Aug 26, 2019

Women's circles

A Women's Circle is a space to give us that time of connection with a coincidence that seems almost impossible to achieve in today's society in which the rush, stress and mask of the "super woman" prevail.


It is not just an agreed meeting of friends who come together to talk about their things. It is a decision and a personal experience in which each woman faces in a mirror, through her eyes, with another in essence, without labels or labels with that uniqueness that is recognized, without hierarchies.


It was made on July 8

The images speak for themselves.

Aug 16, 2019

Preparing to support child caregivers

The caregivers of the girls and boys of the María Campy de Yoder household need new knowledge and new tools for the care of girls and boys from a rights perspective.


To achieve this, we have recently prepared a questionnaire that allows us to identify educational needs.


This questionnaire contains questions to identify the knowledge and practices that caregivers carry out from a focus on the human rights and best interests of the child and those that require learning. Learn some examples of the questions it contains: You can also try to answer some of the questions.  We hope that this small example of what we do, you find interesting and continue supporting us.

Look at the attached document 


Team Idea Dignidad

May 29, 2019

These were months of seeking justice

In the previous report, we told you that although we have not reached 9% of the resources necessary for the execution of this project, even without economic resources, but with a very high spirit of commitment we have advanced in the attention of at least 8 more women

In this report, we want to emphasize how, through our legal campaigning, we have managed to find justice for 2 cases in which the rights of women and girls have been seriously violated.

  • The first refers to the femicide of Meibi Lozano. Last April 25, Idea Dignidad represented the mother of the victim and achieved the judicial decision by which the sentence of 26 years of deprivation of liberty for the femicide of Meibi, a 23-year-old indigenous woman of nationality, was ratified. Indigenous of the Saraguro people, who was murdered in Riobamba on May 1, 2017, by her ex-partner, Denis Adrián, 28 years old. Although in this case the use of indigenous justice was controversial, the rights of the victims were prevailed. See more information in the link.·        
  • The second case is that of the 6-year-old E.M.C.T girl who was the victim of sexual abuse together with her classmates by her teacher at the 11 de Octubre School in the north-west of the city of Quito. Through the representation of Idea Dignidad it has been achieved that in this case, the girl's sexual aggressor is sentenced to a sentence of 16 years and the girl and her family repaired by the educational institution. See more information in the link.·        
  • And the last case we want to refer to is that of the 8 year old girl J.G.V.G sexually abused together with her aunts (also minors), by her stepfather. Also in this case, through the legal support of Idea Dignidad, the Rights Protection Board of the Quitumbe sector in the south of the city of Quuito issued, among others, the following protection measures: a) distancing from the aggressor and prohibition from continuing to exercise violence, intimidation or, threats, b) to the school where the girl JGVG and her brothers study and follow up the school performance, c) and the institutional programs All Life and the Special Protection Service provide psychological and social support to the mother and all the minors to overcome the different situations of violence. 

It is so with and without resources, we will not cease in our task of protecting girls and women victims of violence. To those who have believed in us and in our work, thank you!


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