May 5, 2020


Community engagement volunteers after the training
Community engagement volunteers after the training

The project report reflets the activities undertaken during the first quarter of thye project in Bulo sub county Butambala District in centyral Uganda.

Activities unertakenduring the quarter:

  • Awareness creation 
  • consultitative meeetings with local leaders
  • mobilisation of the Yorth (both women and men)
  • Health education and dangers of hepatitis B.
  • Challanges of Covid 19.


Was done among women and men among women in the community to ensure that the disease transmitted through different approaches,answers were received to KDF staff through pespectoler approaches alot were leart from the participates.


Discussions were held with local leaders to have in depth understanding of the disease,KDFstaff were told thatthey have already about the disease through Buganda kingdom awareness creation over the kingdom radio centralbrand casting radio(CBS),However they asked as how are we going to help the community,KDF is proposing to have immuninisation program on the hepatitis B.


Both women and men were mobilised to participate in the project to ensure that they can bbe alive and health to enale them to developin development ventures suchthat they can e ale to reduce poverty.during the moilation meeting youth requested to initiate threater for development to that youth can develop the attitude.


KDF had training with community engagement volunteers at village level to know how hepatitis B is transmitted and ways preventing the disease.pespetole approachwas applied were every body give his or her own answers.


KDF line any other oraganisation in the Uganda faced the challange of covid 19 especiary toward s the end of the quarter when the presedent announced the lockdown in the country and strict guildlines to be followed by every citizen in the country.on top of that their were no funding apart from contriution from the KDF of six hundred thousands shillings.

funds received during the quarter KDF 600,000/=

Mobilisation                                                                           200,000

Awareness creation                                                             100,000

Health education                                                                  150,000

Consultative meeting with local council leaders                  150,000

Total expenditure                                                                 600,000

Jun 29, 2009

A postcard from: Provide piped water to 5000 people in Uganda

Brian Banks is a student who is traveling throughout Africa this summer and visiting a number of GlobalGiving projects. On May 14th he visited "Provide education to AIDS orphans in rural Uganda." When asked what he would tell his friends about this project, Brian said: “Incredible: You need to see this!"

At first we thought it was some child’s sculptural masterpiece made of sticks, strings, and a plastic container; but we quickly learned that this was the tippy tap, one of KDF’s ingenious and lifesaving inventions. KDF is the organization implementing the “Provide Piped Water to 5,000 in Uganda.” The tippy tap, used for hand washing, is one of the many home-grown interventions that KDF is using to improve water and sanitation in local communities. Tippy taps have been supported by KDF’s hygiene promoters, volunteers working in their local communities that have been trained in best sanitation practices. KDF, with the help of GlobalGiving, provided volunteers with bicycles, making it easier to spread knowledge about good sanitation behaviors.

Although KDF has only been receiving funding from GlobalGiving for three years, the organization has had an impressive impact using that funding. Aside from the hygiene promoters, GlobalGiving has also funded an “eco-san” toilet. Not only does this serve as a hygienic toilet (in a community that needed one) but it provides “humanure,” a safe fertilizer from human waste. This serves Buyijja, a largely agricultural community.

Next, we visited a 90 year old man with severely limited mobility that had benefitted from a KDF rain water catchment right outside his home. The numerous orphans living with their elderly grandfather also benefit, as do his neighbors. His is among eight individuals and families that have received personal water collectors because they are unable to reach a water source. Other beneficiaries include a blind man and a bed-ridden mother with AIDS. The families we met with were overwhelmed with gratitude for these life saving devices funded by GlobalGiving.

Today KDF is using GlobalGiving funding to construct a system that will provide clean water to 5,000 individuals that currently rely on dirty ponds for water. KDF has developed an original piped water scheme that will pump clean water, using solar power to free water points all over the area. As we visited the newly drilled safe water source, Ronald, the project leader pointed out the pond currently being used by the community. We could not believe that people would actually collect water from this putrid pond, filled with algae and murky water. But, as we walked away we passed a young girl with her water can on her way to fill it at that very pond. Ronald assured us that once the piped water scheme was completed she, like so many others, would have safe water available right outside her house.

To learn more about this project and how you can help, visit

GlobalGiving is committed to incorporating many viewpoints on our 600+ projects. We feel that more information, especially from eyewitnesses, helps donors like you continue to support organizations doing great work in the community. Postcards are written by visitors, and to make your experience as authentic as possible, GlobalGiving does not alter these updates - they are the real deal.

Jun 10, 2009

Update of piped water Buwama

Kdf has included community education and sanitation where piped water beneficiaries as one way of improving the general condition of the community.kdf staff have carried out intensive community mobilization to build toilets and dish racks. Solid waste, some house holds have dug pits for solid waste while others just throw on heap and burn it, when it gets dry. There is no collection and disposal system. Drainage; some houses have constructed back way pits at the back of their houses. A water main reserver has already been built. The water supply has been calculated on the population project of buwama by 2115 based on annual growth rate of 3% .As the construction water supply and pump houses are complete.Kdf has carried out service level projections vary from public tap stands servicing f group of house holds. It has been assumed that 80% of the population will use the system as some house holds collect water from other sources. Anticipated service levels for a piped water supply are estimated as follows

 Yard tap.10%  Public tap stands70%  Existing water30%

The sub massive/borehole with a safe yield water from this source would be pumped to common swamp from where t would be pumped to an elevated Ferro cement tank reservoir located on katakanyonyi where water will be distributed using gravity to consumers via distribution net work to public stand pipes. Numbers of vistors have visited the scheme including local government officials and Csos where we need to work together. GLOBAL GIVING TEAM VISTED KDF OFFICES IN Bulo and looked at the progress of the project thanked kdf for the great job done. Kdf thanks donors who gave in their penny encouraging messages and other development practitioners who have known kdf from the global giving website

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