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Jul 30, 2015

June - August 2015

Gemma loved meeting the Giggle Doctors
Gemma loved meeting the Giggle Doctors

We regularly receive letters of thanks from parents of children who have been visited by Theodora Giggle Doctors.

Juliet W. recently got in touch to tell us about how the Giggle Doctors helped her daughter Gemma.

Why was Gemma first admitted to hospital and how did she feel?

Gemma was first admitted to hospital due to a mass in her abdominal area. She was in a lot of pain and very anxious and frightened.

When did Gemma first meet the Giggle Doctors?

Gemma met the Giggle Doctors two days after her operation, where a large incision had been made across her lower tummy.  She was attempting to get out of bed for the second time, a process which had been extremely stressful and traumatic the first time she had tried, due to the pain. Gemma was perched on the edge of the bed in a sitting position when the Giggle Doctors came into her ward. Until this point there had been lots of tears and Gemma had become a very quiet, sad and scared little girl. The Giggle Doctors started to engage with Gemma. They gave her a wand to make them disappear and then they hid behind the dividing curtains with their toes sticking out! For the first time in over a month our little girl giggled…and although you could see from her face that it wasn't very comfortable to giggle - she carried on giggling! For me it was a very magical moment!!  After their visit Gemma got her fighting spirit and determination back; it had, up until that point, been completely lost.

How did the visits change Gemma’s experience of hospital?

The visits changed Gemma's hospital experience immensely! Now when Gemma talks about hospital she doesn't focus on the scary parts like the scans, operations and procedures, she always talks about the Giggle Doctors and how they made her giggle. Gemma still has the wand and loves to show people how she made them disappear (“but they were really behind the curtain” she says and giggles)!!!

Gemma's words:

My favourite moment was when the Giggle Doctors made me laugh. It would be great for all children in hospital to meet the Giggle Doctors so they can laugh just like me.

Thank you so much for helping to bring fun and laughter to so many children like Gemma. We’re so grateful for your support.

May 8, 2015

March 2015 - May 2015

We recently gained a new patron – award winning comedienne and ventriloquist, Nina Conti.

“I'm delighted to become a Patron for The Theodora Children's Charity. Having trained as a Giggle Doctor myself in the past, I have seen first-hand the difference that the visits from these gentle and skilled professional performers make to children and their families in hospitals.”

Nina Conti, Patron, March 2015

We’re continuing to receive lots of positive feedback from the hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres we work with.

‘It is always such a wonderful experience to see the Giggle Doctor in action, she always manages to bring a smile to the faces of everyone around her- from children, teenagers and adults, including service users, siblings, parents, carers and staff! She’s incredibly silly- but in the best possible way, we all love having her here.’

Rachel Flower, Activities Co-ordinator, Richard House Hospice, April 2015

Below are some messages we recently received from parents of children visited by our Giggle Doctors:

“Marianne has just turned one. A few months ago she was in hospital and the Giggle Doctors made her burst out laughing – it was gorgeous to see and hear and cheered us all up. Thank you.”

“Three of your wonderful Giggle Doctors just made such a difference to my 5 year old’s day in ophthalmology outpatients at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. There were smiles and laughter all round, they even managed to include my eldest 16 year old daughter in the fun and frolics. Bravo! Excellent job, well done. Thanks so much”

“We love the Giggle Doctors. What amazing people and so well needed when we were at our lowest. Anyone able to make our four year old smile was welcome at his hospital bed. Thank you!”

One day we hope to be able to bring magical Giggle Doctor moments to all children who need them, and with your help we’re inching ever closer to that dream.

Thank you so much for your support.

Feb 9, 2015

December 2014 - February 2015

Dr Bungee on a hospital visit
Dr Bungee on a hospital visit

You may have noticed we have now changed our name from Theodora Children’s Trust to Theodora Children’s Charity. We decided to rebrand in order to make our purpose clearer. In the past, the charity name has confused some people. We wanted to make it clear that we are a charity, rather than a trust that issues grants – which has never been the case.

In December 2014 we started visits to Leeds General Infirmary and have received some excellent feedback already…

 “I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Giggle Doctors for cheering my baby girl up at LGI on Monday. Marianne is 9 months old and is usually a bright & breezy baby however due to a nasty virus it was sad for us to see her lethargic, working hard to breathe and very quiet.

When the Giggle Doctors visited the ward we had just found out that the doctors wanted us to stay in hospital overnight so I had started to worry about how serious things might be. Even though Marianne wasn’t very ‘with it’, I thought at least she would enjoy watching the Giggle Doctors entertaining the other children on the ward.

Dr Bungee came up to us & started to show Marianne some tricks with his hat & she watched him, intrigued. A few tricks later & she burst out laughing! It was such a surprise as I didn’t even think she had the energy to laugh. But this was just the start, as Dr Bungee carried on Marianne laughed more and more and by the time he made the bubbles squeak as he popped them Marianne was full on belly-laughing. It was such a gorgeous noise & its contagious effect had the whole room giggling along. It was such a relief for me to see a glimpse of my little girl & to know that for this brief moment she was having fun and that her body was feeling that lovely glow of having a good laugh. 

Thank you Dr Bungee for your much needed dose of laughter, it certainly proved to be the best medicine for us on that day. We are home now and happy to say that Marianne is steadily getting better.”

We have also received some great feedback from a recent hospital survey…

“The children are completely absorbed by the visits from the Giggle Doctors. The Giggle Doctors are very sensitive to the children and vary their interactions dependent on the child and the response they receive. The result is the children are completely engaged during their time with the Giggle Doctors, often responding, smiling or visually tracking the movement.”

“We all adore the Giggle Doctors. They are very much part of our team and indeed the hospital.”

“The visits help the children to forget about their worries and anxieties for a while”

“One little girl who had been in hospital for a couple of days only smiled for the Giggle Doctors. Also on a five bedded bay on the ward every parent commented on how good the Giggle Doctor had been during her visit to the ward.”

“Every visit is an experience and brings its own occasion every time”

Thank you so much for making all these magical moments possible

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