Aug 6, 2020

Adha Report

Here we come to an end with our Al Adha project, thanks to our many partners across the globe we managed to help more than 166,000 beneficiaries of all nationalities and religions in Lebanon.

With your support, we managed to provide 15 families with meat portions. Thank you so much for helping us to increase our beneficiaries a bit more and provide them with meat portions, in times where they have got used to eating olives and pickled eggplants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We are living in a very critical situation right now in Lebanon where the prices of goods have increased, and Lebanon is trying to survive an economic crisis which is becoming worse and worse each day.


Jun 25, 2020

COVID-19: First Report

With the generous donations received from our supporters through GlobalGiving, URDA implemented COVID-19 Awareness Sessions and distributed hygiene kits to 440 beneficiaries residing in Al Yasmine refugee camp and Bar Elias (Lebanese neighborhood) as part of the COVID-19 Response plan. Those beneficiaries are added to thousands of other beneficiaries who received hygiene kits and awareness sessions with the funding of other partnering organizations.

The Protection Sector at URDA across Lebanon, after attending several training sessions with the Red Cross and Other reference organizations on the Novel COVID-19 outbreak, will be implementing COVID-19 Awareness Sessions for vulnerable communities while following World Health Organization’s recommendations on the rational use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the implementing teams.

While following WHO's recommendations on the rational use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the implementing teams, all teams were required to:

  • Wear a face mask when standing close of the beneficiaries and no need to wearing a face mask if at distance is 2m or more.
  • Wear gloves at all times while sterilizing hands before wearing the gloves and when taking them off
  • Refrain from touching face, nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Maintain social distancing and ensure the distance between attendees during the session
  • A maximum of 10 participants in each session (so every 3 sessions technically constitute one full-attendance session)

The Awareness Session included several topics such as:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • Can we get cured once infected?
  • Is there a treatment for COVID-19?
  • Means of self-care and prevention of the spread
  • How and when to use face masks and gloves
  • Safe removal of face masks and gloves (with practical and on-field performance)
  • Quarantine criteria
  • How to deal with the household if a family member does test positive for COVID-19
  • How do breastfeeding mothers who test positive continue breastfeeding while ensuring the safety of the newborn
  • Household sterilization
  • Myth busters regarding COVID-19
  • Symptoms and the referral hotline in case of suspicion of COVID-19
  • The difference between COVID-19, the flu and common cold and several other topics

At the end of the sessions, and due to the alarming reports across Lebanon among all communities and nationalities, a short brief description of GBV (Gender-Based Violence) was given and all hotlines for self-referrals were shared among girls, women, boys, and men. Also, informative brochures regarding COVID-19 in coordination with UNFPA were distributed among the participants.

The service is aligned with the national COVID-19 response in the prevention approach of the disease. Step one of the COVID 19 response in refugee and host communities included prevention at the level of community engagement and awareness-raising through the implementation of health awareness COVID19 preventive measures. The service provided through URDA and the support of GlobalGiving played a vital role in supporting the national prevention plan with a huge positive and assuring impact.

"The need for the COVID-19 Awareness Sessions and the distribution of the hygiene kits is more crucial now than ever in Lebanon and the need for further funding is required to reach our goal." - Alaa Kaddoura (Protection Sector)


Jun 2, 2020

Final Report - Ramadan 2020

From the beginning of Ramadan until the advent of Eid al-Fitr, URDA has been keen to achieve the humanitarian mission that it is entrusted with through the implementation of a series of Ramadan projects and humanitarian initiatives that contributed to the relief of those in need of all nationalities, in various Lebanese regions, including Bekaa, Arsal, Akkar, Sidon, Tyre, Shebaa, and Beirut.

Thanks to our generous donors, the cumulative number of beneficiaries of all projects during this month reached 559,032.

Under the title “Bring Back the Smile”, URDA’s Ramadan projects which have been supported by several humanitarian donors from around the world, including France, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and others, have provided food parcels enough for a family for a whole month. URDA distributed  31,920 parcels in addition to hot meals, which benefited 74,182 families. URDA’s charitable bakery was operated to provide around 120,000 bread bundles.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon, our relief teams have taken the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that assistance reaches beneficiaries safely.

In this context, 1,019 protective hygiene kits were provided, along with the sterilization of several camps and slums.

URDA concluded its Ramadan projects with the Eid clothing project, which spread joy among 1,166 children.


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