Green Empowerment

Green Empowerment provides villages with clean water, electricity from renewable energy and sustainable solutions.
Jul 5, 2011

More on the Winning Design for the River Tubine

A parts list, and plans:

Uses only inexpensive and standard components:

1. Small trailer axle ball bearing (really barrel). The stress of rolling this machine would be no threat for these bearings, as they are intended to carry a much heavier load.

2. Standard steel tubing and flange.

3. A bicycle wheel acts as a 28 inch low cost pulley.

4. Wooden lateral wings to make a Venturi flow control.

Designer will complete the first prototype in their shop, and then travel to Columbia to help for the initial installation, fine tuning, and tech training-- TBD.

A team of engineers from our in-country partner APROTEC will work with the community to install the equipment and do follow up tests and monitoring for at least 1 year.

Jun 2, 2011

Political and military delays

A complex situation has developed in the last months in the communities of Datalnay & Dlumay and several others in the area.

Unfortunately, a local military battalion has apparently interpreted the recent empowerment of the communities – starting alphabetization classes, installing technical equipment for electricity, working with regional and national non-profits to improve their living conditions – as a signal that the communities are sympathizers of the armed rebel groups active in the island.   At various times since November 2010, soldiers in full battle gear have harassed, detained, and interrogated men, women, and children, including a group of 30 school children doing outdoor activities and tree-planting on part of the micro-hydro system.

Since mid March, to ensure their safety and on the advice of the community leaders and even of the parents, all of the remaining local non-profit staff had to evacuate the area. The teachers heartbreakingly padlocked the school and declared a temporary suspension of classes with the promise to the community of working out their return.

Even usual farming activities have been disrupted. 

Complaints have been filed by the local non-profits, who are working with local authorities to normalize the situation.

Needless to say, the final work on the electrification and agricultural processing facilities, and the inauguration ceremony, have been put on hold until the situation improves.

Mar 18, 2011

New Ram Pump Community Identified!

An indirect result of winning the BBC Challenge is that new prospects for community ram pumps have emerged.  In the next 90 days, one such community which has been identified by AIDFI, will undergo greater assistance and preparations for planning, siting, community development and ownership, and “sweat equity” needs will be set into motion.

A preliminary estimate of $2,500 has been given for this emerging community, with greater details to follow in the next two weeks.  While not as urgent, the Japanese situation has caused some disruptions in communication and some anxiety in certain communities.