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Sep 8, 2020

Project Update

SOS Update  September 2020

Apologies for the late update! Sambhali has been very involved during the height of the pandemic in feeding nearly 550 families in the rural desert area of Setrawa 100km west of Jodhpur. These families had no income after their jobs had been suspended during lockdown and they were mostly labourers in the quarries.

Sambhali’s projects have all been closed since the end of March, but over the last 2 months we have re-opened our main Office, re-structured our staff and implemented a staff computer training programme as well as arranging for staff to improve their English. On the Sewing side, we have been producing 5000 masks for the local authorities and are now starting to resume orders and work on a collection of new ideas ready for Xmas.

The pandemic whilst contained, has not subsided in India and in Jodhpur the numbers of incidences are still on the increase. Whilst the authorities are managing it by having different zones and a good contact and trace system, and continuing their progress after Lockdown ended at the end of May, this is governed by a series of Unlockdowns, which means an easing of restrictions, albeit whilst the numbers are increasing. However, schools and colleges have not resumed yet, whilst people returned to work back in June.

We have been able to continue operating an SOS service through our counsellors on the phone, but direct contact in many cases through transport issues and advice has needed to be solely given on the phone. We realise that the HelpLine is ever as important at this time, which is why we are grateful for your support.


Case Story 1

A woman called D from Jodhpur called, crying on the phone saying that her husband and father-in-law were ill-treating her and her husband has been beating her and not allowing her to return to her parents’ home. She explained that she found out that he had already been married to another woman and had children with her who were already 20 years old. She tried to deal with it in her own way and now just wanted to leave the house, but was unable to.  Our counsellor then spoke to her father on the phone, who was also very upset and asked us for help and said that S had nearly been killed that morning and her condition is getting worse.

We called the police and together went to D’s house and as we arrived at the gate, she ran out of the house, shivering with fear and holding her new-born. She said she didn’t want to stay there. We went to the police station where the police called her father to come and pick her up and we handed her over to her father. Two days later the father rang to say that her condition is improving and she is now talking. We are thankful that S and her new baby are now living in the safe environment of her father’s house.


Case Story 2

We received a call from Agolai stating that a girl had been raped and murdered. The girl had been brought to her house and they were told that she had been suffering from stomach ache. The person on the phone said that all the women in the village think that she had not been treated right and asked if we knew what to do because she had already been buried. We told them to go to the police station and file a report on her, saying that they felt something had happened to her prior to being brought to the village and buried. So they went to the police station who ordered a post-mortem on the girl. So we are able to help with the start of justice being implemented on this poor girl and any further criminal investigations.


Jul 20, 2020

Project Update

During this pandemic, whilst Sambhali has needed to close its projects, the SOS HelpLine has remained open. We have had calls over the last few months, the majority of which have been regarding domestic abuse. Jodhpur has been in lockdown until the end of May and areas under strict curfew, so that there was no ability to see people in person. Counselling is being done over the phone. Also because of the nature of the daily issues that each and every family needed to deal with during lockdown, there are no case stories this month, although there are the statistics from the calls in the attached document. 

Sambhali has been busy in the rural Thar desert area of Setrawa, providing food to 544 families who had lost their jobs during lockdown. We surveyed 1143 families in the area and connected over 250 families to a Whatsapp group to provide the latest information.We calculate that the number of direct beneficiaries was 3209 people by the end of May. Since the beginning of June, lockdown has eased and most villagers have now been re-employed apart from 22 families Sambhali are still supporting. In the city of Jodhpur, we have had about 20 families asking for food rations whilst in lockdown. 

Since 1 June Sambhali has started opening the Office iin Sambhali HQ with limited staff. We then developed a training programme for staff in computer skills, English and volunteer management. We have been providing this since the end of June. Sambhali's projects are still closed although the 10th and 12th grade students were able to return to Sheerni Boarding Home to take their exams.  We won't know until about mid-August if and when the schools will re-open. At this stage then, we will know if we can open our boarding homes and empowerment centres. 

Thank you very much for continuing to support this cause.

Mar 24, 2020

Project Update

In the light of these uncertain times and in line with the action taken by the Indian and Rajasthani goverments to contain the spread of Covid-19, Sambhali Trust has now closed all its projects as from 16 March 2020 until further notice. We hope and pray that India is able to contain the virus and it does not spread further into the community. We also hope that families are able to pull together in this crisis and that stories of domestic violence and verbal abuse disappear in the shadow of this national emergency. 

We thank you all for your generous donations.


Case Stories from December 2019-February 2020

PK Domestic Violence

P called Sambhali’s HelpLine, to talk about her sister whose husband drinks too much and beats her and she is being tortured by him. P and her sister were married at the same time in the same village 10 years ago. Her sister’s mother-in-law and her husband abused her sister starting after one year of marriage. P’s sister thought he would improve gradually but his bad habits continued to grow. One night her husband beat her sister enough to cause her to bleed. P took her sister to her house, but her husband dragged her from P’s home back to his own house. After all this P was very upset and said he wanted her sister to take this case to the police, but she can’t leave the house. Sambhali’s counsellor gave the number of the Police HelpLine that P should use and suggested that she called them and gave them all the information.


V Domestic Abuse

V phoned from Jaipur about her mother, who is suffering from abuse. She said her mother worked throughout the day and even though her health was not good, she is made to work all day long. She is also abused even after getting the work done.  V’s mother’s sister-in-law bothers her a lot and sometimes also beats her, because she has no husband to protect her. These atrocities have been increasing on a daily basis.

V asked Sambhali that she wanted to complain against her mother’s sister-in-law. Sambhali’s counsellor advised her to call the Police Women’s HelpLine in Jaipur and made a complaint so that immediate action can be taken against them. Sambhali gave her the number to call and empowered V to fight against this injustice.


NS Domestic Abuse

N called from Alwar and said she was worried about her family life. She said she was married to someone called G. 8 years ago. After one year her mother-in-law started harassing her a lot. Her husband listened to everything from his mother and does everything according to what she says. Troubled by all these things she went to her parents in Alwar. Currently she is a chartered accountant in Jaipur and earning a good income. Lastly her husband put up a case of citation in court in 2017 and N herself has put cases against her husband on dowry and harassment, but these cases are still going on in court and a lot of money has been spent on lawyers.

Sambhali’s counsellor advised her to go to the Legal Aid office in Alwar court and tell her all her problems. They would be able to provide legal aid for those in difficult finances and provide lawyers to fight her case.


AS Other

AS called to say that she is very upset about her husband. She has been married for 4 years and has a child of 5months. Her in-laws live in Bharatpur, but her husband took her from Bharatpur to Baroda and lived with her for some time and then went to find work in Jaipur or Jodhpur on 2 December. On 6 December she got a call to say that he had found work and after a few days he would call her when he had settled and ask them to join him. However, the call never came and his phone was switched off. AS tried to call her father-in-law, but her didn’t respond either. AS went with her own father to the police but nothing has been taken further. She came to Sambhali to ask for advice how to make a complaint so the police can take action. The counsellor advised her to make an application and present it directly to the Superintendent of Police and say that action is not being taken in her local police station. In this case, where no action is being taken by local police, there is provision to appear directly to the higher police authority. In this way, the counsellor was able to calm the person down and inform her of a way that she would be able to get action from the police.


J Medical

J has been working in the Graduate Sewing Centre for 2 years. Her son, A, became very ill due to pneumonia and was admitted to hospital, but needed financial help. So Sambhali, after looking at her financial position was able to help her buy the necessary medication by giving her 1071 rupees, (about a week’s income).



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