Jul 3, 2017

'Claim your Rights' Workshop at Maungsamsipamphaw School

Girls learning basic self-defense
Girls learning basic self-defense

Dear Friends & Supporters, 

Thanks to the donations that we have received to date, we were able to complete our first workshop for this campaign. We still have a long way to go until we meet our goal, but we couldn’t have gotten this far without your help!

On 16 June 2017, Pratthanadee Staff traveled to Maungsamsipamphawanwittaya School in Ubon Ratchathani province where they completed the Better Me: Claim your Rights workshop with 45 girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Ubon Ratchathani province is located in northeast Thailand in an area of the country often referred to as ‘Issan.’ The economy of this region continues to be agriculturally based, and advancements in farming technologies and machinery have resulted in increased jobs for women, but few opportunities for women. Seven of Thailand’s ten most impoverished provinces are located in Issan, including Ubon Ratchathani.

Girls growing up in poor communities in Thailand often do not have access to the training they need to look after themselves in a rapidly changing, increasingly globalized world. As a result, they often find themselves in low-paid, unstable work, or the sex trade, damaging their self-esteem and their health.

It is for these reasons that Pratthanadee focused our workshops with girls in this area of Thailand. We reach teenage girls before they move to Bangkok, and provide them with the skills and guidance they need to protect themselves and plan for their future, helping to ensure that they are able to break the cycle of poverty and avoid pitfalls that could put them in future danger.

We equipped the girls who attended our workshop with the skills to recognize their rights, protect themselves from harm, and plan for a better future. Through our three-hour workshops in schools, we help girls to understand:

1)   How to stay safe if they should decide to live or work in a big city,

2)   Their rights and learn about laws that are there to help protect them,

3)   How to protect themselves through basic self-defense,

4)   How to report crimes against them,

5)   How to access further help and training, and

6)   How to plan for a safe and successful future.

In order to gather information on how impactful our trainings are for girls who participate, Pratthanadee staff conducts pre- and post-testing. The Maungsamsipamphawanwittaya School training resulted in a 12% increase in girls being able to identify a violent crime committed, even by a family member. As well, by the end of the session 100% of participants were able to correctly identify online behaviors that could put them at risk.

As well, our staff observed that the beneficiaries were particularly keen to learn about basic self-defense and showed a mastery of the moves that were taught to them.

The direct feedback from the girls was perhaps the most telling. For example, one girl wrote: “I learned so many different things, and I wish the lecture will come [to the school] again because I would like to know more.” Another girl noted that, “I learned how to protect myself in different ways. This could help me survive, and the workshop was also really fun.”

Overall, our most recent project was a tremendous success, and we are eager to start a new project soon. However, we need additional support to make that possible!

Please share our campaign with your friends, family, coworkers, and social networks. Or consider making a monthly donation to help us reach our goal! Only with your help, another 45 girls can learn protect themselves before school break starts in October.

Many thanks,

Jessica Nurack

Students creating a poster
Students creating a poster
Example of student feedback
Example of student feedback
Workshop in action
Workshop in action
Students presenting their poster
Students presenting their poster
Map of Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand
Map of Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand


Apr 5, 2017

Happy Songkran Day from Patthanadee Foundation

Dear Wonderful Supporter,

Happy Songkran Festival! (The Traditional Thai New Year)

The purpose of this newsletter is to update subscribers on our Claim Your Rights Program. To date, we have raised a mere $310, far from our goal of $26,000 for the year. The Foundation would like to ask for your support of this program. Three hundred and ten dollars will only run only 2 workshops for 80 girls, while more than 1,000 girls still critically lack awareness regarding the matters covered in the workshops. Our goal is to train 5,000 underprivileged girls this year alone. You can help bring us closer to this goal and make a real difference in the lives of these young women by donating now!

In our Claim Your Rights workshops, we provide them with the information and skills they need to recognize and report crimes against them, avoid dangerous situations, and respond sensibly in times of threat. The workshop also covers the following:

  • Awareness of and Prevention of Danger: Raising awareness of a range of risks (including relationships, harassment, financial dependency, pregnancy, and online grooming), as well as teaching tactics for avoiding dangers and ways to deal with incidents that may arise.
  • Basic Self-Defense: Training in basic moves, such as wrist grabs, lapel grabs, and protection on the ground.
  • Women’s Laws and Rights: Raising awareness of the laws relevant to women, such as procedure in reporting domestic violence or assault to the police. We also provide resources and further support when it is needed.

Last year our workshops reached over 2,958 girls from Ubon Ratchathani and its surrounding provinces. If you are looking to make an impact on the lives of others this year, we ask that you please keep us in mind. If you haven't donated yet but have been thinking of supporting impactful work, donate now! We hope to have raised enough money to run more workshops by the time schools reopen following the summer holiday.

With Gratitude,


Full attention.
Full attention.
Girl gives presentation to her class.
Girl gives presentation to her class.
Mar 14, 2017

Thank you letter: Beginning a next chapter

Dear friends and supporters,

This will be our last update on the project as it we have completed all the milestones we set out to achieve. Do join our mailing list to stay in touch.

We like to also draw your attention to an article written by Ruth Carr, who spent a full day with us in the province to gather information about our training workshop. You can read it here: https://www.newsdeeply.com We hope you'll enjoy reading the article.

Over the duration of the project, you helped us raise over $106,052 – that’s an amazing outcome. Thank you again! To recap, we set up this project in response to a very clear need: 

  • A common solution often proposed to the poverty faced in rural villages across Thailand is to send their children to the city to make money to send home.
  • While the poverty is challenging enough, the male-oriented culture has created an even more unfortunate fate for the women. Often, it is the young female who rescues her family, while men tend to be freer to live their lives.
  • There is always at least one person in every family, who knows intuitively from an early age that she will become responsible for improving the whole family’s life, while the rest of the family lives from her earnings.
  • Inevitably, she will end up in Bangkok, with the weight of her family's expectations upon her - but without the skills to secure anything other than the low paid and dangerous jobs, which no one else will take.
  • We work with these young girls before they move to the city, and then direct them to our courses aimed at women in Bangkok if and when they migrate.

That need still remains. But, since we began, our training for disadvantaged girls in rural Thailand has moved from strength to strength. We are in a better position than ever to meet the needs of these girls.

  • We reach thousands of girls each year with life-saving guidance, inspiration, real-life advice from people who have been there, kindness and support.
  • We adapt our programs regularly to meet the changing needs of our target group.
  • As a result, we are beginning to tackle difficult issues such as self-esteem, social media and instant messaging, as well as our usual topics of career development, self-defense, and moving to the city.
  • In just the last few months, we have also launched a version of our innovative new training course, Better Me, for girls in the area.

We will keep working on our mission every day, because there are thousands more girls to reach across the region. We hope you will continue to join us on our journey. Please visit our new project to make a donation.

If not, please consider joining our mailing list, so that you can stay in touch with us once we have closed this campaign down: http://pratthanadee.org/join-the-mailing-list/

Team Pratthanadee

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