Nov 8, 2018

Fall 2018 Update on Project Wezesha Students

Mahamudu in the Lab
Mahamudu in the Lab

Dear Project Wezesha Supporters,

We have so much to be grateful for right now! When Lucas and I founded Project Wezesha in 2009 (our 10 year anniversary is coming up!), we never imagined that we would be watching so many students complete secondary school with our support, enter vocational training programs, start high school, enter professional degree programs, and even go to university! 

One of our young men, Albert has just completed high school and was admitted to a diploma program in accounting -- Diploma of Procurement and Logistics Management. He will be starting this two year program in the new year and will be studying at the Institute of Accountancy in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Our Project Wezesha and Girls Education International students began their Form Four exams on November 5th. This year, we have many students sitting for these national exams. The exam period will run for two weeks and we will have results in January 2019. 

After the first day of testing, Madaga and Lucas checked in with the students to see how they were feeling. They reported that they were happy and felt confident thanks to the support they have received from the Academic Study Camps that we offer every December and June. They encountered content on the exams that they had reviewed in the camps. If we are lucky, up to 10 girls will start high school next year!! Everyone -- students, teachers and families -- are inspired by the impact of these camps on our students' academic performances and personal growth! We look forward to celebrating their tremendous efforts very soon. 

Mahamudu continues his second year of studies. He shared his growing knowledge base for work as a pharmecist in the following What's App message. Again, perhaps you have to have "known them when" to really appreciate how cool it is that he is sending this message via an App on a SmartPhone using academic, scientific langauge in English! (See photos of Mahamudu)

In the pictures, I am performing a practical in the laboratory. We were many students in one course that deals with pharmaceutical science. In the laboratory we were trying to prepare various mixture and solutions of different ingredients. One prep was KAOLIN MIXTURE P.CX.(syn.mistura kaolin alkalina). This mixture is used as Absorbent in the symptomatic treatment of diarrhoea. Another one prepared was BENZOIC ACID SOLUTION P.CX. The ingredients used in this preparation was 1,benzoic acid....... 5.0g , propylene glycol........75.0ml   , purified water freshly 100.0ml.   The benzoic acid was dissolved in propylene glycol then water is added in small quantities with constant stirring to produce the required volume. This solution is used as a preservative.

On December 14th, I will be heading to Tanzania to visit our students as well as to observe and teach classes in our December academic study camp. I'm looking forward to sharing news from the field! This year, two of our long-standing supporters will be accompanying me to see the impact of their annual donations up close and personal! You'll be hearing from all of us very soon! 

In the meantime, as our students continue to be successful, we need your support more than ever! With the holidays around the corner, consider talking about our work with friends and family -- Would they chip in for Giving Tuesday? (GivingTuesday is Nov. 27th; keep an eye on our Facebook page for promotions coming soon!)

You can also consider alternative ways of giving through the holidays. GlobalGiving makes it easy to make donations in honor of loved ones. Many of us simply *have* too much -- think of someone in your life who would be touched by a donation made in their name to support students striving toward their academic and life goals. 

Asante Sana!

With much gratitude, 
Raichle Farrelly

Mahamudu with Classmates
Mahamudu with Classmates
Albert -- Future Accountant
Albert -- Future Accountant
Study Camp Science Labs
Study Camp Science Labs
Oct 5, 2018

Gearing Up for December Study Camp

Girls in Study Camp
Girls in Study Camp

Dear Girls Ed and Project Wezesha Supporters, 

As with many nonprofits, we faced some challenges with fundraising this past year. There are so many wonderful causes to support and we know that at the root of one's decision to contribute is a personal connection. If you join us in supporting girls to attend our December and June study camps, you are guaranteed to find connection through the stories and updates we will be sharing with you!

This year, 10 of our girls are going on to post-secondary education programs! This is really remarkable given the odds that are stacked against them in rural Tanzania. Before our study camps, many of these girls were ranked low in their classes. They face intimidation studying in classes as the gender minority; they face pressures at home to do the chores that many boy children don't do; they face insecurity each month when they have their periods; and of course, they face worries about safety as they walk to and from school every day.

Nonetheless, our girls have persisted and excelled. Thanks to the study camps, their confidence has increased, their motivation to learn has increased, and according to reports from parents - their sense of responsibility and maturity has increased! They have also consistently moved up in class rank with teachers noting a change in their academic performance and confidence in class.

We are so proud of Rabia, Adija, Nasra, Edasta, Sada, Asia, Lois, Scolastica, Hawa, Secilia for doing well on their national exams during their final year of secondary school. As of this year, they have all started the next phase of their academic journey -- entering certificate programs or high school. 

This coming December, we'll be offering our 5th academic study camp! The cost to run one camp is $3500. We are blessed to have a donor who has come forward with an endowment to cover the costs of our June camps. Her request (challenge) to us was to engage our donors in a matching campaign to fund the December camps. Our benevolent  supporter, Shelly will put $1,000 toward our $3,500 December camp budget. But we need your help to raise the remaining $2500.

This holiday season - which is right around the bend - please consider asking friends to chip in, or even better, make a donation of your own in honor of a loved one for their favorite holiday -- Halloween, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanza, New Years, or even Tanzanian Independence Day!

I will be going to the camp for 2 weeks this December, along with Shelly! We'll be sending updates from the field - personal stories, pictures, academic highlights, videos. Stay tuned and you'll see for yourself how your contribution is changing lives, one lesson at a time!

Thank you! Asante!

Rai Farrelly
& the Girls Ed Team

Science Lab at Camp
Science Lab at Camp
Sep 4, 2018

Girls Ed September Update - Why Invest in Girls?

Rabia - Pursuing a Short Course in Tailoring
Rabia - Pursuing a Short Course in Tailoring

Greetings Girls Ed Supporters, 

We at Girls Education International know how profoundly education changes the lives of the girls we support. We know that you are well aware of the impact of girls education on the lives of women and girls worldwide. It has been said time and again that there can be no greater investment in the world than education -- and perhaps most importantly, girls education. 

A recent article by the Thomas Reuters Foundation (read it here) reports that not educating girls could cost the world $30 Trillion! Yet 130,000,000 (million) girls are out of school worldwide. 

"If every girl in the world finished 12 years of quality education, lifetime earnings for women could increase by $15 trillion to $30 trillion every year."

Our program in Tanzania supports 35 girls. We support the majority of our girls with our December and June Study camps. We also provide many of these girls with support outside of camp, such as uniforms, textbooks, and in some cases, weekend tutoring programs. 

As noted by Quentin Wodon of the World Bank, primary education is important -- but it is not enough. "The benefits of educating girls are considerably higher at secondary school level in comparison to primary education..."

Eight of our girls just started new certificate programs. You can see which programs each girl has selected on our "Sponsor a Girl" page. For International Day of the Girl Child (October 11th), we are hoping to secure a one-to-one sponsorship for each girl. If you'd be interested, please follow the link above and select a girl who is still 'available' for sponsorship. As you click her name to donate via PayPal, please indicate which girl you are offering to support. 

In addition to the eight certificate program students, we have two girls starting high school this year! These are our first high school students and we are so thrilled for them. Doing well enough on national exams after completing secondary school (Forms 1-4) is a huge obstacle for girls aiming to attend high school. Next, is the financial burden.

Edasta and Nasra did their part to earn scores that afforded them spots in high school and now Girls Ed is standing behind them with financial support. But "we" includes "you" -- so please consider helping us meet our challenge to get each girl a sponsor for this year (if not both years of their studies)! 

"When 130 million girls are unable to become engineers or journalists or CEOs because education is out of their reach, our world misses out on trillions of dollars," Malala Yousafzai.

Join us -- not only because the world will gain, but because together we are quite literally changing these girls' lives! 

We were recently contacted by a high school student who was moved by our work and wanted to help out. She is going to spearhead a Students-for-Students campaign at her school -- perhaps a 5k run for International Day of the Girl Child. Run like a Girl! If you, your children, your students, your workplace, or your school want to generate momentum through your own fundraising initiative - we're here to help! Let us brainstorm with you and see what we can do together. Email us at 

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@GirlsEd). We are seeking to engage our supporters with inspiring stories about girls and women in the world, with updates about our students and with opportunities to be involved.

Asante Sana! (Thank you very much!)

Sincerely and with Gratitude,

The Girls Ed Team

Starting High School this Year!
Starting High School this Year!
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