Dec 16, 2016

Thank You, Happy Holidays, and a Video from Nang

Ready for Training!
Ready for Training!

Dear friends and supporters, 

Over the length of this project, you have helped us raise over $105,000 – that’s an amazing result. Thank you! Soon, we will be marking this project as complete and closing down the page, so please don't forget to join our mailing list to stay in touch.  

We set up this project in response to a very clear need:

  1. A common solution often proposed to the poverty faced in rural villages across Thailand is to send their children to the city to make money to send home.
  2. While the poverty is challenging enough, the male-oriented culture has created an even more unfortunate fate for the women. Often, it is the young female who rescues her family, while men tend to be freer to live their lives.
  3. There is always at least one person in every family, who knows intuitively from an early age that she will become responsible for improving the whole family’s life, while the rest of the family lives from her earnings.
  4. Inevitably, she will end up in Bangkok, with the weight of her family's expectations upon her - but without the skills to secure anything other than the low paid and dangerous jobs, which no one else will take. 
  5. We work with these young girls before they move to the city, and then direct them to our courses aimed at women in Bangkok if and when they migrate.

That need still remains. But, since we began, our training for disadvantaged girls in Ubon Ratchathani in rural Thailand has moved from strength to strength. We are in a better position than ever to meet the needs of these girls.

  • We reach thousands of girls each year with life-saving guidance, inspiration, real-life advice from people who have been there, kindness and support.
  • We adapt our programs regularly to meet the changing needs of our target group.
  • As a result, we are beginning to tackle difficult issues such as self-esteem, social media and instant messaging, as well as our usual topics of career development, self-defense, and moving to the city.
  • In just the last few months, we have also launched a version of our innovative new training course, Better Me, for girls in the area.

We will keep working on our mission every day, because there are thousands more girls to reach across the region. We hope you will continue to join us on our journey.

Before we go, we wanted to share with you one last video. All this time you have been supporting our work in Ubon, you have been supporting Nang, our Ubon Office Manager, and her daily activities – going into schools in poor and rural areas and running vital training for girls.

Nang started off as a student with us in Bangkok herself – and she completely turned her life around. From teenage pregnancy, to sex work, to leading empowerment workshops for young girls today – her story is an incredible one.

You can watch Nang’s video here:

Thank you so much for your kindness and support. Please feel free to reach out to us directly if you would like to become more involved ( We’d love to hear from you.

Finally, from all the team in Thailand, we’d like to wish you very happy holidays and a healthy and successful New Year,

The Pratthanadee Team

Ps. Since you helped us reach our goal, we have set ourselves a new one! If you would like to help us reach even more girls, please visit our new project to make a donation. We would be delighted to have your continued support.

If not, please consider joining our mailing list, so that you can stay in touch with us once we have closed this campaign down:

Activities Outside
Activities Outside
Nang explaining to two students
Nang explaining to two students
Poy running a warm up activity
Poy running a warm up activity
Better Me booth attracting crowds in lunch break
Better Me booth attracting crowds in lunch break
Sticking answers to the booth
Sticking answers to the booth


Sep 16, 2016

Measuring Changing Attitudes in Rural Thailand

Nang and Poy Demonstrating Self Defense
Nang and Poy Demonstrating Self Defense

Hello everyone, 

Last month our Ubon Ratchathani branch celebrated its 5th anniversary! Thank you all so much for your support so far. We have achieved so much, but there is still much more to do. Please follow the link here to see our report from Ubon, produced especially for our anniversary. 

Claim Your Rights is one of two key training workshops we offer in schools. You can read more about the workshop here. We run pre and post-training tests and collect evaluation surveys from the girls who take this workshop, to try and measure our success in training. We want to share with you some of our findings from this assessment.

We often find a serious lack of understanding of the law and criminal behavior. For example, before training over 50% of girls did not think that domestic violence was a crime. After training, this was reduced to less than 35%.

However, there is some way to go. In training, we found a concerning belief among girls that a crime could not be committed by a friend or relative (over 80% believed this to be not possible), nearly 90% believed that they shouldn’t tell their parents if they experience crime because it is a bother to them, and 83% believed that crimes only included bodily harm.

Fortunately, although this is a serious topic, we are able to run the training with games, role-play and videos so that it is engaging for the students. We received the following feedback:

  • 99% highly agreed with the statement: “You have more knowledge and understand more about the dangers in your life after this workshop”.
  • 96% highly agreed with the statement: “You now understand more about your rights and the law and how to use this information if violence or crime occurs”.
  • 97% highly agreed with the statement: “You have new self-defense skills that you can use if you face danger in your life.”
  • 94% highly agreed with the statement: “You can apply this knowledge to your daily life”.
  • 84% highly agreed with the statement: “You can share this information with friends and family”.

Comments on the forms included (translated from Thai):

  • "I want you to run this training again.”
  • "So happy to see you. Please come back.”
  • “I like it very much. Now I can protect myself from risk.”
  • "Want to have it again, but all day not just a half day."
  • "Would like to know more about how to look after myself and want to join an activity like this again.”
  • “I want you to do activity every year or one time per year because I know better and understand how to protect myself."
  • “So much fun and learn so many things from the trainer. Trainers so nice and happy.”
  • “This activity gave us a lot of knowledge. Thank you Pratthanadee Foundation for providing this knowledge and make us understand about the risk.”

The feedback from students is positive, but we are committed to continually improving our impact. We want to share some of our reflections on this approach to training with you:

Poy (Program Coordinator)

"Claim Your Rights brings together the issues that women in today’s world are forced to face, covering threats, rights, and self-defense. Most people think that this has nothing to do with them at the start. However, when the subject is linked with real life, the participants became aware that it is not that distant from them and could have a big impact on their life."

Nang (Program Coordinator - Ubon)

"Claim Your Rights is new for the school and community. No other organization has done the activity in this way before. Students are interested in the activity, enjoy it and really get involved in the workshop.

"The content of the workshop and the way we try to relate it to their daily life really helps them to understand the complicated information we are trying to provide. Some of the schools have high risk students attending. Our workshop is able to already help them with current issues in their life."

We want to say thank you very much for your support, which makes this training possible.

From all the team at the Pratthanadee Foundation (formerly the Goodwill Group Foundation). 

PS. Please note that this is our last report under our old name. We are reaching the end of our transition period and will soon fully change our name to the Pratthanadee Foundation. Read more here

Students Enjoying Training
Students Enjoying Training
A former Ubon student who came back to volunteer
A former Ubon student who came back to volunteer


Jun 20, 2016

On the road again! Mobile Training for Girls

We're very proud of our new Mobile Knowledge Booth
We're very proud of our new Mobile Knowledge Booth

The team is on the road again this month. We’re taking our new Mobile Knowledge Booth all around schools in the Northeast of Thailand, using games and activities to teach girls about protecting themselves and making healthy life choices - all in the space of a lunch hour!

Read about the type of training we offer for teenage girls. 

We’ve found that the best way to reach rural girls is within school time – when everyone is gathered in one place and they are free of other obligations, like helping out on the family farm or looking after younger siblings. Since opening our second branch in the Northeast in 2011, we have worked closely with local schools to deliver training within the timetable. This has proven a very effective way to reach underprivileged girls in the region.

However, it has not always been easy – often, we hear the following responses from school staff:

“Our timetable doesn’t have any room for this!”
“Where? We have no space for a workshop like this.”
“Maybe another year. This year, we’re very busy.”
“This is exam season/revision season/it’s the first term of the year."

To make sure that girls in these schools are not held back, we have created a new conceptthe Mobile Knowledge Booth – especially for schools that are unable to spare time or space for our usual 3 hour workshop. We simply request permission to station our booth in the playground during lunch hour, and then we run games and activities on the spot. Where possible, we always conduct a workshop – however, where we can’t, this new method is making sure that we can still reach as many girls as possible with the guidance they need.

We recently started using the booth and it has been very well received. We were lucky that the Australian Government through the Embassy’s Direct Aid Program agreed to cover the costs of creating the booth and sponsored a short trial period this month.

From July, your support will make sure that we can take the booth out across the region. Thank you!

Many of these girls are planning to move to Bangkok as soon as they finish school - feeling the obligation to find well paid work to supplement the family income. So, once we have trained these girls, we encourage them to join our training in Bangkok, when they arrive in the city. Here they can access our brand new training program - which you can read about here. Our aim is to give them the skills and tools they need to find their way into meaningful, safe and fair paid work.

If you would like to keep up to date more regularly with our training, please ‘like’ us on Facebook for photos and videos. Or if you have any questions, get in touch with us at

Thank you for your support! 

From all the team here in Thailand.

PS. Confused? We have changed our name! We are transitioning from our old name (Goodwill Group Foundation) to our new name (Pratthanadee Foundation). You can read more on our website. Our services remain the same, but now with our Thai name. Our listing will be adjusted on Global Giving shortly.

Brainstorming potential dangers and tactics
Brainstorming potential dangers and tactics
Sharing our Booth with officials in the community
Sharing our Booth with officials in the community
How to avoid dangers in the city?
How to avoid dangers in the city?


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