Oct 21, 2020

Help Anna stay in Spain for treatment!


This year has been very difficult for cancer patients trying to access treatment they need when it is not available in their home countries.  With closed borders and quarantines, doctors and nurses diverted to fight pandemic, and delays and cancellations of clinical trials, patients had to accept less effective treatment or postpone their procedures. 

Some patients are still able to travel, however, and some hospitals are still accepting international patients.  We have seen a flow of pediatric cancer patients from Ukraine to Spain, for example. Anna is one of such patients.

Anna is a bright and happy 15-year old.  In spring of 2019 a classmate pushed her, and she ended up with a back trauma that healed over time.  But six months later, she began having pain in her pelvis and started limping.  Anna's parents took her to a neurologist and she was diagnosed with an inflamed muscle nerve and pelvic tilt.  The treatment did not help.  A month later, Anna had to start using crutches to move around.  Then Anna was admitted in a different hospital where she spent two weeks being evaluated.  Shockingly, she was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, stage IV and metastases in her lungs.

Anna was referred to the National Cancer Institute in Kiev where her diagnosis was confirmed and treatment recommendations issued.  She began treatment.  But certain treatment procedures are not available in Ukraine, and after Anna completed initial chemotherapy her family took her to Spain to continue highly specialized treament. 

Anna still has to undergo autologous stem cell transplant, surgery to replace her pelvic bone with an implant, and maintenance treatment.  All of this is very expensive and her family needs our support.  Your help will make sure Anna gets the treatment she needs to get well. 

Thank you so much for supporting Anna and cancer patients like her!  We really appreciate your selfless care for kids with cancer - even during pandemic, when all of us are facing so many new challenges and trying to adapt to a new reality.   

Take care and stay well!

Sep 14, 2020

Antifungal drugs for children with cancer

As we are gradually adjusting to life during pandemic, we are still working through disruptions of supply chains and travel restrictions.  However, as patients continue needing our support with medications, we have to find ways to help them.

We have been recently asked by our sister charity, Advita Fund in St Petersburg, to help pay for an antifungal drug, Amphomoronal.  It is needed to treat children with cancer who come to St. Petersburg for treatment from all over Russia.  Patients with cancer who are treated with chemotherapy or receive a bone marrow transplant have an increased risk of picking up fungal infections. Such infections can be life-threatening. Antifungal drugs are designed to prevent or overcome these infections.

We are raising funds to purchase 100 packages of Amphomoronal that will be shipped to Russia from Germany.  It is not registered in Russia and has no domestic analogues.  The government-funded healthcare does not pay for this medication, which means it is left up to the charities to supply hospitals and patients with this drug.  Your support will help us ensure that children with cancer are able to access appropriate medications at the right time and in the right dosage. 

This week, you have a great opportunity to maximize your impact - Little by Little campaign that starts on Monday, Spetember 14th, will match at 50% all donations of up to $50 through Friday, September 18th!  And if you sign up for monthly donations, they will add on another 100% of your donation!  Thank you so much for staying with our project and supporting cancer patients!

Stay safe!

Sep 14, 2020

Evgenia needs help with beating second cancer!


As we are adjusting to life during pandemic, many patients are beginning to regain access to postponed procedures, therapies and treatments.  Since July, bone marrow donor searches resumed in foreign donor registries and we are now able to procure matching donor cells and bring them across the borders. 

Most recently, we transferred 15,000 euros to a German donor registry to help three young cancer patients with their registry bills.  All of these patients have been fighting cancer for many years, and one has been stricken with two cancers in eight years. 

In 2012 Evgenia, a young accountant and a single mom, began having fevers and nightly sweats.  After months of treatment with antibiotics, she had a proper evaluation and was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.  Evgenia was successfully treated and remained in remission until April 2020.  Suddenly she started feeling unwell, and her blood tests came back abnormal.  Evgenia was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and urgently hospitalized.  This type of blood cancer needs to be treated with a bone marrow transplant from a donor, but Evgenia's parents have passed away and she has no siblings.  No matches turned up in the Russian donor registry, but the registries abroad have potential donors. 

For patients like Evgenia your support is vital, as Russian government does not pay for donor searches abroad.  Thank you so much for offering Evgenia and patients like her a lifeline of support!   This week (until Friday, September 18th), you will be able to multiply the impact of your donation by participating in Little by Little campaign. Every donation of up to $50 will get a 50% match from GlobalGiving, and new monthly donations will get an additional 100% match!  Please consider joining this generous campaign and helping patients get through this difficult year. 

Thanks again for your care and support!  Stay safe! 



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