Jun 28, 2021

Breaking down frontiers

Music is joy
Music is joy

Dear Donor,


Despite the challenging situation we continue to move forward in making the dream of the Musical School of Birongo a reality, a place that will serve as a hub for the preservation and transmission of the local culture of this beautiful community.

We are happy to announce that we recently partnered up with Ana Vargas architectural firm. They will be in charge of the architectural design and civil engineering of this project. They are currently working in the first design proposal for the school, this proposal will be presented to the community in order to take their feedback and sugestions into what will become the final design.

In addition, we are happy to announce that we have been successful in expanding our frontiers. Thanks to our project Tourism in Action now the traditional music of Birongo can be enjoyed by anyone through our virtual experiences. 

This project seeks to provide communities, with a huge touristic potential, with the technological and educational means to create quality content that will connect them with tourists from around the globe through our virtual experiences. This way we will help reactivate the tourism network, greatly affected by the global pandemic, by creating alternate means of generating income and promoting their incredible destinations. 

Thanks to Tourism in Action the musical group of  Estrellas de Birongo have already participated in two online experiences, where travelers of different nationalities have been able to enjoy the traditions and sounds of this community. 

If you want to be part of this and enjoy a musical experience, follow us on social media as  @eposak and learn more about this amazing project and next dates.

The next step in this road we are traveling together is to continue raising funds for the purchase of materials and furniture for the school. We know we can count on you to help us achieve this.


Thanks for all your support, let's continue transforming realities together!

huge artistic potential in every kid
huge artistic potential in every kid
May 26, 2021

New Horizons

Royner, also known as Joropito, has good flow
Royner, also known as Joropito, has good flow

 Lights On! keeps shining on the Kamarata Valley


Dear Donor, 

We have almost reached the first half of the year and we are happy to report that the solar panels continue to work perfectly in Kamarata Valley and that thanks to Lights On! project, lights are shining bright both in the rural hospital and local school. 

Also, we are increasingly convinced that energy is a determining factor in the quality of life of a community and that it is essential for its progress. For this reason, we continue working in alliances and looking for new ones that allow us to take  the impact of Lights On! to more unique Venezuelan communities. 

One of them is Birongo, where locals spend most of the day without electricity, one of the reasons why we want to develop Lights On! in Birongo is to provide clean and renewable energy to its Cultural Center. This Cultural Center is currently under cunstruction and it will be the the heart and soul of the Birongo's proud cultural heritage.

Providing energy to this Cultural Cneter will give them the opportunity to promote their local identity through their music, dance, theater and make their culture known through online experiences with travelers from anywhere in the world and thus boost their tourism development. 

If a ray of light was the driving force behind important changes in the Kamarata community, imagine what we can accomplish if Lights On! reaches Birongo and more communities in Venezuela.  


We are counting on you to achieve it! 

Mar 3, 2021

An extreme makeover

A Extreme Makeover


Dear Donor,


We are happy to announce that in the last couple of months we have been busy at work.

In December we managed to give the school an external makeover, with the support of our allies TRAZANDO ESPACIOS we organized a workshop to give the community some design tools in order to create a pattern that most accurately represents the local culture.

The dynamic was very fun, we were divided into groups, each group had to make a proposal. Then we invited the whole community for a vote and the winning pattern was replicated and painted in the external facade of the Musical School.

It was a couple of days of joy and enthusiasm where the community got together to paint the beautiful pattern in the external facade of the Musical School of Birongo.

Also, a couple of days ago we visited the community with some of our brand ambassadors and influencers to present them the Musical School Project, it was magical to see how everyone immediately understood the importance and the need for the Musical School, there were many smiles in the faces of the community and visitors which helped brew many ideas in order to make this dream come true.

The next step is to gather a team of architects and civil engineers to help us translate the ideas and dreams of the community into an eco-friendly building that will become the heart and soul of the Birongo culture.


Will keep you posted, thank you for your invaluable support.

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