Sep 3, 2019

We don't stop, we continue transforming lives

Thanks to your support we have we provide opportunities for children to improve their nutritional conditions and develop their creative and cognitive physical competencies while supporting families to improve on internal crises and train for work from a children's canteen that provides children with breakfast daily , in addition to educational workshops for training in values, healthy lifestyle habits, art and creative reading among others. We also carry out workshops with the mamites and in the line of positive upbringing and also in culinary and artistic arts.

We have achieved many things since we started our project which we describe below:

  • Amount of food delivered: 5118
  • Amount of health day: 2
  • Number of workshops to promote healthy, recreational and art life: 11
  • Number of workshops to promote good treatment, stress management: 2
  • Number of home visits: 110 (made in two time periods of 3 months)
  • Number of entrepreneurship workshops: 2
  • 60 school kits delivered
  • 120 oral hygiene kits delivered
  • 80% have improved their nutritional condition
  • 90% have improved their eating habits
  • 98% say children are happy with the dining room
  • Interpersonal relationships among children have improved 50% reduced their bad vocabulary
  • 85% of children have improved their healthy hygiene habits
  • Oral hygiene I don't have the exact data
  • 20% fewer cases of domestic violence

There are 3 mothers developing their own commercial activities, for the workshops learned. Mothers have learned from the foundation that the child should not be mistreated but talked They have also learned how to raise their children better, how to feed them, and many other things and all this we do because we are interested in children being able to have the favorable conditions for integral development, growing in protective environments and overcoming their difficult situations. . We want our children to be happy. We notice the improvement of the nutritional status, the decrease in the levels of abuse and the improvement of life habits in terms of health, hygiene and behavior and improvement in social interaction, and it also favors community integration among beneficiary caregivers. and generates entrepreneurship practices in mothers.

we dream of having a place where learning environments of English, technology, music arts are created where children can count on all the resources to develop their skills and ultimately that this project can be taken to all vulnerable areas of the city of Cartagena .

Your support is essential for this project to continue and we can reach many more families.


Jun 6, 2019

We have been working hard in our community


At the Fundación Betania Juvenil we have been working hard in our community, in order to fulfill the objectives we have set for ourselves. In the Boston neighborhood of the city of Cartagena we are developing our main project, the Rayitos de Sol dining room, where today we have 60 children between the ages of 2 and 9 years old. We are also impacting 33 families as beneficiaries. , in these first 4 months of having started, we have been able to distribute more than 2,500 totally free breakfasts for our children today.

Achieving our goal depends a lot on the continuous help that comes from our donors like you, continuity is very important, children who are part of our project, through the activities we have done have improved satisfactorily in their academic, social and psychological. Every day our volunteer group takes note of the problems that it presents in each one of the aforementioned branches, and through scheduled home visits, and workshops that we carry out in our headquarters, we make parents aware as their guardians.

The volunteering activities that we have carried out today in the academic field have allowed us to identify which children have problems in certain areas of education and we have taken an educational reinforcement that has allowed them to improve their training process; in the social field, volunteer work has focused on recreational activities and workshops on the values that should be held as people in a community that respects and lives in harmony, also in the psychological field, has worked and continues to work with parents, in the respect, love and other values that are essential for the formation and growth of children to be integral. They have also worked on activities and crafts that will allow moms to have a source of employment, understanding that the main problem of malnutrition in children is the scarcity of resources that they have as a family.

For this reason the dining room is allowing children to have food security, because we are through volunteer activities solving all the problems that surround children that do not allow them to grow fully.

Your continued help is very important for our project to continue, we invite you to continue supporting us, to dream with us, the project in its advance is already in the 50 percent range. and it is very important because of the work and I can continue it.

We invite you to look at the evidences of each of the activities in our social. Facebook

We look forward to your continued donation in our Globalgiving pages

Thank you

Mar 8, 2019


El bienestar de los ninos es nuestra prioridad
El bienestar de los ninos es nuestra prioridad

We started the activities in the dining room. with 60 children and their families.

THANK YOU for your generous donations, we will continue with the children's dining activities and the desire to bring hope to many families!

From February 3 with a health brigade and the socialization of the activities to be developed in the dining room project, we welcomed parents and children to this beautiful project, our wish is that they are many more, now, we work With 60 children and soon with your help, there will be more than 200 children smiling and their families happy.

 Stages of the project.

  Start of activities of the Dining room with children

  • We started with the medical and nutritional evaluation of children from 1 to 11 years old.
  • The ludic activities began.
  • We started the dining room with the children from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., providing them with balanced meals focused on the results of the nutritional medical evaluation.
  • We continue with the management and promotion of the project in order to obtain many more grants and donations that allow us to support this project.


Thanks to your support, the project has an advance of 35%. We keep encouraging you and also many more, to reach 100%.


See the joy of children and the face of parents when leaving the dining room, and knowing that this child thanks to this project will improve their lives, motivates us not to falter.


Your support creates the success of the dining room. Here are some ways we can help:

  Click on the donate button below and choose the best option for you.
Make your donation one monthly (this Option is Important to Guarantee Food to Children)
  Be sure to include a gift for the Dining Room for a Future in your plans for the Donation Season. 100% of your financial support goes directly to our team in Colombia and, therefore, to the families that participate in our programs.

 Thank you for being part of the Betania Juvenil Foundation team, we continue to be a helping hand.

Ellos son el motor para seguir avanzando
Ellos son el motor para seguir avanzando
Su felicidad nos motiva
Su felicidad nos motiva
Su educacion es parte integral de su futuro
Su educacion es parte integral de su futuro
Incentivar la higiene para tener una mejor salud
Incentivar la higiene para tener una mejor salud
Los mejores momentos se disfrutan en familia
Los mejores momentos se disfrutan en familia
Servir a los demas es nuestra mision
Servir a los demas es nuestra mision


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