Dec 10, 2020

Three Students Can Now Pursue their Education

Thanks to your generous donations, URDA managed to support Samia, Rami, and Bilal, three underprivileged academically outstanding students in Lebanon.

Your donations have been dedicated to Samia and Rami’s university enrollment fees, in addition to Bilal’s senior year post-graduate studies. Bilal is a hardworking Palestinian refugee in Lebanon who was pursuing a Business Administration degree in university when his father fell ill due to heart disease. Bilal’s father had to undergo several critical surgeries which forced Bilal to drop out of university as he became the main breadwinner for his family after being occupied with a full-time job that almost made his dreams of education a distant reality.

With your donations, Bilal managed to go back to university, and he is now expected to graduate in summer 2021. Thank you all for your support which has been making a big difference in some student’s lives.

Nov 11, 2020

Beirut Explosion: Final Report

Dear donors, supporters

We would like to take this chance to thank each and every one of you for the great humanity you have shown to the people of Beirut upon hearing the news about the tragic explosion which rocked the capital back on August 4th. Your very generous contributions have supported thousands of affected Lebanese families who are still trying to recover from the aftermath of such an event.

Through our amazing partner GlobalGiving and thanks to you, URDA raised USD 338,547, a very generous amount which allowed us to provide the following services:

  • An immediate inspection of all affected areas on the night of the explosion.
  • Dispatching 2 medical mobile clinics with a fully equipped medical team to treat the injured.
  • Dispatching teams of employees and volunteers across all affected areas in Beirut to help with removing the rubble and cleaning the streets.
  • Offering psychosocial support sessions to affected individuals who need help.
  • Offering psychological First Aid on spot with a trained team.
  • Distribution of 2,250 food parcels which benefited around 10,125 beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of 4,821 water packs of 6 large bottles per family which benefited around 21,695 beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of 1,520 bread bundles which benefited around 6,840 individuals.
  • Distribution of 1,230 hot meals that benefited 5,535 beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of 1,125 hygiene kits containing basic hygiene supplies which benefited around 5,063 beneficiaries.
  • Distribution of 34 medical supplies kits per healthcare center. This distribution targeted 5 main healthcare facilities in Beirut.
  • 169 house repairs and rehabilitation projects which benefited 761 beneficiaries.

Targeted areas included the Martyrs Square area, Mar Mkhayel, Salim Slam, Borj Hammoud, Ashrafeyye, Gemayzeh, and Karantina areas. Our services were offered to affected families of all nationalities in Beirut without discrimination.

Thanks again for your grand contributions. Please feel free to check our Winter Appeal project on GlobalGiving which is targeting refugee camps across Lebanon.


Oct 15, 2020

Hygiene Kits in Lebanon: 2nd Report

Dear donors and supporters,

The past year has been very difficult for people all around the world especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic which almost paralyzed the globe. However, in Lebanon, this year has been very challenging mainly due to the deteriorating economic conditions, the COVID-19 outbreak, the Beirut Port explosion, the forest fires, and the extremely difficult political situation which affected almost everyone in Lebanon and resulted in an unprecedented increase in poverty rates.

Thanks to your generous donations and GlobalGiving's huge support through grants to help the needy in Lebanon regardless of their age, gender, religion, or nationality, we managed to make a great impact in our communities, where we provided 5,725 beneficiaries with COVID-19 related services including:

  1. Hygiene Kits
  2. Refugee Camp and Neighborhood Sterilization
  3. COVID-19 awareness sessions

1. Hygiene Kits:

Thanks to your support, we managed to distribute 750 hygiene kits in several impoverished Lebanese neighborhoods, Syrian refugee camps, and Palestinian refugee camps across Lebanon which benefited 3375 underserved individuals.

The hygiene kits included cleaning products and personal hygiene items like soaps, sanitizers, face masks, tissue papers, cleaning detergents for use by both children and their caregivers. The kits were offered to 200 underserved Lebanese families, 150 Palestinian refugee families, and 400 Syrian refugee families.

2. Sterilizations:

As part of our sterilization campaign, URDA teams roamed several areas, mainly Syrian refugee camps to disinfect any possible hazard. 4 refugee camps and 2 Lebanese neighborhoods were sterilized making the total number of beneficiary families 500.

3. Awareness Sessions:

Our teams focused on conducting awareness sessions to raise awareness about COVID-19, what is it, what are the symptoms, how can we prevent contracting it, the proper use of masks and other items in the hygiene, the importance of maintaining a safe distance with others, COVID-19 myth busters, household sterilization, what to do if we feel sick, and other necessary information. Two types of awareness sessions were designed, one for children and another for their caregivers and other key people including barbers, hairdressers, shop owners, schools, and municipalities employees.

Thank you again for your support which has helped thousands of individuals in Lebanon. Our project has not closed yet, and we invite you to share it with others who would like to help the underserved in Lebanon.


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