Jan 5, 2007

Financial Final report on one Ecosan toilet

Greetings from Kyakulumbye Development foundation.

This is the final financial summary report of the donation received and expenditure made for the first disbursement of 2,255,752 million Uganda shillings. The money was used to construct one communal Ecosan toilet at Buyijja village. The narrative report has been sent separately.

Final financial report of donations received and expenditure made:-



Project area: Buyijja village Project item: one Ecosan latrine construction.


1. Fuel for supervision of activities 300,000/= 2. One ecosan latrine construction materials broken down below; a) Bricks 70,000/= b) Aggregates 200,000/= c) Lake sand 170,000/= d) Transport for materials 250,000/= e) Cement 140,000/= f) Vent pipe 40,000/= g) Ecopan 100,000/= h) Iron bars 20,000/= i) Wire mesh 150,000/= j) Binding wire 15,000/= k) Ventilators 3,600/= l) Iron sheets 90,000/= m) Doors and frames 150,000/= n) Timber for roofing 300,000/= o) Bank charges 7,152/= Grand total 2,255,752/=


Donation received from GlobalGiving 2,255,752/= less Expenditure made for construction of one ecosan latrine 2,255,752/= BALANCE

Jan 5, 2007

Final Narrative report on one Ecosan toilet and photos


Kyakulumbye Development foundation (KDF)'s Narrative report on Ecosan latrine construction at Buyijja village.

KDF received a donation of 2,255,752/= from GlobalGiving to implement a community managed water project in Buyjja and Bongole parishes. The donation has been used to construct one Public two stance Eco-san latrine at Buyijja village which is a social centre where the community gathers together to share ideas during their free time and after work. The community has admired the technology and different growth centers have put in their request for a similar facility to be constructed.

The facility has been visited by both local leaders and development workers in the region.

Impact of Ecosan latrine

Ecosan latrine byproducts will be used as fertilizers in their gardens to grow tomatoes, cabbage, bananas, capsicum and green pepper.

It will also lead to reduction in water, hygiene and sanitation related diseases in a way that the people will use the facility as a disposal. Thanks to GlobalGiving donors!

Other Activities:

A KDF water program funded by Simavi NL has been going on and we are carrying out a look back study in the old project areas in order to strengthen operation and maintenance of water sources.

The local authorities have played a big role in monitoring the facilities put in place and share their ideas and experience especially during stakeholder meetings.

KDF has participated in water and sanitation working groups especially on women and children as they play a key role in water collection.

During the Country wide search for the civil society organizations launched by His Excellency Ambassador of the European Union to look for the Best Practice Award winners, the exercise was carried out by the Government of Uganda and European Union. They visited 450 civil society organisations country wide and found out that KDF had the best practices and reserved to be presented with an award in recorgnition of their exemplary work and dedication to the highest standards of performance towards improving peoples lives.

All the above achievements have come because of your contribution to our organisation, we thank you for that, let's continue working together . The community of Buyijja and Bongole still requests for continued support to fight health related diseases through construction of water sources, water jars at household levels for the elderly and continued hygiene and sanitation promotion.

Photos of a ecosan latrine are attache along with a photo of us with our best practice award!

final ecosan latrine completed at Buyijja village
final ecosan latrine completed at Buyijja village
photo on ecosan latrine final stages being worked on
photo on ecosan latrine final stages being worked on
Oct 17, 2006

What KDF is doing

Greetings from Kyakulumbye Development foudation and thank you Globalgiving community for the donation.

We received a donation from Globalgiving to implement a community managed water project in Bongole and Buyijja parishes. Currently we are constructing a community Eco-san latrine at Buyijja growth centre.

Ecosan Latrine

Ecosan latrine is a new innovation in sanitation. It is being adopted in order to improve sanitation.

The community and Mpigi district at large are eager to learn the usage and adoption of the new sanitation option which can be built and can protect surface and underground soil, and doesn’t cost much compared to the pit latrine in the long run.

Community mobilization and sensitization has been carried out for the community beneficiaries to know the importance of the Ecosan latrine. The community contributed local labor, and land where the ecosan latrine is being constructed. The lower local government of Buwama have embraced the project right from the beginning as the local council one has this to say "This is an area where people cultivate vegetables and banana plantations, so the manure got from human excreta will work as fertilizers in their gardens and we will work hard to scale up the project to other areas.”

Ecosan latrine will be commissioned by the Chairman LC.V of Mpigi. The stakeholders have been briefed on the ongoing activity. The lower local government has carried out supervision and monitoring of the progress of the project.

Clean Water

The area has experienced shortage of water in all villages since its a dry season where ponds have dried up necessitating construction of water sources. People are traveling long distances in search of safe clean water.

Hygiene and sanitation situation in the area is still low as the people live with animals, excreta is littered around peoples households necessitating community education on hygiene and sanitation both at community and school levels.

We carried out a needs assessment exercise together with the community and established that old women can not move longer distances in search for safe clean water therefore need water to be brought nearer to their households (water jars).

KDF achievements

KDF has been selected as one of the best organizations with innovation in water management by European union 9th Civil society capacity building, we shall be communicating to you the progress.

KDF has been participating in various competitions world wide example SANACTION organized by Simavi Netherland coming with a sanitation innovation where KDF came second out of 77 organizations from Africa and Asia.

In order to strengthen cooperation between the organization and Local government we usually attend meetings organized by the district of Mpigi to share experience in water and sanitation management.

Background view and front view of the latrine is attached to this report. These are some of the current Ecosan latrine project photos being constructed at Buyijja growth centre.

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