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Aug 29, 2019

408 farmers enrolled, 115 greenhouses installed!

408 farmers now enrolled, 115 greenhouses installed and more and more farmers surviving the drought and able to feed their familiesThank you! 

A big thank you to all our donors and supporters who have so generously continued to support our efforts to help poor and low-income farmers to earn more and feed their families despite the severe droughts experienced in India.

Progress till date:  

Our partners in India have successfully enrolled 408 farmers and installed a total of 115 greenhouses to date! This means that we are on course to help as many farmers as possible during 2019. 115 farmers have already benefitted from the greenhouses, specialist training, soil testing, and introduction to better farming practices, resulting in a stable source of income and food for their families.  

How did we achieve this? 

We have continued to improve the efficiency of the greenhouses in terms of water consumption, crop growth rates and resistance to pestsresulting in better than expected crop yields and income for the farmers.

We have also continued to improve our “orientation training” for new farmers; Currently, 60% of the farmers who enroll for the orientation training also signup for the full greenhouse implementation program. 

Finally, we have also established a new field partner program which engages drip irrigation suppliers, farmer collectives and milk buyers. Through this network, more farmers are becoming aware of better farming practices and are learning about the benefits of our adopting sustainable farming practices.  

On-going efforts 

With your generous support we have successfully continued to develop and deploy our affordable greenhouse solutions to improve farmers’ livelihoods. They are now able to have better and more predictable yields as well as reduced environmental risks. 

We continue to face the challenge of providing ready access to working capital for many of these farmers and with your help, that of our partners and benefactors, we remain hopeful of being able to establish a more sustainable source of funding support for the farmers. 

May 30, 2019

175 farmers enrolled, 81 greenhouses installed!

Our team in India have successfully enrolled 175 farmers in the program, with 81 greenhouses installed up to date! This means that with your help,we have exceeded our initial goal of enlisting 150 farmers.  

How did we achieve this? 

We have improved the awareness building program by working closely with village communities, farmer collectives, and seed, fertilizer and irrigation suppliers. We have also introduced prevention training kits to help the farmers to understand how to reduce the likelihood of problems arising, and have delivered more complete programs. 

Improved Greenhouse design: 

With feedback from the farmers, we have also improved the design of the greenhouses. The greenhouses are bigger and significantly more efficient upon the use of land, water, seed and fertilizer resources, thus enabling farmers to grow twice as much crops and earning more income. 

Greater Crop Diversity:  

We have also launched field trials for growing cucumber, capsicums, green beans, lettuce, broccoli and chilies to help the farmers produce crops that remain in constant demand, thus improving their ability to earn a sustainable income.  

Helping provide sustainable livelihoods for poor farmers is our passion. Please continue to support our team's efforts to help deliver these positive outcomes and continue to follow the progress being made with your kind and generous help. 

Feb 25, 2019

Your contributions are making a real difference!

From open-land farming to Greenhouse farming
From open-land farming to Greenhouse farming

The journey towards better farming and sustainable income has started in earnest! This family has been helped to start growing a healthy crop in 260 sq. meters that they would otherwise tried to grow in 4,850 sq. meters of open land farming subject to drought, excessive heat and pests. 

Seeds of inspiration: Sathya - one of our Project Leaders in the field, had longed to find a way to help India’s small-holder farmers since encountering a destitute farmer eating mud out of desperation. Quitting his corporate job in 2009, he spent over 1.5 years visiting numerous villages, and found that the inequality between farming household incomes was staggering. 

This enormous disparity was due largely to the poor small-holding farmer’s lack of available resources (i.e. access to water, quality seeds and fertilizers, soil testing, technology and knowledge). The farmers’ challenges were further compounded by the increasing exposure to drought, excessive heat and pests that have decimated these farmers’ livelihoods, leaving them with growing debt and little (or no) income to feed their families.  

After researching, then understanding the nature of the challenges faced by these farmers, Sathya, together with his inspired colleagues set about designing, developing, and then deploying the innovative Greenhouse-in-a-Box solution. 

Please watch this video to hear from our project leaders about the Greenhouse solution: 

Progress till date: Our colleagues in India have successfully completed the induction and training programs with 100 poor small-holding farmers in the state of Telangana. During these past few months, these farmers have been introduced to the tools and methods with which to start growing crops inside their greenhouses in a more sustainable manner. The farmers are also encouraged to become part of our collectives to adopt a greater sense of community development and knowledge-sharing. 

Your support is helping these farmers take their first tentative steps towards a brighter, healthier future for their families. Together with a composite program of seed & fertilizer procurement, monitoring, and training during the crop-growing season, more of these farmers are growing better quality crops while using less resources, and earning greater income when they are helped to sell their harvests directly at the farm gate 

Please continue supporting these farmers by encouraging your family, friends and colleagues to consider following your wonderful example.  

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