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To support the Good Samaritan Children's Home and to educate others throughout the world about the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.
Dec 3, 2012

Honor Tony's Birthday

Tony would say, "Donate to my fund or else!"
Tony would say, "Donate to my fund or else!"

During the month of December Fabulous African Fabrics  honors memory of FAF's founder's son, Anthony Salazar by asking for donations in his name.  Tony passed away in 2005 of an AVM at the age of 37. 

We've attached a picture of Tony at age 15 just to show you what a guy he was, full of energy and wit.  He loved to experiment with his image and just who he could be.  He went from the snarky teenager we see here to a generous and loving man.  It is appropriate to honor his spirit and memory through gifts to the children of the Good Samaritan Children's Home in Nairobi Kenya, who also need the freedom to experiment and develop their personalities. 

The fund goes to  help FAF maintain emergency dollars for the orphanage.  Last year this money paid high school tuition for teens at the Good Samaritan Children's Home.  Next year we don't know where the money goes, but if you donate to Project 6163 now we know that there will not be such a chruch when it comes to collecting the $1000 per child per year for tuition.

We wish you the happiest of holidays, and a generous spirit.

Oct 8, 2012

Children look forward to a new pair of shoes

 “I have only one uniform and my school shoes are getting torn, I wish I could have another pair of school uniform and shoes” -Senny Akinyi- A high school teenager residing at the Good Samaritan Children Home confiding in Sheba Onchiri.

 When I look back to the time when I was a teenager in Kenya, I remember the urgency with which I worked on my looks and especially how presentable I desired to be in the presence of my peers. I do remember how I nagged my parents to buy me new school uniforms and shoes whenever mine became old. Once these were provided, I was greatly overjoyed and felt fulfilled.

 I believe that many of you can easily relate to this experience. Walking in old tattered school shoes is perhaps the most embarrassing thing any teenager can put up with. The embarrassment gets worse when such teenagers are picked out from their peers during the school assemblies and sent home to get proper shoes. Although this might be unimaginable to many people, it is still a reality in Kenyan schools. It is a hard reality and a complex one as such, for children who have no immediate family to get them these essentials. Lacking school shoes deals a huge psychological blow to children who have lost their parents. Good Samaritan Children Home, located in Mathare, Nairobi provides home to several orphans and other vulnerable children.

 It is because of these children’s plight that FAF organization started a project on Global Giving Organization that would help raise funds to specifically help orphaned children buy school shoes. Since its inception, this project number 7377 located at www.globalgiving.org  has helped more than 100 teenagers purchase required school shoes.

 Since the Good Samaritan Children Home receives orphaned children on a continuous basis, we at FAF seek to ensure that these children who have already gone through so much pain find solace in their new school uniform including school shoes. These, we believe help minimize their pain besides ensuring that their studies are not interrupted. We invite you to donate on October 17, 2012 anytime between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm. This will be Global Giving’s Bonus Day, meaning, GG will add 30% to every donation you make. Our goal is to raise $700.00 to go towards purchasing school shoes.

Given our previous experience, GlobalGiving matching funds end as early as 10:00 a.m. Therefore, we urge our friends to donate early. Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of these children. We look forward to your contribution.

Oct 7, 2012

School Uniforms required along with Tuition

Top: Good shoes. Bottom: barefoot or flipflops
Top: Good shoes. Bottom: barefoot or flipflops

Usually our reports on this space emphasize the need for tuition funds for our children at the Good Samaritan Children's Home.  Today we are asking you to consider the need for good sturdy shoes for the children to wear to school.  Not only must teens have the money for tuition, but they also need be dressed properly to even  walk into a classroom.

For this Bonus Day on October 17, we are asking you to make your contribution to our Project #7377, which provides new shoes to the students at the Good Samaritan Children's Home.Ten dollars purchases one pair of shoes.  Our goal for this Bonus Day is to provide 100 shoes for the orphans of the Good Samaritan Children's Home--that means we raise $700 and with Global Giving's 30% match we will have enough money to see that 1 in 5 children at the home will have a new pair of shoes.

We know that you are interested in educating these worthy scholars.  Now give them the extra boost with sturdy shoos for school.  Go to Project 7377 on the 17th of October.  Your donation must be made between 12:01 A.M. and 11:59 P.M. on the 17th.  Make your donation early in the day, because when the money for the matching funds run out there will be no more.  On last Bonus Day matching funds were all used up by 10:00 A.M.

The size of your donation does not matter.  You can buy one pair of shoes for $10.00.  Think about how happy and proud you will make on child.

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