Feb 3, 2021

Future teachers Are Proud and Deserving

Melicatou is grateful for her scholarship
Melicatou is grateful for her scholarship

Two of our scholarship recipients this year share their stories and their gratitude for the opportunity given them by GlobalGiving donors to obtain training in primary school teaching:

Greetings dear partners to my education,

My name is Melicatou.  I am 23 years old and the mother of one child.  I lost my mother when I was very young and soon after my father left for Ivory Coast, leaving my younger brother and me with his brother.  My uncle forced me to marry one of his friends, becoming the second wife of this man who was the age of my father and a farmer.  He beat me often.  Each of us wives had to provide for our own children.  Finally, my maternal uncle intervened and encouraged my husband to let me pursue my studies.

After receiving my secondary school diploma, I applied for a scholarship from Global NEEED Burkina to receive primary school teacher training and was accepted.  I want to express my profound gratitude for this scholarship.  I don’t know what I would have become without this chance to receive teacher training.  I so encourage you to continue your support for other young women who are in similar situations as I was.  I look forward to becoming a teacher, to helping my family, and to taking better care of my child.  Your scholarship funds contribute enormously to the reduction of poverty and misery in all of its forms. 

Best regards to all of your respective families.  Long live Global NEEED Burkina, GlobalGiving and Friends of Burkina Faso.


My name is Mariam.  I am 22 years old.  I received a scholarship this year from Global NEEED Burkina and Friends of Burkina Faso through GlobalGiving.  I am in my first year of training at the National Training School for Primary School Teachers in Ouahigouya.  I have one sister and three brothers.  My father died some years ago.  My mother collects sand at the edge of the road and sells it in order to pay for my education (from primary through secondary school). 

I look forward to completing my training and working as teacher so that I can take care of my family and my mother can rest. 

I appreciate very much all that you all are doing for me and the other girls in my situation.  Most sincerely, without my scholarship, I don’t know what I would have become.  I ask for your continuing support for the many other girls who need assistance so that they can make something of themselves and teach the next generation of children in our country.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again.  God will reward your generosity and kindness one hundred times over.

Feb 2, 2021

School Lunches Provide Important Study Time

Abseta appreciates the school canteen
Abseta appreciates the school canteen

My name is Abseta.  I am 15 years old and I am in my last year of middle school at the Lycee Moderne de l’Amitie.  I am studying for the very important end-of-middle-school exam which will determine whether I can continue on to secondary school. 

Every noon hour, I stay on campus and I benefit from the canteen along with my classmates.  After lunch, we re-group in the shade to study our lessons or do group work.  The school canteen plays an important role in our success because it allows us to stay on campus to eat and study rather than to go the 3 kms to where we live, never knowing whether or not we will find something to eat there at noon.

Following my education, I hope to work in child protection or environmental protection. 

I thank you for your very kind support for us and our education.

Oct 6, 2020

Two Very Grateful Midwifery Students

Nafissatou, a proud and grateful future midwife
Nafissatou, a proud and grateful future midwife

This year, your generous donations are supporting scholarships for six young women to receive midwifery training and four to receive primary school teacher training.  With the government’s current goal to improve maternal health by extending midwifery services farther into rural areas, Burkina Faso is both upgrading midwifery training and seeking to train more midwives.  Thanks to your generous support, the following young women are two of the six who entered midwifery training this year with GlobalGiving/Friends of BurkinaFaso/Global NEEED scholarships.

My name is Nafissatou.   In am 23 years old and a midwifery student at the National School for Public Health in Ouahigouya.  My father, who is deceased, had four wives.  From a young age, knowing women in my village who suffered through pregnancies and some who died during delivery has made me want to become a midwife and give women better care.  My only chance to achieve my goal came when Global NEEED awarded me a scholarship.  Following my three years of training, I promise to give my very best; to apply all I’ve learned to serve humanity; and to make my family, my GlobalGiving sponsors and Global NEEED proud.  I thank you and I pray that you will be able to assist other young women who share my goal but can only achieve it with outside help.

My name is Aguiratou.  I am 22 years old and a first-year midwifery student.  My parents are farmers.  I have two sisters and two brothers.  My parents have sacrificed all they have to enroll us in school.  During the rainy season, we farm to have enough food and to sell the surplus to support our educations.  It is thanks to Global NEEED and their GlobalGiving partners that I am able to study midwifery, a profession I love.  Following my training, I look forward to working as a midwife, to helping my parents and to honoring Global NEEED and its partners.  I have no words to fully express my gratitude to Global NEEED and their GlobalGiving partners for giving me this opportunity which I would not otherwise ever have.  THANK YOU!

Aguiratou, a proud and grateful midwifery student
Aguiratou, a proud and grateful midwifery student
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