Mar 10, 2020

Let's Help Children With Cancer - Report 2020-03

Report (December 2019, January and February 2020)

During the months of December, January and February, Rugute provided monthly and non-recurring charity of 11,993.23 Eur to the families who used this money to purchase necessary medical care and food supplies and to cover other costs that they could not have avoided due to their child’s disease (for example, travelling costs). The money also helped the families to improve the psychological well-being of the children.

The Fund helped to purchase specific medications that are needed by individual childhood cancer patients but are not State-covered or not supplied in Lithuania at all. In order to ensure that the proper treatment is administered to the little patients, the Fund bought:

- medication Topotecan (cost: 233.44 Eur);

- medication Clisma-lax (cost: 551.52 Eur).

6.250,00 Eur of charity for A. R.‘s first surgery, accommodation, meals and other expenses endured during the planned surgery at Gdansk University Clinical Hospital‘s Centre of Children‘s Surgery and Urology;

Physicians of Kaunas Clinics requested Childhood Cancer Fund Rugute to fund Ukrainian citizen's K.M.'s treatment in Lithuania. The Fund paid 1,351.07 Eur for radiation therapy.

The Fund paid 3,025.00 Eur for genetic screening of 1 children. The genetic screening and testing of young cancer patients in one of the most modern laboratories of Europe, is a continued project, launched by the Fund in 2015. It‘s aim is to help Lithuanian doctors to detect the hystology of the tumor, to foresee the progress of the disease and to individualize the treatment.

The Fund has donated 1,500.00 Eur to the Lithuanian Children's oncology and Haematology Therapists Fellowship.

For the past three months, Rugute was also covering the maintenance costs of Rugute’s Home, the only facility in Lithuania that provides temporary accommodation to the young cancer patients and their family members, free of charge. Having found shelter in these premises, children with oncological diseases are able to have a break from their treatment and from being in the hospital. Rugute’s Home allows their family members to get a temporary accommodation while visiting children in the hospital. The total maintenance cost of Rugute's Home in December, January and February was 4,995.33 Eur.

On the 12th of December, 2019, five friends from Sweden arrived to Lithuania to continue on a beautiful Christmas tradition. They brought gifts to children with oncological diseases. Every time I come to Lithuania and meet those sweet children, I realize how lucky and fortunate I am. There are people arround us that have not been so lucky. I am happy to be able to provide at least a little happiness to them, - says Stefan Essperson, one of the beginners of this support campaign.

We are very grateful to our dear donors of GlobalGiving, who do not hesitate to contribute to the well-being of the little oncology patients in Lithuania. Thank you for thinking of us, and for being there for our children.

Dec 16, 2019

Let's Help Children With Cancer - Report 2019-12

Helping to heal for the past 15 Years!

Before our footsteps have even left the meadow, the curtain of autumn crashes down, and the wildflowers fade and fall still yearning to dance in the remaining rays of sunshine. You are barely aware of the first refreshing drops of dew before they freeze, carving your cheeks with frostbite. Dawn breaks and no leaf remains on any tree; overnight, every branch sinks, shouldering the burden of heavy snow. A moment like this could be revelatory; could demonstrate that no one ever taught us how to believe or how to find strength in adversity. We simply found our strength by instinct, and others discovered us to be pillars of support.

Thank you, always, for your continued support!

Sep 18, 2019

Let's Help Children With Cancer - Report 2019-09

Today is the day when we want to say a huge thank you for believing in the little patient and his step into tomorrow. Today is the day when we want to bow for your support to “Rugute's“ ambition to be with doctors and ensure the most adavnced treatment for children with oncological illnesses, to conduct the necessary diagnostic and genetic testing which are not conducted in Lithuania, to provide the needed charity for families and a cozy home-like environment for temporary stay in order to spend time with one‘s family at “Rugute's home“.

Lately, while filling various reports, we are more and more surprised and thankful from our hearts for supporting the “Rugute“ Foundation. It was only together that we could raise:

  •  7 748,38 Eur for medicine and nursing supplies;
  •  3 574,35 Eur for central vein catheters (20 units);
  • 2 515,59 Eur for needles used for central vein catheters (630 units);
  • 738,58 Eur for special infusion systems (60 units) and connectors (200 units);
  • 2 178,87 Eur for oral care products: Caphosol® (9 units) and GUM® AftaClear (184 units);
  • 4 269,00 Eur for buying an arms and legs trainer for D. I.;
  • 1 610,00 Eur for paying for behind-the-ear hearing aid for R. B.;
  • 176,60 Eur for MIC-KEY skin level gastronomy tube (1 unit);
  • 3 025,00 Eur for genetic OncoDEEP & TRACE test conduct;
  • 11 536,91 Eur of charity for A. R.‘s first surgery, two trips, accommodation, meals and other expenses endured during the planned surgery at Gdansk University Clinical Hospital‘s Centre of Children‘s Surgery and Urology;
  • 36 000,00 Eur support for O.V.‘s treatment in the hospital of Köln;
  •  2 013,37 Eur for T. Z.‘s trip to Turkey;
  •  12 110,00 Eur support for basic needs of families;
  •  1 800,00 Eur support for Lithuanian Society of Pediatric Onco-hematologists;
  •  753,06 Eur for buying supplies for Children‘s Hospital, Affiliate of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, renewal of psychology rooms;
  • 30 000,00 Eur support for Vilnius Chindren‘s Hospital‘s Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology for the renovation of patient rooms.

During the first eight months of 2019 the total amount of 120 049,71 Eur was meaningfully spent. We did not include the expenses of: minor supplies for hospital‘s play rooms, supplies for aquarium care, gifts for children, “Rugute's home“ maitenance and realization of other international cooperation projects.

Thank you for being with “Rugute“ Foundation. Thank you for giving sails and favorable wind to children, who are using their endless will and effort to row through the vast and treacherous ocean of illness.

We are certain that this support will help children to reach the safe coast with no hospital wards and procedure rooms as fast as possible and only the straight road to dream realization will lie ahead.

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