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Dec 3, 2013

Youth Enterprises and Giving Tuesday Match

We're pleased to let you know the youth of the Children and Youth Empowerment Centre have been working hard to expand their businesses, earn money and start lives outside of the Centre. The Zawadi Youth Enterprise Programme (ZYEP), founded in 2010 to help youth start businesses, is now host to 25 young entrepreneurs! Youth businesses include charcoal briquettes, agriculture, hay-bailing, animal rearing, tailoring, cooking and small shops. These businesses have helped more than one quarter of ZYEP’s youth achieve financial independence. These youth are able to live outside the Centre and support themselves.

The CYEC recently welcomed its first Peace Corps Volunteer, who has been aiding youth in finding jobs and expanding their businesses. In just a few short months, the Peace Corps Volunteer has helped more than five youth businesses create comprehensive business plans and has secured permanent employment for one youth. 

Over the past few months, many of ZYEP’s entrepreneurs have participated in a number of agricultural and trade shows in Nyeri and Nairobi. These shows offer youth the opportunity to advertise their businesses and attract new customers. The youth are currently preparing for Nyeri County Youth Innovation and Talent Show where they will showcase their businesses and special skills. 

Global Giving, through the support of Microsoft's YouthSpark program, will be matching gifts made Tues. Dec. 3 starting at noon ET (11 am Central) 100%! This is a great (and rare) opportunity to double the impact of your gift! The funds won't last long, so please give now!

Thank you for helping make our work possible!

Oct 9, 2013

Teen Talk & Bonus Day Wed

Staff and volunteers at the CYEC have created two new youth clubs at the Centre. The clubs are designed to teach the CYEC’s young people (age 13 and up) about puberty, adolescence, HIV-prevention, goal setting and conflict resolution. The girls have named their club “Soul Sisters” and meet each Thursday to discuss menstruation, gender roles in Kenyan society and domestic violence. The boys’ “Brotherhood” club meets each Friday. The young people sip tea while discussing their hopes, fears and ambitions. Staff use a public health curriculum written by the United Nations Population Council to help design their lessons.

The clubs have been a wild success and as such, local leaders have asked the staff to write their lessons in a simple curriculum that can be used elsewhere in Kenya. Local schools have asked that the CYEC’s staff and volunteers share their lessons with the local school children. We look forward to helping other local people start similar empowerment clubs.

Your support helps make this work possible!

Today (Wed. 9 Oct.) is a Global Giving bonus day. Your gifts today are matched at 30% - it's an easy way to make a big difference in the lives of these young people!

Thanks for all you do!

Sep 9, 2013

Clean and Green & 9 Oct. Bonus Day

Gathering rubbish
Gathering rubbish

The children of the CYEC are learning about the environment by removing garbage from their Centre and the surrounding community. Children act as “trash police” who keep the Centre clean, compost bins ensure that nothing goes to waste, an environmental club is working to beautify the Centre and “Community Clean-Up Days” are encouraging the community to join the CYEC in its efforts to preserve the environment.

To instill a sense of environmental responsibility, children are assigned the duty of being trash police. Trash police patrol the Centre, picking up garbage and reminding others to keep the Centre clean.

The CYEC’s children are also learning about composting. Food scraps such as peels, stems and stalks are collected in colorful composting bins. Children are assigned the duty of emptying the bins into a large compost pile that is used to fertilize the Centre’s garden.

The children of the CYEC have also started an “environmental club” which meets once per week to discuss environmental issues and to brainstorm ways that the CYEC can help improve the environment. The club is creating a “green square” that will be filled with a variety of trees, bushes and flowers.

But the clean-up does not stop at the gates of the Centre. The first of many “Community Clean-Up Days” was held in mid-August. Children donated their Saturday to pick up trash around the community. The children were divided into groups which focused on different areas including a popular shopping center and a church. They talked to local community members about the importance of community service and a clean environment.

Also keep Wed. 9 Oct. on your calendar. On that day, Global Giving will match all gifts at 30%. Watch for more to come on this!

Put it in the bin!
Put it in the bin!
Keep it clean
Keep it clean
Cleaning up is fun!
Cleaning up is fun!
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