Jan 11, 2021

Project Update

Nirbhaya/SOS Project

Since October 2020, this project has been expanded because of the need of more professional help during the pandemic for those suffering from domestic abuse.  Sambhali Trust has hired a legal adviser and a psychologist who have been working on creating community links in Jodhpur with the local authorities – the police and local hospitals. They hope to have more liaison and referrals directed through to Sambhali Trust so that individuals can receive the advice they require.  Consequently, we have been able to provide counselling sessions, and follow-ups to victims of domestic abuse and other issues as well as having legal advice on site immediately.

We have also been creating information leaflets regarding the HelpLine and prevention of domestic abuse which are being distributed in various areas of Jodhpur every month. We have held a press conference, and been in the local newspapers to try and advertise how we are able to help. We are providing workshops on legal, mental health and medical issues to the women in our empowerment centres – and when pandemic restrictions allow we will take these workshops out to community venues in an effort to help eliminate violence towards women in Jodhpur.

This is the beginnings of a more focused project which we hope will make a difference to the women in Jodhpur over the coming months/years.


Case Story 1

Name: BJ

Age: 34 years old

Issue: Husband alcoholic and domestic violence

Family: 3 young children

Case Status: On-going since October 2020. Legal Assistance and counselling provided

Details: Domestic violence and alcohol addiction by husband

Husband works in stitching, embroidery works and B’s earning is co-related to the work received by her husband. Husband is currently going through addiction to alcohol and wife claims that he only abuses her when he is drunk otherwise he behaves calmly. Addiction has also affected their livelihood as husband is not in the condition to function normally after drinking. They have 3 young children whose education has also been affected as she is unable to pay their fees. She has studied till 10th grade and knows stitching and embroidery work well. She has been doing this work for 2 years regularly.


Physical and verbal abuse by husband only after drinking.

Financial abuse: She claims that he doesn't provide sufficient money to even buy clothes and other miscellaneous things for herself. Utility Bills and children's school fees are also due.

Mental harassment: Her husband threatened to kill himself when she tried to stop him drinking. He had also suffered from fracture in hand in 2018 due to an attempt to suicide.

BJ was explained about the patterns, cycle of domestic abuse and her legal remedies available to her. As her husband is suffering from alcohol addiction and BJ does not want to take any legal action, we decided to have couple counselling sessions with them. Her husband started socially drinking 20 years ago which exacerbated after the death of his father 7 years ago when he found the responsibility of looking after his family and finances too much to handle. The psychologist has been liaising with a local major hospital to work on his rehabilitation and also referred to a psychiatrist, which the couple have accepted. After couples’ counselling for one month they reported no violence at home and no consumption of alcohol. Her husband is starting to focus more on his work. He is  continuing to see the psychiatrist at the hospital and is receiving regular follow-up appointments at Sambhali’s office.


Case Story 2

Name: DP

Age: 25 years old

Issue: Domestic violence by husband and in-laws.

Case Status: On-going. Legal assistance given

Background of the case:

D attacked by her husband with a brick; fortunately the brick did not hit her and she ran to a nearby place to save herself from any further physical assault. She later called our Helpline number and asked us to call the police station due to insufficient amount of balance in her phone.  We made a call to the women police helpline number and immediately a lady constable had reached to the place from where D had called earlier. She was asked by the lady constable if she wants to register a police complaint but she refused to do so as she was hesitant in doing so. D was made an appointment with the counsellor at Sambhali and reached Sambhali office for counselling session where she described that she has been a victim of domestic violence from more than a decade now. She has been married to her husband since 14 years. She is living with her children and husband in separate house but near to the in-laws. She claimed that her husband is an alcoholic and forcefully takes money from bank account by taking her fingerprint/signature. If she resists he beats her. She claimed that her in laws also abuse her and her family members. She has 3 children. She complained that she is being frequently beaten up and she feels humiliated in front of her children and facing the people of society. On her behalf our legal advisor visited to police station with her, written and submitted an FIR complaint to stop physical abuse against her and have also talked to the police authorities to properly assist her.


 Case Story 3

Name:  MP   

Age: 26 years old

Issue: Domestic Violence

Case Status: On-going Legal Advice given

Background of the case: MP was thrown out of her house late at night. She left home with her children and went to stay with her mother. She has been financially abused and has also been a victim of physical and verbal abuse. She is working as a maid and she claimed that her husband has been taking out her salary from her bank account by taking her fingerprints forcefully. She does not want to live with her husband anymore and is willing to take divorce from her husband and live separately with her 2 children. She has filed a police complaint in her local Police Station. She has an ongoing case regarding domestic violence and she wants to finally take divorce now.


Case Story 4

 Name: TJ

Age: 30 years old

Issue: Domestic violence by husband and mother-in-law

Case Status: On-going Legal Advice given and counselling provided

Background of the case: T was found sitting on the roadside, during the leaflet distribution campaign by our Sambhali Team and she was provided with the leaflet advertising the Nirbhaya HelpLine regarding assistance with domestic abuse. She is uneducated but could understand the phone number mentioned and hence she had called at the toll-free helpline number. After receiving the call she was immediately requested to reach Sambhali office. During the counselling session she revealed that her husband has been earning irregular income due to epidemic as the offices are not open regularly. She also claimed that he is also addicted to smack and other such drugs after which he becomes violent and abuses her. Her mother in law is working and is the only breadwinner of the house. She has been bearing expenses of all the family member. T claimed that her mother in law is also abusive sometimes and it has become difficult to live in such environment. She claimed that this has not been the first time when she had been thrown out of the house. She fears that if she will file a police complaint then her husband/mother in law might disown her. After her legal rights were explained to her she felt relieved. We talked to her mother in law on call and requested her to meet us at the office. T was asked  to return back to her home and we assured her that she will not be thrown out of her home again. In case if the situation repeats she was asked to call us. Next counselling session with her mother in law and her is awaited. Husband is jobless and addicted to alcohol.



Sep 8, 2020

Project Update

SOS Update  September 2020

Apologies for the late update! Sambhali has been very involved during the height of the pandemic in feeding nearly 550 families in the rural desert area of Setrawa 100km west of Jodhpur. These families had no income after their jobs had been suspended during lockdown and they were mostly labourers in the quarries.

Sambhali’s projects have all been closed since the end of March, but over the last 2 months we have re-opened our main Office, re-structured our staff and implemented a staff computer training programme as well as arranging for staff to improve their English. On the Sewing side, we have been producing 5000 masks for the local authorities and are now starting to resume orders and work on a collection of new ideas ready for Xmas.

The pandemic whilst contained, has not subsided in India and in Jodhpur the numbers of incidences are still on the increase. Whilst the authorities are managing it by having different zones and a good contact and trace system, and continuing their progress after Lockdown ended at the end of May, this is governed by a series of Unlockdowns, which means an easing of restrictions, albeit whilst the numbers are increasing. However, schools and colleges have not resumed yet, whilst people returned to work back in June.

We have been able to continue operating an SOS service through our counsellors on the phone, but direct contact in many cases through transport issues and advice has needed to be solely given on the phone. We realise that the HelpLine is ever as important at this time, which is why we are grateful for your support.


Case Story 1

A woman called D from Jodhpur called, crying on the phone saying that her husband and father-in-law were ill-treating her and her husband has been beating her and not allowing her to return to her parents’ home. She explained that she found out that he had already been married to another woman and had children with her who were already 20 years old. She tried to deal with it in her own way and now just wanted to leave the house, but was unable to.  Our counsellor then spoke to her father on the phone, who was also very upset and asked us for help and said that S had nearly been killed that morning and her condition is getting worse.

We called the police and together went to D’s house and as we arrived at the gate, she ran out of the house, shivering with fear and holding her new-born. She said she didn’t want to stay there. We went to the police station where the police called her father to come and pick her up and we handed her over to her father. Two days later the father rang to say that her condition is improving and she is now talking. We are thankful that S and her new baby are now living in the safe environment of her father’s house.


Case Story 2

We received a call from Agolai stating that a girl had been raped and murdered. The girl had been brought to her house and they were told that she had been suffering from stomach ache. The person on the phone said that all the women in the village think that she had not been treated right and asked if we knew what to do because she had already been buried. We told them to go to the police station and file a report on her, saying that they felt something had happened to her prior to being brought to the village and buried. So they went to the police station who ordered a post-mortem on the girl. So we are able to help with the start of justice being implemented on this poor girl and any further criminal investigations.


Jul 20, 2020

Project Update

During this pandemic, whilst Sambhali has needed to close its projects, the SOS HelpLine has remained open. We have had calls over the last few months, the majority of which have been regarding domestic abuse. Jodhpur has been in lockdown until the end of May and areas under strict curfew, so that there was no ability to see people in person. Counselling is being done over the phone. Also because of the nature of the daily issues that each and every family needed to deal with during lockdown, there are no case stories this month, although there are the statistics from the calls in the attached document. 

Sambhali has been busy in the rural Thar desert area of Setrawa, providing food to 544 families who had lost their jobs during lockdown. We surveyed 1143 families in the area and connected over 250 families to a Whatsapp group to provide the latest information.We calculate that the number of direct beneficiaries was 3209 people by the end of May. Since the beginning of June, lockdown has eased and most villagers have now been re-employed apart from 22 families Sambhali are still supporting. In the city of Jodhpur, we have had about 20 families asking for food rations whilst in lockdown. 

Since 1 June Sambhali has started opening the Office iin Sambhali HQ with limited staff. We then developed a training programme for staff in computer skills, English and volunteer management. We have been providing this since the end of June. Sambhali's projects are still closed although the 10th and 12th grade students were able to return to Sheerni Boarding Home to take their exams.  We won't know until about mid-August if and when the schools will re-open. At this stage then, we will know if we can open our boarding homes and empowerment centres. 

Thank you very much for continuing to support this cause.

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