Sep 2, 2020

And new journey begins!

The happiest day!
The happiest day!

Dear all, 

In Russia we celebrate the 1st of September as a day of knowledge and start of a school year, which always gives hope for the future. But this time it was special, and not because of COVID-19 and all the restrictions, no, it was the day we were preparing during a year. It was special for five children with autism and their parents, who are so excited to be a part of local primary school now! 

And, of course, none of this could have happened without your support, friends.
There is still a lot of work to be done, but the first step has been taken: today Slava, Vanya, Sasha, Lyosha and Ali have become first graders!

The Headmaster and other specialists seemed very enthusiastic and ready to learn new things about inclusion, because students with special needs are the best teachers in this scenario. We promised to support them with expertise and sharing expences!

Sincerely yours, Olga



May 7, 2020

Distance learning for preschoolers

These days the kindergarten "Our Home" keeps working remotely.

Teachers and tutors have mastered using zoom and other media resources to support children and their parents during sheltering at home.


Remote activities with children are indeed a necessary measure though they can neither replace live communication or give timely feedback.

But this format of classes has some advantages as well:

1. Children have the opportunity to see each other and teachers, to communicate, to participate in joint activities. It is essential to talk, to talk with children, to ask what they did today, what was interesting, what was funny, etc. It is vital to fill the lack of communication.
2. Parents have the opportunity, with their own eyes, to assess the level of readiness of the child to perceive the material, to see its strengths and weaknesses, to understand what could be worked on.
3. Online classes provide an opportunity to apply new forms and methods of teaching. For example, appointing a leader of the group, who thinks over the topic of the lesson, calculate what material to prepare for the children, and seriously prepare the day before with the help of their parents, which is essential for self-organization and programming activities. Besides, children gain the experience of speaking to the audience, and they learn to clearly and correctly formulate the idea and, of course, they get a significant experience of their success. 

This experience can be viewed as useful, and each lesson becomes open, teachers carefully prepare selected material, parents see the work of teachers.

Educators of "Our Home" later will be able to conduct classes with children who are often ill or have rehabilitation courses, if they miss kindergarten. And it is our responsibility to support educators now, so they can welcome children when the pandemic is finally over!

May 7, 2020

Timosha and Motya

Timosha and Motya
Timosha and Motya

I would like to share a touching story with you about Timosha and Motia, twin brother of six years old.

Timosha was luckier at birth than Motya, and he lives an ordinary kid's life, while Motya unfortunately developed cerebral palsy. Still, both boys attend a full-time group in the kindergarten "Our Home," which is supported by our foundation. 

From a baby age, Timosha passionately loves sharks, and he is especially attracted to stories about the enormous ancient Megalodon: two years ago, educators even had to come up with ideas of how to distract Timosha. And change the subject to study something else!

Timosha is also very caring. And what worries him most is that Motya still has not learned to walk. He twists this thought in his head, vigilantly glancing around.
“What is it in the storeroom?”
- It is a trampoline.
- What is it for?
- Children jump on it. It helps to strengthen legs and muscles.
“I need one!” It's a must for my brother! Motia! He has such weak legs, and they need to be strengthened so that he can walk with me!

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