Apr 30, 2019

April 2019 Report

Dear friends of Dayspring Home,

First and foremost let me just say, thank you! There are not enough words to express our appreciation for your kindness and support. Seeing our students finish their exams this week was a proud moment for us, and we’d like to thank you as our donors for your continued support improving the futures for children in rural South India. 

Supporting Dayspring’s Children

As you have read on our GlobalGiving page, our Dayspring children’s home, located in a rural village in the south of India, is home to 30 children between the ages of 3 and 18. The children here have all been affected by HIV/aids and or TB in some respect; orphaned by the disease, infected and then rejected by their families or can no longer be supported by infected family members. Our NGO, Blossom Trust, founded the Dayspring Home in 2002 to ensure these children still have the same opportunities as their peers. We take care of the children's medical expenses, educational needs, three meals a day, clothing and social support. All of these services for these children require funding as we rely on private donations to cover annual operating expenses and to promote the overall welfare of the children. In India, a little money can go a long way. 

Emergency at Dayspring Home

Unfortunately, this month there was a disaster at Dayspring Home. There was a catastrophic fire that destroyed one of our buildings and injured some of our staff members. Although we are thankful none of the children were injured, the loss of this building was terrible. We are currently gathering donations to fix the fire damages. If you would like to help please see our microproject for the fire. With your help, we can repair the damages and make sure the children feel safe in our home! 

Supporting Children’s Education

Our children’s education is one of our highest priorities as it creates opportunities for children to escape poverty and become independent. We’ve invested time and money into providing educational support. This year we’ve accepted a number of volunteers to come and provide supplement English classes as well to improve their foreign language abilities. We’ve also helped our student prepare for their exams this month by providing nutritional food to help them focus and by providing internet resources to help improve studying.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity and hope you recognize the incredible impact you are having on the children. It is only together that we can fight against poverty and discrimination.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the children's home, funding or our organization. We will keep you informed of how your money is being used, and continue to send updates of the Dayspring Home.


With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,

Mercy Annapoorani, the Blossom Trust Team & the children of Dayspring Home

Feb 13, 2019

Dayspring Home: a new year has started

Christmas 2019
Christmas 2019

Dear friends,

First and foremost let me just say thank you for your kindness and support.

The period of November through January is always a special time: closing an old year and looking forward to a new one. In 2018,  we could provide medical, educational, nutritional and social support for 30 children. We are eager to improve these services in 2019 so every child receives the care they deserve.

Support Dayspring children
We are grateful to announce that we raised $35,674 for our project so far! These donations helped us to  cover school fees, supplemental education, nutrition and the maintenance of our Dayspring Home. We still need $44,326 to reach our goal of raising $80,000 to provide care for HIV positive affected orphans. With our project, we aim to ensure that vulnerable children live happy and healthy lives, leading them to become successful adults.

Last month many children caught the flu. We we could provide medicines for each ill child. One child was worse off than the others, so we took her to Madurai Hospital to see a doctor. He gave us additional medicines and healthcare suggestions. Luckily all children are well now.  

Celebrating Christmas
December was a festive month for us and the children of Dayspring Home. Thanks to donations through GlobalGiving, complemented by local donations,  we could make our children happy with wonderful gifts for Christmas: chocolates, cake and nice clothing. We celebrated Christmas with fun activities such as dancing, games and a special dinner.

Give the gift of nutrition
Quality nutrition is essential to grow up healthy and strong. Moreover, fruits are a necessary nutrition children with HIV to stay healthy. Therefore, we want to provide fruits, vegetables and eggs on a daily basis to our Dayspring children. These mandatory vitamins and fiber contribute to children’s physical and mental growth which will lead them to become better students, and thus have a better future as well.

This year we started the quality nutrition campaign to fund a larger food budget. As in all our programs, sustainability is vital in order to keep quality nutrition for Dayspring Home for the whole year we must raise: INR 5,390,280.00 / USD 75,468.00 / EUR 64 680,00.

Thank you for your contribution. Together we can provide our children with a healthy future!

Learning English at Dayspring Home
Learning English at Dayspring Home
preparing and sharing meals
preparing and sharing meals
Playing games
Playing games
Quality Nutrition Scheme
Quality Nutrition Scheme
Nov 27, 2018

Celebrating The Festival of Lights, new website, Holiday Cards and Quality Nutrition Campaign 2019

The children are excited for Diwali
The children are excited for Diwali

Dear Friends,

Continue to follow as we are going to post a lot of exciting updates!

Celebrating The Festival of Lights
On November 7th we celebrated Diwali with our children of Dayspring Home. The children were very excited and we had a wonderful time celebrating with food, games, dancing, music and good company. 

We are so grateful for the gifts of special festive attire, lovely meals, sweets and crackers in celebration of the holiday that celebrates the light each of us bring into this world with our acts of kindness and generosity.

Our new website 
We are also glad to announce our brand new website! Please visit and read about Blossom Trust and our projects.

Winter seasonal campaign
The children of Dayspring Home have made holiday cards from locally sourced Tamil Nadu paper and we are giving them as our holiday gift to you and yours with every $500 donation.

The donations will fundraise our Quality Nutrition Campaign 2019.

Quality Nutrition Campaign 2019
The nutrition campaign will fund a larger food budget for Dayspring, providing daily fruits and vegetables, eggs and healthy starches. We can not afford such benefits today, but these mandatory vitamins and fiber are very important for the children's growth and we need your help.

As in all our programs sustainability is vital in order to keep quality nutrition for Dayspring Home for the whole year we must raise

INR 5,390,280.00 / USD 75,468.00 / EUR 64 680,00

Help us reach this goal by giving us most generously this holiday season. Together we can provide our children with a healthy future!


We thank you for your continued support of the children as they continue to grow in health and happiness!


Lights, games and fun on Diwali
Lights, games and fun on Diwali


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