Feb 9, 2015

The child in all of us

Dear Friends of Personal Ponies,

For nearly thirty years we have shared our mission with people which has always been to provide a little magic in the lives of children with special needs.  Although we have always had that mission, we never defined "how old" a child was nor have we ever defined what "special needs" one has to have to participate in our program.  There is a very good reason for that.   Persoanl Ponies believes that there is a child in ALL of us and that everyone of us has some special need.  And because of that, I am so happy to share with you these photos of our work in communities around the country where we have made a difference in the lives of adults that are differently able.   One of our volunteers had a regular visit from an older gentleman who recenlty passed away.  Mike had alzheimers but he loved his time with our ponies.  Mike even came out into the community for hospital visits to share the ponies with people.  As our state director said, "what the mind forgets, the heart remembers"/

The focus of this report is to share with you the depth of what Personal Ponies is about.  The pictures attached should be a good representation of our reach beyond the children that are still the heart and soul of our program. Please stayed tuned for a newly developed mission statement that we will share with you to include the greater reach of our program.

Many thanks for your support.  Truly your support is what allows us to prepare to celebrate our 30th year in 2016.

All the best,



Nov 7, 2014

New Programs in Personal Ponies

Dear Friends of Personal Ponies,

As the year is coming to a close, we have been spending a lot of time working towards new goals and programs for the coming years.  For many years the focus of our program has been on placing ponies in the homes of children with special needs.  The other focus has been on volunteer farms all over the country that host a pair of ponies and share them in their communities.  Maybe having children come to the farm to interact with the ponies or maybe bringing them to the local nursing home, daycare center, hospice, ....you name it!!  

This year and going forward we have created new partnerships around the country with Therpautic Riding Centers , Schools and, soon we hope, a hosptial where our ponies are available to interact with and incorporated into their programs.  There are so many benefits to us, the children adn the programs to have this partnership.  We will be able to reach more children and have our program enhance the existing therapy programs.  The schools love having the ponie part of their everyday life for the children to learn responsibility and care for our poines.  And the hospital will really bring a new element to "making magic in the lives of kids with special needs"

We will keep you posted of our developments as we move forward.  All of your support is so important to us and will help make these new programs a reality in other areas of the country.  Please do share our information with others.  Word of mouth is our best marketing tool.  Enjoy our new website too!!!

All the best,

Denise Chasin


Aug 4, 2014

Checking IN

Hello to all our GlobalGiving Supporters,

As I was preparing to create a new report for GlobalGiving, I was reflecting on the past couple of years we have been listed on their website and how grateful we are to have this exposure to so many people we never would have met.  Global Giving has really given us another platform to reach people and share our mission and receive support that is so needed for us to continue our program.

This was the fifth year that I, personally, have been the Director of Personal Ponies.  What amazes me everyday that i sit here and respond to questions, support our volunteers and plan our future, is how many people there are around the country with big hearts that are dedicated their time, energy and finances to be able to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.  These people are spread out all over the United States and Canada and often our only means of communication is via the internet yet we manage to come together to plan and support each other so we can be there for the children and our ponies.

I don't know if people also realize the breadth of programming we offer free of charge around the country.  Each community is free to develop their outreach in ways that support the community so programming varies all over.  We have people visiting nursing homes, participating in therapturic riding programs, seeing children one on one, visiting hospitals, grieving programs, having people come to their own farms, visitng shcools, offering reading programs and the list goes on and on.

GlobalGiving has become very important to us on a national level because the funds you all have provided are helping us to create a stronger base at a National level in order to support all of our volunteers as needed.  As our program has grown we have needed a stronger National program to be able to market the program, provide accounting and administrative support,and help the volunteers as needed, 

THANK EACH OF YOU FOR THINKING OF US AND PLEASE PLEASE SHARE US WITH YOUR FRIENDS.  Word of mouth is our most powerful fundraising program!

Much appreciation, Denise


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