Apr 1, 2021

Introducing Dr. Tumsifu & other success stories

Dr. Tumsifu in Tabora
Dr. Tumsifu in Tabora

Dear Project Wezesha Supporters,

We hope you are staying healthy and finding time in the comfort and company of loved ones. As we passed the one-year mark of the beginning of the global pandemic, we found ourselves reflecting on all that we have to be grateful for. First of all, Project Wezesha students and staff, as well as their families and teachers are all healthy and safe. Secondly, the students in our program are each excelling at everything they put their minds to! In this report, we’ll share some of the highlights.

We’d also like to take a moment to express our solidarity with the citizens of Tanzania who recently laid their President to rest. President John Magafuli passed away on March 17th. His Vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in on March 19th as the country’s first woman President. We wish her much strength as she leads her country through the healing process and this transition of power. We hope that the best interests of the people of Tanzania will guide the public health decisions made by her administration moving forward.

Celebrating our Students

We couldn’t be more proud of Tumsifu – one of our first Project Wezesha scholarship students. With your support, we have funded Tumsifu’s studies through secondary and high school and most recently through University. He graduated with a medical degree as a clinical officer, which allows him to practice medicine in Tanzania.  He graduated with a GPA of 3.5 and was ranked at the top of his class. After spending a short time at home to visit his family in Kigoma, he secured a job at the Primary Health Care Institute in Tabora. He is earning a nice salary and is delighted to be helping patients in the community. (See attached picture of him in his office.)

Another one of our recent graduates, Mahamudu from Mgaraganza village, recently earned his diploma in pharmaceutical studies from the Royal Training Institute in Dar es Salaam. He graduated with a GPA of 3.2 and was also ranked in the top of his class. He is currently working in his uncle’s duka la dawa (pharmacy) in Dar es Salaam.  

One of our current university students, George from Bubango village is studying disaster management at the University of Dodoma. He currently has a GPA of 3.8, which is stellar! Courses from his studies include Risk & Disaster Management, Climatology, Introduction to Information Technology, Theories of Management of Risk and Crisis, Poverty and Livelihood, Environmental Conservation Education, and so many other fascinating & relevant courses that will open many doors to employment when he graduates.   

Simoni, another university student from Mgarganza village is pursuing a medical degree in surgery at the University of Dodoma. He is doing really well in his studies with mostly As and Bs in challenging courses. Among the courses he’s taken in his first two semesters are Medical Biochemistry, Human Anatomy, Medical Sociology, Human Nutrition, Nursing Ethics, Embryology and Human Development, and more.

In a recent conversation with Lucas, Simoni said, “When I get a job as a doctor in a hospital, whether government or private, I will allow 10% of my salary to go directly to Project Wezesha each month.” Lucas asked, “Are you serious, Simoni? This is a big promise.” Simoni replied, “Yes, I am very serious. I want to extend my thanks to Project Wezesha for helping me to meet my dream so the money will go to help others like me. It is necessary.” (See pictures of Simoni at university.)

We are truly grateful to these young men for all they have shown us through their dedication and gratitude. We are the ones who feel blessed – to be able to support such wonderful young men who have ambitions to help others and pay it forward.

To you, Project Wezesha donors - Thank you for your support over many years. Without you, none of this would have been possible! Lucas and I founded Project Wezesha in 2009. We never imagined that we would come so far and have so many success stories to share – well, maybe Lucas did! He leads with his heart, his faith, and his smile and never questions what is possible!

We invite you to share these updates with your friends and family. If you’d like to contribute today to support the next cohort of university students, please click “Give Now” in this report. We cannot do this without you.

With gratitude,

Rai, Lucas and Madaga
Project Wezesha Team
(Proud Partner of Girls Ed)

The Doctor is in!
The Doctor is in!
Simoni -- Future Surgeon at U of Dodoma
Simoni -- Future Surgeon at U of Dodoma
Mar 16, 2021

Uplifting Updates from Tanzania

Melania with clothing she designed and created
Melania with clothing she designed and created

Dear Girls Ed Supporters,

Last week, we were honored to be part of GlobalGiving’s International Women’s Week campaign. We always love to celebrate International Women's Day and our partnership with GlobalGiving ensures we can run a successful campaign so we can continue to fund our programs. 

We are so grateful to everyone who donated. Your contributions up to $50 were matched at 50%. We have reached our fundraising goal for 2021 – a goal of $15,000 which will cover the fees associated with the education of all girls in our program, at their various levels. But as you can apprecitate, it's already time to start working to meet our 2022 budget in preparation for the continued success of the girls in our program. 

From our original cohort of 35 girls, we are currently supporting 26. Nine have recently completed their post-secondary education. Six have jobs – working as teachers with young learners! Sada and Sesilia are looking for teaching jobs, and Safi chose to focus on marriage and family for now. Last year was difficult for all of these young women due to Covid-19 and school closures, but thankfully, most of them were able to return to their gainful employment.

We have so many updates to share, but we don’t want to overwhelm you in one update, so be sure to follow us on Instagram (@girls_education_international) and Facebook so that you can see more updates as we share them in the coming weeks.

For now, please enjoy the following reports from our partner Lucas at Project Wezesha.


Edasta is a student from Mgaraganza village. She studied at Muyovozi High School in Kigoma town. She is the first student from Girls Ed Tanzania to join university. She is studying at the University of Iringa with the support of one of our generous donors who covers Edasta's tuition. She is in a 3-year program pursuing a degree in Procurement. 

Edasta shared an idea she has for impacting change in her community. She would like to organize a day to meet with as many girls as possible from the villages. She would like to serve as a beacon of hope – a village girl living her dream at the university. She wants to encourage and motivate more girls from the village to believe that it is possible to reach big goals, like higher education!


Hawa is a student from Simbo village. She studied at Luiche Secondary School in Kigoma. She successfully joined Tanzania Public Services College in Tabora where she is pursuing a diploma in Record Management through a 3-year program. In her first term, she did very well in her studies.

Hawa says that when she finishes, she knows she will find a good job. With her own salary, Hawa says, “I will help my parents with part of my salary. I will donate a small part to Girls Education International so they can help others. The remainder, I will use for myself.” We love that many of our students see giving back to Girls Ed as part of their future plans. We believe a strong path forward for girls’ education in Tanzania is forged when young Tanzanians themselves are investing!


Adija is from Kagongo village. She completed her studies at Kagongo Secondary School and joined us for several academic study camps. Adija completed a 2-year program at Musoma Utalii College Tabora in pharmaceutical studies. She now works in a pharmacy, white coat and all! She enjoys her job and loves making money, but she has plans to pursue further studies in her field after she has some professional experience.


Melania is from Mgaraganza village. She currently studies at Nyamidaho College in the Kasulu District. She is pursuing a certificate in Design Sewing and Clothing Technology. On his visit to the college recently, Lucas spoke with the teachers and principal who interact with our students at Nyamidaho. They all had much praise for Melania, saying she is doing excellent in most of her classes, but needs to “increase effort” in Engineering Science and Mathematics. Melania is charming and loves to talk, so she has easily made friends among her classmates and teachers. One of her teachers shared that she likes to ask questions and is quick to grasp concepts in her class. Another teacher noted that she has the potential to one day become an instructor in the program. What an acknowledgment!


There are many other students to report on and we will! We have updates on others at Nyamidaho College who are learning to become tailors, electricians, and administrative assistants. We also have reports on students’ mock national exams in Form 6 (high school). These mock exams serve as an indicator of success on the actual exams taking place this summer. Our prediction -- we're about to send a cohort of girls to university! 

It has been a long difficult year with the pandemic. Many of our current students had their education interrupted due to the Corona virus. Some former students temporarily lost their jobs, while others are still seeking employment. However, this report offers a glimpse into the light we see shining as a result of our collaboration – and "our" incudes you, of course!

Thank you for your ongoing support of these young women in Tanzania. They gladly share their success with you and extend their warmest gratitude for all you’ve done to help them reach their goals! Let's not stop now.

Please share this report with your networks. Let your friends and family know why this matters to you and invite them to join us. Together we are changing the world – one educated girl at a time. If you'd like to make another donation, click 'Give Now' below. 

Thank you! Asante sana!


The Girls Ed Team

Edasta - Uni Student
Edasta - Uni Student
Adija at Work - Pharmacy
Adija at Work - Pharmacy
Mar 15, 2021

How to raise women that build each other up

I heard recently someone say, real queens fix each other's crowns. So I've been thingking a lot about how do we raise young women who can enjoy healhty competition yet support each other's brilliance, determination, good luck, beauty even? How can we convince each other that collectively we all do better if there are more women that get to make choices without judgmenet from outside, that feel supported, that can inhale deeply knowing that they are truly loved. 

Every woman I know has looked behind her back when walking alone in the dark, has taken a longer route, has pretended to be on a phone, has looked down to avoid a stare, has pretended to be shopping, has made up an excuse to leave early because she was scared, has smiled uncomfortably at unwanted attention. As a fellow woman, friend, mother, daughter, neighbor, I don't want to tell another woman to not walk home alone. I believe if we collectively support each other and believe each other's experiences and stories, the rest of the world will have no choice but do the same. 

Building self reliance, confidence and strength is not an easy task especially if the society tells us to be submissive, quiet, soft and weak. However, your kind and generous support assures the young women in Pakistan that they have allies in the form or women and men that beliave in them, that support them, that assure them in the necessity to build each other up and fix each other's crowns if need be. Because when women support each other, incredible things happen.

Thank you for your continous support and happy spring to you!

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