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Feb 18, 2020

SORD Nutrition Report

Today's children are tomorrow's men, so they lead a suitable and well-off life that enables them to reach this goal. On the contrary, children of Yemen cannot imagine this. This the fact because they are ill, sick, meager, miserable, severe acute malnourished.  In addition, the mothers of such children suffer from the same problem. So, how can malnourished mothers feed their children and provide them with appropriate care.

Numerous reports revealed that if the war in Yemen continues to 2022, then about 500,000 Yemenis will die as a result of poor living conditions, disease, malnutrition, and lack of medicines and health supplies. These reports have shown that Yemen has, nowadays, gotten one of the largest numbers of people who are suffering from food insecurity in the world. 80% of the population of Yemen today (about 24 million people) are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, and that 16 million people in Yemen, or about half of the country's population, are suffering from acute malnutrition. Also, if the unfair blockade of the Yemeni ports continues and food supplies are disrupted that number will grow significantly

The effects of malnutrition and long-term food insecurity will emerge in today's children who will face mental and physical development problems in the near future. Many reports have revealed that there are 1.1 million pregnant women living in food poverty. If the current operations to improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen continue, it will take about 20 years for the Yemeni people 'level of food security to return to the pre-war level.

In this context, an estimated 3.2 million children and women in Yemen are severely malnourished, and 50% of all children suffer from permanent stunting. According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  (UNOCHA), approximately 7.4 million children in Yemen need humanitarian assistance, indicating a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

However, as long as there are good philanthropist people all over the globe, there will be a hope of good life for Yemeni children and mothers. During the last three months ,we  in Sanid Organization, along with your generous support ,could help (250) children  in two medical centers ,Qa'a Al-Irra and Ablas Centers – the second center has been established recently as an emergency response  to cover the urgent needs of Ablas area. These children have been supplying with all necessary nutrition supplements, minerals and vitamins. 17 children were cured that can be added to your contributions in saving Yemeni children. Awareness has been raised to  200 mothers in both centers about the bad effects of malnutrition and how to invest the available resources to fight malnutrition and improve their children's fitness.

Again and again and over again, we are expressing our gratitude and millions of thank to our generous donors who are the milestone of hope for Yemeni children. Your grants will never ever be in vain. Many thanks to all those helped in implementing the project, staff, health workers and volunteers.     

Sep 18, 2019

SORD Nutrition Project

SORD Nutrition Project

In the eyes of the children we see our future our dreams our hope, but in the eyes of the children in Yemen we see the struggle and the fight to survive, hunger have excocted their energy suppressed their dreams making their only wish is to live another day, yet the unfortunate truth that lays behind the second day, is another story of struggle. Mothers covering their pain and worries, unable to give their infants basic nutrient as hunger have dried their milk.

Day by day we find more and more children with several cases of malnutrition, health facilities empty of medication, houses with no food and others with no roof. Children as old as seven years thinking that life is this way, as they have no seen it before the war.

In our efforts to stand with the forgotten once, we give our all to provide with everything is in our hands, yet nothing seems enough, with your generous help during august we were able to aid 123 children suffering with severe malnutrition, by providing nutrition supplements along with vitamins to help strength their meagre body to see another day only 9 out of the 123 were cured and transferred to the second stage which is the moderate malnutrition, unfortunately as we are still in the process of rising funds we are still unable to provide the full service, It was also noted that during August and the Eid Holidays, many others were not able to attend. Yet another 80 child 42 of them males and 38 females, were screened and given awareness sessions to their care givers on the danger of malnutrition as some have no background of the indirect causes. Also 42 pregnant and lactating mothers. Those children were admitted to Qa’a Al Era Health facility which is supported by Sanid Organisation, both UNICEF and WFP are also participating in the fight against malnutrition, but as the need is massive in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, priority districts have been allocated due to the displacement caused by the war clashes, leaving many others in desperate need.

We would like to thank you all for the generous donations, and give our assurance that it will not be in vain, we also like to give our gratitude for all those who supported the implementation of the project, specially the field team and the health workers who still stand no matter what challenges stand ahead

We will continue to stand along with those in need, and wit your help, hope can be restored in the eye of the future.

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