Nov 14, 2017

A Christmas Story

Xmas Pony
Xmas Pony


Mary got her pony, MERRY MEADOW, on Christmas Eve. She and her mother had plotted and planned for six weeks for this most special arrival. They bought purple buckets and a purple pony wardrobe and put up fences and a stall. But, best of all, not only was Mary getting her very own pony, but soon there would be two ponies to care for because her pony was PREGNANT.


And just as planned, a horse trailer arrived on Christmas Eve and out came MERRY MEADOW jingling with the sound of bells on her halter and festooned with Christmas ribbons. Mary could not see her pony as she stepped down from the trailer because she is blind-but she could hear her bells and the patter of her tiny, pony feet.


For many hours that night, Mary hugged and brushed her new pony and marveled at the hay-sweet warmth of her pony breath and the fuzzy, round belly that sheltered a new life. It was early morning before Mary turned out the barn lights and headed towards the house.


Mary and her mother had planned to breed ponies for other blind children. Their dream was cut short, however, when Mary died unexpectedly that Christmas Day. Mary’s mother wrote to us about the tragic ending to this story…but she also told us how comforting it was for her that Mary experienced the MAGIC of her own SPECIAL pony—if only for a few short hours.


Mary’s mother has decided to keep MERRY MEADOW and continue to breed ponies for other blind children in Mary’s memory.


At PERSONAL PONIES we work hard to make dreams come true and put a bit of Magic in children’s lives. Wouldn’t you like to help?


Aug 16, 2017

Our Ponies

Personal Ponies
Personal Ponies

Our pony events/ programs are always well received by the general public but get little support from those in the "equestrian world" - amateurs, or those who consider themselves "professionals", for instance many FB friends like and respond in a positive manner to the photos and stories posted of our events and how these ponies help people and spread a little light in a sometimes dark world, but very few "horsey-friends" ever do.

 A recent conversation with one such person and sought their opinion. It was kind of shocking and disheartening to hear that they weren't really supportive of any type of therapeutic use of equines and in particular ponies. Was told that what PPL does not contribute to the "equine world or economy" in the way showing, breeding, 4H, whatever, does. That they "dont DO other words it's just feel good fluff, not meaningful to the world of equestrianism.
What the what?!?!?!?! How close-minded & elitist.

 The person was thanked & asked if we could share our viewpoint. Here is what they were told : if our ponies make one person smile & have a happy memory then the world is a better place. Simple as that, but hear the rest out....
That is just as meaningful as the .50 cent ribbon won in a showring. One is not better or more meaningful than the other. As for 'contributing' to the equine world, we assume that to make your training and instruction business lucrative you need a steady supply of the next time you are "working it" in a showring or standing along the rail coaching a fledgling rider in their first walk trot class on the stable's ancient schoolmaster, please consider this: our ponies are out and about doing meet n greets, standing patiently and kindly allowing tiny hands to explore, pet, brush & dream.

They are creating smiles & in many cases, changing preconceived notions about horses in general. i.e. they are not fire breathing dragons determined to eat little children. Over the last 17 years, many a future huntseat or trail rider, barrel racer or dressage queen has been "bitten with the horse bug" while sitting in their stroller petting our ponies. We know it & the parents know it...we chuckle when we see the dazed & slightly terrified look in their eye as they try in vain to peel their tiny offspring away from one of my charming little ponies. You're Welcome.

It takes a bravehearted horse to enter a showring with crowds and scary umbrellas, strollers and clapping..been there, done takes a fiercely bravehearted little Shetland to climb stairs, ride an elevator, enter a room with strange sights, sounds & medical equipment & yet THIS IS WHAT THEY DO. This is their job & they do it bravely & tenderly.
While you are jumping a course & being applauded, our little guys are standing by a patient's bedside in a nursing home or hospital kindly allowing the patient to ruffle their mane with a hand crippled by arthritis while they reminisce, teary-eyed about their own childhood pony or re-living that last barrel run...There is no applause or ribbon that day, but sweet sweet memories for the patient, the family, the staff, for us. There is intimate heart connection & many times happy or bittersweet tears. There is comfort, caring & love.

As you are barking out orders to your 'barnrats' or patiently doing a leadline class or jumping 3'6, we recognize and applaud your efforts. We will continue to "like" your photos and stories on and off FB in support of you and your equines. Maybe you could think about doing the same for us. Our ponies are humbly changing lives & maybe even creating a new generation of riders for you to raise up and train. So remember this, ALL equines, however large or small, flashy or humble are worthy of our utmost respect & admiration.

May 18, 2017

Having Fun Or Working?

Pony in NC
Pony in NC

Why consider a pair of ponies from PL rather than getting them from a neighbor or the local auction?

Experience and reputation- we have been breeding, training and providing these ponies since 1986.

We lease rather than sell our ponies. We have contracts. This insures we stand behind our ponies and maintain oversight and records over their lifetimes. It also allows the center to return the ponies for any reason. While our intent is to place our ponies in loving, forever homes, we know that sometimes "life happens" and we may be asked to take them back. That is not a problem.

We know our ponies' temperaments and physical health. Our ponies' lineage goes back over a hundred years to the "pit ponies" of Wales, Scotland and within the last 100 years to Pennsylvania and W. VA. Our founder chose them for their gentle but intelligent temperaments and robust health. They have a particular affinity for children.

Visitors to a Personal Pony Farm in NC are having some fun OR are they working? Who is training who? Both ponies and visitors are having a grand time and helping each other.

This is what Personal Ponies is all about. Ponies helping people and people helping ponies.

Pony in training in NC
Pony in training in NC
Pony in North Carolina
Pony in North Carolina
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