foundation” was first established we supported hundreds of these desperate women and their children; we provide them with their basic needs, like staple food, clothes, medicine, hygienic items and education for the children.



On the occasion of International Women’s’ Day (8th March 2021) the “ Bahini Educare Foundation” in association with “Amnesty International” and “Annapurna Rural Municipality” organized an “Legal-Awareness & Interaction Program” for women.

This program attracted almost 100 participants, the majority of them widows. Some influential members from our community were participating in the program, underscoring the importance and the appreciation by the community for our actions.

 The program was conducted by a female lawyer, a sociologist and social worker and the participants took keen interest regarding their rights and their status in society.

For most of them, the majority of them are illiterate, this was the first time they came to know about their basic human rights.

Despite an improvement in legal provisions the implementations of the laws regarding human-rights are lacking behind in a society where widows and single women have always been subject to worst forms of oppression, abuse and discrimination.

It is our declared aim to support these women, and this not only in providing for their basic needs, but we also to commit to empowerment and confidence-building, and this for them and their children to live a life free of oppression and utter poverty.

Education, empowerment, confidence building and awareness are the means to break the centuries old vicious cycle of poverty, abuse and discrimination that these women have been facing for too many generations!

Thank you for your support and be assured that we, as a small grassroots-organisation are constantly thriving to optimize our effort in supporting and empowering our target-groups.

Sincerely yours
TEAM Bahini Educare Foundation


Feb 1, 2021

Bahini Foundation 2020

Dear Friends and kind donors,

Bahini Educare Foundation

Bahini Educare Foundation is a Non-profit and Non-governmental organization. It was officially established in 2014. It has been registered with the District Administration Office, Kaski (Registered Number: 3154/2070/71), affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Affiliation Number: 38527/2070/71) and with the NGO Federation (Registered Number 129) and is renewed every year.

Our Objective:
It is our declared objective to prevent the worst forms of abuse, discrimination and exploitation of girls and women in Nepal.

 EDUCATION is one of the main pillars in our objective to empower our beneficiaries by means of education and confidence building. Further job training and empowerment will be provided for those who are leaving school by our network-partner “LP4Y”. This will prepare them to be independent and free from discrimination and oppression.

Our Projects:

1)    Educare Families:
This is our signature project. The EduCare Family Project is an innovative, unique, pragmatic and efficient new approach to support the helpless, hopeless and the most vulnerable.

‘EduCare’ stands for Education, Healthcare, Food, Clothing, Hygiene, Counseling and Assistance & Protection whenever this is needed.

We are prioritizing the most vulnerable, namely girls and adolescents! However, boys are not explicitly excluded and it will always be situational when we are deciding to support boys.

With this project we are looking at supporting hundreds of families that are destitute and at high risk of worst forms of exploitation and abuse.

We are providing basic staple food as well as items for proper hygiene and sanitation. We are providing clothes, underwear and shoes two times a year and this according to the seasonal needs and school uniforms, bags and shoes.

All our beneficiaries are benefitting from a basic health-insurance covered by us and we provide further medical assistance if needed so.
To this end we are supporting 25 Educare Families with 81 beneficiaries.

We are constantly aiming to improve and optimize our service and to this end we are putting strong emphasis on “NETWORKING”.

In one of our “Educare-Families” the mother was an HIV Patient. Since her physical condition got worse and she needed more care and support we referred this family to the organization “Star-Children-Pokhara”. This organization specializes in such cases and the family is now receiving adequate care and support.

Another of our Educare Families, a single mother with two dependent daughters has been referred to “SOS Bahini” and this mother along with her daughters has successfully been integrated into the IFAP program. The mother Dhani is now a caring and loving IFAP-family mother of the latest Family No.6

Nepal House:

This NGO is providing free professional psychotherapy for girls and young women that have been abused and traumatized.

LP4Y is our new network-partner:

Two of our beneficiaries joined the empowerment training provided by LP4Y in January 2020. Due to the pandemic the training had to be interrupted but we expect to offer this training to more of our beneficiaries in the future.

2)    Education Support:

We believe Education is the window to the world and that all children must be entitled to education! Therefore all children from marginalized families (orphans/semi orphans, poor parents, sick parents) are supported for education.

For all beneficiaries that receive Education support, we provide the following:
a)    School fees                                 
b)    Books and Stationary
c)    Uniform and Foot wares
d)    Raincoats/Umbrella

Currently, we are providing educational sponsorship to 37 beneficiaries: 26 girls and 11 boys.

3)    Advocacy for Women’s Health:
We advocate for women’s health by providing medical assistance, where possible and Awareness on health and Hygiene!
This year there has been very less activity on this front.

a)    First Aid training has been organized in our office premises for all the Educare Family mothers and their senior daughters. A total of 30 participants participated in this training.

b)    A general COVID19 awareness training was held in Lekhnath area (a total of 8 Educare families are supported by us). This is a slum area and health hygiene is quite neglected here.

c)    Masks and gloves have been distributed to our families in 3 phases.

d)    Period Without Shame:

This has been our regular program since 2019. We choose government schools that are devoid of good menstrual practices.

We organized an awareness program for young girls in ‘Bhramaroopa Higher Secondary school in Lekhnath at the beginning of the year. 25 girls aged 10-15 were made aware of menstruation and hygiene related to this. This was supposed to be followed up by another session but the COVID 19 hampered it.

e)     Health Insurance:

Under the initiation of the government of Nepal, we have provided ‘health insurance’ for all our Educare Families. For a family of 5, it costs Rs. 3500 and this insurance is covering medical costs and service for up to Rs. 50,000 per year.

Our families have been making good use of this facility. Recently a mother of a family was in need of surgery in her right hand (she was unable to work) it was done with less than ten thousand rupees, which in private hospital would cost her more than Seventy thousand rupees!

4)    Improved Cooking Stove:

For many families in Nepal, using a gas stove is quite a luxury. The gas stove and cylinders are quite expensive. Some of them use them, but many are still using traditional mud stoves that use a lot of fire wood and emit carbon mono oxide which is health hazardous.

We are tackling this issue by providing more fuel-efficient improved Cooking stoves that helps in usage of less fire wood, subsequently, burning smaller amounts wood fuel means less smoke will engulf their homes and their lungs. No stoves could be distributed this year.


Our TEAM consists of two full times and one part-time employee all of which are all-rounders. We work six days a week and we are available around the clock for the case of any emergencies.


Our programs are professionally organized and implemented. All our beneficiaries are safe, healthy and thriving and very grateful for our support. We are appreciated and respected by the communities, the local government agencies, NGOs’ and Government authorities.

We are witnessing extraordinary positive changes in all our beneficiaries and we are determined to extend our support to many more of the most underprivileged children and single mothers in Nepal.


Activities in Numbers:

MEALS: 28.375 nutritious meals
Clothes: 164 sets of warm winter clothes and caps
Shoes: 82 pairs of shoes and socks
Soap: 20.500 pieces
Shampoo: 80.000 doses
Sanitary pads: 4.896
Toothbrushes: 924
Toothpaste: 630
Face masks: 2.460
Education-support: for 119 children
Medical-support/advise: for 86 beneficiaries

2020 has been a difficult year for us all but we can only hope and remain optimistic for 2021 and the years to come. More importantly for the underprivileged and that we are caring for.

Thank you for your kindness and generous donations. It keeps us motivated and helps us achieve our aims and objectives.



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